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Yukio PP
Yukio Okumura

奥村 雪男


Okumura Yukio




Male Male


15 (at the beginning)
16 (Ch. 89 onwards)


180 cm (5'11")


70 kg (154 lbs.)


December 27

Hair Color

Black (Manga)
Dark Brown (Anime)

Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Status

True Cross Order
Illuminati (Defected)


Visiting Researcher (Former)

Previous Team

Left Eye Recovery Squad

Previous Partner(s)

Shiro Fujimoto (Deceased)

Base of Operations

True Cross Academy
Dominus Liminis (Former)

Exorcist Information

Middle First Class Exorcist
Paladin (Temporarily; anime-only)





Personal Status



Shiro Fujimoto (Adoptive Father; deceased)
Satan (Father)
Yuri Egin (Mother; deceased)
Rin Okumura (Older Twin Brother)
Amaimon (Half-Brother)
Astaroth (Half-Brother)
Azazel (Half-Brother)
Beelzebub (Half-Brother)
Egyn (Half-Brother)
Iblis (Half-Sister)
Lucifer (Half-Brother)
Mephisto Pheles (Half-Brother)
Ernst Frederik Egin (Grandfather; anime-only)
Yoko Egin (Grandmother; deceased)

Manga Debut

Chapter 1

Anime Debut

Episode 1

Game Debut

Blue Exorcist: The Phantom Labyrinth of Time

Japanese Voice

Jun Fukuyama
Ayumi Fujimura (child)

English Voice

Johnny Yong Bosch
Stephanie Sheh (child)

Yukio Okumura Images

Yukio Okumura (奥村 雪男 Okumura Yukio) is the deuteragonist of the Blue Exorcist series. He is Rin's younger, fraternal twin brother. A straight arrow and kind-hearted by nature, he is the youngest person to ever pass the Exorcist qualification exam, attaining a Meister in Doctor and Dragoon, and later becomes a teacher at True Cross Academy, where he ironically ends up teaching his older brother in the ways of the Exorcist.


Yukio has teal eyes, dark brown hair, and wears glasses for nearsightedness. He has two moles under his left eye and another one under his mouth. He is sometimes worried about his moles[1]. Beginning in the Kyoto Impure King arc, Yukio's eyes sometimes shift to look the same as Rin and Satan's[2]. Following the events of the Of One Cloth arc, the iris of Yukio's left eye is a bright bluish white[3]. Because of the attention he gets from girls at school, he is considered to be fairly attractive.

In the first anime adaptation that splits from the manga at Chapter 13, Yukio gains a black mark on the underside of his left arm that is slowly spreads throughout his body. This culminates in him awakening his own demonic powers in Episode 22, leading to similar features as his brother (slightly pointed ears and sharper canines in human form, long ears and fangs in demon form).



Yukio treating Rin’s wounds.

At first glance, Yukio is reserved, calm, and professional. He is frequently described as the opposite of his bold and brash older brother. He is studious, punctual, and frequently criticizes Rin for failures in classwork and protocol. Yukio is very serious, a personality trait that Shura Kirigakure calls a risk in their profession[4]. He is also fond of gag manga. He does not like parties, preferring to go on a mission[5]. Although he is friendly and polite to strangers, Yukio is argumentative and critical with his family and friends (particularly Rin and Shura) and cold and threatening with his enemies. Yukio frequently uses deception to gain the upper-hand over stronger opponents.

Kuro Yukio

Yukio's angry side.

Internally, Yukio is deeply self-loathing and becomes self-destructive. Ashamed of how he was once a shy and fearful child who cried a lot, he envied Rin and Shiro for their strength and courage as much as he loved them. He resents losing and what he perceives as his own weakness, a sense of vulnerability amplified in confrontations with Saburota Todo, Lucifer, Renzo Shima, and Lewin Light. Yukio acts increasingly violent, demanding information from Ryuji Suguro at gunpoint and shoving Shiemi Moriyama to the ground. Yukio has also nearly killed himself multiple times, including three instances where he endangered his own life in various attempts to understand the power behind his eyes[6], one attempted suicide interrupted by Satan[7], and deliberately provoking near-fatal conflicts with Lucifer[8] and Rin[9].

Yukio's determination to seek self-destruction comes to a head in a brutal physical fight with Rin, resolving with an honest heart-to-heart between the siblings. Yukio has since calmed and decided that he needs to learn to forgive himself[10].


Manga Version of Yukio's birth[]

Yukio and Rin are the fraternal twin sons of Yuri Egin and Satan. Although they are twins, Rin was born first, leading to Rin being considered the older brother.

They were conceived in Section 13 during Satan's occupation of the Japan Branch of the True Cross Order. Although Yuri successfully persuaded Satan to abandon his siege so they could live together by the sea, the True Cross Order intervened in their escape and arrested Yuri. Discovering she was pregnant with Satan's child and protected by a Cradle Barrier, Mephisto Pheles coordinated a plan to execute Satan's child upon birth called "Operation Blue Lightning".

Manga Yukiobaby

Yukio's inflamed eye after birth.

