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Yuri Egin


Witch of the Forest




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Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color

Blue (Manga)
Teal (Anime)

Professional Status
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Exorcist Information

Lower Second Class


Tamer (First & Second Class)

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Ernst Frederik Egin (Father; anime-only)
Yoko Egin (Mother)
Niko (Guardian)
Obaba (Guardian)
Oku (Guardian)
Satan (Lover)
Rin Okumura (Son)
Yukio Okumura (Son)

Manga Debut

Chapter 14 (mentioned)
Chapter 89 (flashback)

Anime Debut

Episode 16 (mentioned)
Episode 23 (flashback)

Japanese Voice

Megumi Hayashibara

English Voice

Cherami Leigh

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Yuri Egin (ユリ・エギン Yuri Egin) was a Lower Second Class Exorcist , as well as one of Shiro Fujimoto's close friends. She became pregnant by Satan about sixteen years before the beginning of the series, giving birth to Rin and Yukio Okumura.


Yuri Egin

Yuri's appearance in the anime

Yuri was a young woman of slender figure and petite appearance. She had pale skin, a round face with few moles, big intense blue eyes (teal in the anime), and long wavy dark brown hair. Yuri had bore a striking resemblance to her youngest son Yukio, though she had Rin's eyes.

Her normal attire consisted of a black coat, a pink scarf, and a dark blue skirt. On casual days, Yuri was usually seen wearing a simple white sundress.

Early in the manga (when she was a young girl), Yuri wore a thick jacket, scarf, skirt, fingerless gloves, and a shoulder bag. After being taken into Asylum, she wore the uniform. After becoming an exorcist, she wore an exorcist jacket.


In the anime, Yuri was somewhat similar to Rin, as she rebelled against her father's wishes and sometimes showed a slightly aggressive side when angry. Also, Yuri was known for her great bravery, not even being afraid from Satan's attacks and instead feeling sorry for him.

Despite being an Exorcist, Yuri was open to other creatures like Demons, such as Snowmen and Goblins, noticing their differences but respected them as she thought all things/beings complement each other. She also believed most Demons enter Assiah because they were curious, rather than to deliberately cause damage.

In the manga, Shura also notes Yuri to being empathetic, "bright and kind", understanding others' desires and wanting them to realize them when possible. Furthermore, Yuri seems to enjoy teasing Shiro.


Note: these facts are anime-only: Yuri's backstory has only been partially confirmed in the manga.

Yuri was born from Ernst Frederik Egin, a half-German high-ranked exorcist who raised her to follow his footsteps. However, she was more open-minded about other creatures than him, often having discussions with him for this. Their separation further grew when Yuri went to live in a forest, thus gaining the nickname of "Witch of the Forest".

While on a mission to investigate spontaneous human combustion, Yuri and her fellow Exorcists were attacked by Satan's blue flames. Burning all of her companions except her, Yuri was mysteriously unaffected, eventually finding Satan possessing a wolf and pitied him for he could never enter Assiah because his vessels would reduce to ashes.

Yuri allowed Satan to possess her and taught him about several things, including life and death. This caused them to eventually becoming quite close, to the point of being impregnated by him. When Shiro was shooting her Demon friends to convince her to come home, Yuri let out blue flames, revealing Satan and her pregnancy with their children.

Yuri with Rin and Yukio

Yuri with Rin and Yukio.

When Ernst got entered shortly before she gave birth, Yuri was put into court at the Vatican, sentencing to death as a witch. Before she could be burned alive, Satan saved her by using her father as his vessel and commanded her to run. Mephisto freed Shiro from prison and they encountered a hospitalized Ernst, who ordered them to find and kill Yuri along with Satan's spawns. The two went into the forest, only to find Yuri with her newborn children, whom she named Rin and Yukio. She soon died of childbirth after tenderly saying her wish to they grow strong and understanding. Using Kurikara, Shiro was about to slay them until he saw Rin smile at him. Remembering what Yuri said to him before, he decided to raise her children as his own, much to Mephisto's amusement. Then, Mephisto seals Rin's powers inside Kurikara, and challenged Shiro to a bet.


Exorcist Cram School Enrollment arc

She was briefly mentioned by Satan, who claimed his flames destroyed her body along with all other bodies he possessed.[1]

Exorcist Candidate Live Combat arc

Her name was mentioned during Rin's trial, being the first time Yuri was directly mentioned.[2]

Anime-Exclusive arc

In the anime, her father Ernst tells Yukio that she was burned alive after she was accused of being a witch, without a fair trial, by the Vatican, who claimed it would bring peace.[3] Later, Yukio learnt from Satan that it was Ernst himself who ordered Yuri's execution.[4] It was revealed that Yuri wishes for a world where Assiah and Gehenna don't exist so that humans and Demons can live peacefully.[citation needed]
Yuri Egin Grave

Yuri's grave

Satan attempted to fulfill her wish by engulfing Assiah with the Gehenna Gate. However, Rin and Yukio were able to destroy the Gate and stop Satan. Satan then apologized to the deceased Yuri but she told him it wasn't time yet and that their sons will choose their own path.[5]

A month after the incident, Mephisto gave the brothers a key to lead them to the forest where they were born and where Yuri died. The Snowmen accompanied them to her grave, which was possibly made for her by Shiro.[6]

Blue Night Investigation arc

Shura Kirigakure tells the Okumura twins about having met their mother when she was younger. This happened when Shiro Fujimoto asked get Yuri, who was making pottery, to help him and the young Shura. Though Shiro later attemped to make her adopt Shura, Yuri refused because she could tell that Shura wanted to stay with him.[7]

Powers & Abilities

Yuri was shown to be a exceptional Tamer, a certified trainer and breeder of demons and wrote several textbooks by the time she was twenty-five.[8] She was shown to be able to correctly identify a demon despite higher ranking exorcists failing to do so.[9]

She was notably hesitant to combat demons, being quite fond of them, leading to her only gaining a Lower Second Class certification during her exorcist exam.[10]

Flame Immunity (Anime only): Yuri was shown to be immune to Satan's flames, as she wasn't incinerated or even covered by his blue flames even when he possessed her body. 

Cradle Barrier: As shown in chapter 108, Yuri was in the state of Cradle Barrier while she was pregnant. If someone was to harm Yuri or her unborn children, they would be inflicted with a curse


  • (To Shiro Fujimoto about Shura Kirigakure) "l think Shura truly wants to be with you. She would be very angry if you get separated."[11]
  • (To Satan while in wolf form) "It must be so lonely... for everything to be reduced to ashes in your hands, no matter how much you want to comprehend or cherish them. It must be so sad..."[12]
  • (To Shiro Fujimoto about her children) "The one with blue flames is Rin. The pale-skinned one is Yukio. They will... live strong... They will prove that Demons and humans can understand each other."[13]


  • Although commonly a male name in other languages, "Yuri" (written as 百合, ゆり, or ユリ) is a common female name meaning "Lily" in Japan. The name "Egin" has many possible meanings, such as "peculiar, characteristic, strange, queer" in Faroese.Egin - Nordic Names Wiki - Name Origin, Meaning and Statistics
  • Despite appearing in the anime much before appearing in the manga, both of Yuri's appearances match. This could mean her anime design was made by the series' creator Kazue Katō (either especially for the anime or so that she looked the same in the manga) or that she simply decided to make the anime design official.
  • Her ability immunity to Satan's blue flames in the anime contradicts what Satan said about her in the beginning of the series, as he claims his flames destroyed the body of Rin's mother.


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