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Zombies (屍人 (ゾンビ)  Zonbi) are a low to middle class Demon that is created by demonic parasites possessing a necrotic human body.[1]


Appearing very similar to the Ghoul, a Zombie is distinguished from its counterpart by its highly aggressive, man-eating nature. The greatest difference from the Ghoul, however, is that Zombies are still living human beings and have the ability to talk, should the brain and vocal cords be unaffected by the necrosis. The only known way to exorcise a Zombie is by destroying its brain with any sort of weapon or firearm. Additionally, there have been no known cases of a human fully recovering from the necrosis if the parasites were exorcised via a different method, making death of the parasitized individual the only merciful option.[2] Additionally, should the Zombie be altered with some sort of regenerative ability,[3] the only way to defeat them is to turn them to ash.[4]

Powers and Abilities[]

Enhanced Durability: Despite being extremely slow-moving, Zombies are highly resistant as their only way of truly being exorcised is to destroy their brain, making any other attempts at slowing them down futile, as they will just keep going after the individual they are chasing.[1]

Human Speech: As they are still technically living humans, should the brain and/or vocal cords of the Zombie be unaffected by their necrosis, they will retain the ability to speak, albeit poorly.[1]


  • Zombies are fictional undead beings that are human corpses reanimated through various methods.


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