Yuri was discovered to be carrying twins late in her pregnancy, with one fetus smaller and underdeveloped compared to the other. Despite suspecting this one to be human, the True Cross Order gave orders to execute both children upon birth. Yukio was born not breathing. When Yukio was struck and has his eyes inspected by a group of exorcists as Yuri begged them to stop, Rin incinerated his brother's assailants. This led to a mashou in Yukio's right eye. Yukio soon coughed up some fluid and began breathing.

Yuri named Yukio based on her first nickname for Shiro Fujimoto, "Yukiotoko" (lit. snow-man). After Yuri died, Mephisto ordered Shiro to raise Rin and Yukio as "strong weapons". Shiro proceeded to raise Rin and Yukio as his adoptive sons.

Anime Version of Yukio's birth[]

Baby Yukio

Yukio as a baby (anime-original).

In the first anime, the story is different due to running out of manga material to adapt. Rin and Yukio were conceived due to Yuri's willing possession by Satan. Shiro finds Yuri in a cave with Rin and Yukio. She names them and dies, and Shiro takes them in.


Ep3 ,4

Rin and Yukio as kids

Due to his frailty in utero, Yukio did not inherit Satan's power. He received a mashou from Rin at birth, causing him to be able to see Demons ever since he could remember.

Yukio was a meek and emotional child, crying and freezing up under stress. He was bullied and Rin often rushed in to protect him from his aggressors. His dream was to become a doctor. He looked up to his older brother and father and wanted to be like them, both physically and emotionally strong. His tendency to cry around Shura led her to nickname him "cry-baby four-eyes".

When he was 7, Yukio told Father Fujimoto he didn't want to see demons anymore. Shiro responded that Rin would face worse threats in ten years, and then asked him if he wished to fight alongside him and become strong enough to protect others such as Rin. Yukio, motivated by the prospect of getting to protect Rin for once, accepted. He began training with Shiro, which he and Shiro concealed from Rin. At the age of 13, Yukio became the youngest student to passed the certification exam and became an exorcist with a Meister in Dragoon and Doctor. He is considered a prodigy.

Yukio is also an accomplished student and received a scholarship to attend True Cross Academy. He is in the honors class (Special Classroom 1-A) with Bon. He is also an instructor at the Exorcist cram school teaching Anti-Demon Pharmacology. He holds the rank of Middle First Class Exorcist, although Lightning later assesses his capabilities at Senior Exorcist level.


Exorcist Cram School Enrollment arc[]


Yukio treated Rin's wounds

Yukio was accepted into the True Cross Academy. He began packing his things, then when he finished he went to Fujimoto to see how he was doing. There he also saw Rin. Father Fujimoto then asked him if he could heal Rin's wounds. While he was treating Rin's wounds, he told Rin that everyone at the church was worried about him getting fired from all his jobs and getting into fights all the time. Then the next day before Yukio would leave, Father Fujimoto suggested that they will have a party to celebrate Yukio's success. When everyone sat at the table waiting for Rin, Yukio went to look for him. He found Rin on the playground. There he questioned Rin as to why he was fired from his job. They went home together.

When they arrived, Yukio and Rin saw a man and his daughter speaking to Father Fujimoto. When Rin suddenly claims that it wasn't a human who attacked the girl but a weird creature. Yukio was surprised that Rin saw the Demons. After they all went to celebrate Yukio's farewell party.

Yukio came back

Yukio came back to find Rin and deceased Fujimoto

The next day Yukio went early in the morning to the True Cross Academy because his things were sent earlier. He left a note to Rin informing him of that. While Yukio was at the station, he called Fujimoto to see if everything was alright, but Fujimoto didn't answer. Yukio thought that something was suspicious and went back.

When Yukio got back home, he was surprised to find the church totally destroyed and the deceased Fujimoto laying on the ground. He also noticed that Rin awakened his powers.

The next day, Yukio went with Rin and Mephisto Pheles to the True Cross Academy. There Yukio gave a speech in front of everyone. He was the center of all gossip and everyone was amazed that he had the highest marks on the entrance exams.

Yukio pointing a gun at Rin

Yukio points his gun at Rin

When Rin entered his Exorcism class, he was surprised to see Yukio as his teacher. They're both brothers began to argue with Rin demanding an explanation from Yukio as to why he is involved in all this. Yukio promptly sent the class out into the corridor when Rin spilled blood on the floor, attracting Demons. Yukio then said that he could see Demons since he was born. Then Goblin Demons attacked them after the blood spilled. They both fought the Demons together. At one moment Yukio seemed like he was going to shoot Rin for killing Father, but he didn't. As Yukio pointed his gun at Rin, he told Rin to either turn himself in or just die. When a huge hobgoblin appears behind Yukio, Rin runs at it. Yukio thought Rin was going to kill him. When Rin kills the demon instead, Yukio puts his guns down. Yukio then asked Rin how their father's final moments were. Rin answered that he was very cool. The class then came back into the room shocked by the state of the room.

Then, after, Yukio and Rin went to their rooms, only to Rin's surprise they were sharing one room. Yukio told Rin that he would need to keep watch over him at all times. Rin then agreed to Yukio's challenge.

Ep4 ,2

Rin wanting to come with Yukio

The next day, Yukio found Rin reading his manga. He told him that instead, he should concentrate on his studies. He told Rin that he needed to go to do a request and go shopping while he's at it. Rin then offered to go with him, telling him that it is a better way to study for him. Yukio said that he could come.

When they arrived, Yukio went inside the shop to greet Shiemi's mother, who told him that Shiemi's legs are getting worse and worse. He then said that he will have a look at them. Entering the garden, he saw Rin and Shiemi together. He asked Rin why he was there and then told Shiemi that he should have a look at her legs. At first sight, he concluded that it was the work of a Demon. He asked Shiemi if she had had any contact with Demons. While declining, Shiemi collapsed. After that, they took Shiemi back to her grandmother's room. Yukio and Rin talked to her mother about how she never had any time for Shiemi.

Yukio saves Shiemi

Yukio saved Shiemi and cured her legs

When Rin and Shiemi were talking, Yukio came and told Shiemi that they will be able to exorcise the Demon. Angered by this, the Demon revealed itself and used Shiemi as a shield. Yukio asked Rin for help, which he gladly gave. Yukio realized that he had no other choice but to fire a harmless bullet, tricking the Demon and giving Rin a chance to kill it. After the Demon was killed, Shiemi went to apologize to her mother.

The next day, Yukio introduced Shiemi to the whole class as a new student. Then continued the lesson.

Exorcist Candidate Live Combat arc[]


Yukio announces the beginning of the training

Yukio along with Shura is head of the training. He leads the Exwires to the camp location and explains the task to them. While the Exwires venture into the forest, Yukio stays at camp with Shura. A signal flare is sent up shortly after and Yukio goes to retrieve the ExWires who needs help. On exiting the camp Yukio is attacked by a swarm of moth Demons and surprised at how many and how aggressive they are. While he is fighting the moths, Rin starts fighting Amaimon. Yukio arrives at the battle just as Rin makes a motion to draw his sword. Yukio calls to Rin, saying it is a trap, but Rin draws his sword anyway. Yukio retreats to the Exwires. When Rin is subdued, he stays behind with the Exwires to explain his and Rin's parentage.

Kyoto Impure King arc[]

Interrupted from a match with Shura. Yukio was sent on a mission to track down the thief who stole the Left Eye of The Impure King. At the scene, a woman with her son named Satoru was walking by as Exorcists told them to move away as the Eye might've been close and may cause infection. Compelled by this, Satoru runs past the Exorcist, and he is taken hostage by the thief.

Hearing the Satoru's incident, Rin spots Satoru's Mother and promises her that he'll save her son. Unsure of Satoru's safety, Yukio corrects Rin and tells the woman that it is not confirmed that her son will still be alive. Yukio tells Shura to keep an eye on Rin as he and Saburota Todo enter an abandoned apartment where they believe the thief is inside.

As soon as the canary stops singing (meaning that poison gas is nearby) they manage to corner the thief taking Satoru hostage, the thief cracks the glass bottle holding the Eye and as it releases a gas, the thief manages to escape, but that eye was a fake. Saburota betrays Yukio and knocks him down with a kick. Yukio turns his head and sees a Demonised Saburota. Shocked by this, he tells Rin(who just happened to get rid of Shura) to quickly take the boy and run. Yet still, in fear, Yukio cured Satoru of his infection and returned him to his mother. It was later then revealed that the scene was a scheme and now the real Eye has actually been stolen.

Yukio and other Exorcists were sent to track down the Eye.

While hiding in the bushes, Yukio encountered a Demonised Saburota. But instead of attacking him in an instant, Saburota talked Yukio into his true feelings towards Rin. Attempting to stop this, Yukio uncommonly swore and tried shooting him. Being Demonised, Saburota dodged the bullets with ease. Yukio tries hiding within the forest to prepare a solution to getting rid of him, but that doesn't refrain Saburota from continuing their agonizing conversation of growing up to be a weak, feeble being of the world.

While Saburota sits on top of Yukio, pinning him, Yukio shouts and suddenly, there is a burst of blue flames. The flames prove to be from his eyes, that turned demonic and slit pupils when his body apparently activated some sort of defense that triggered blue flames to blast Saburota away from him. When this is all very, Yukio wonders what happened and about his eyes.

Terror of the Kraken arc[]

Yukio, Shura and many other exorcists got with the ExWires to the beach. Their job is to kill a Kraken that is close to shore. When they get the Kraken to appear, Rin goes to a boat and starts the engine on it. Shiemi asks what he is doing, and he starts to reply but is interrupted by the boat lurching into the water. Shiemi promptly falls in the boat face first. Yukio sees them and gets to a different boat. He goes after them, but the two ExWires are already in trouble. The boat is what does aside and Rin topples out into the water. Shiemi is grabbed by a tentacle and swung into the air. She screams for Rin but gets Yukio as her hero instead of as they swim into an underwater cave. They meet a giant whale-like demon, who is peaceful. Shiemi gives him food by summoning Nee. While the whale demon attacks the Kraken, Shiemi stands by and tells Yukio to talk to Rin as a brother.

Rin states that he has accepted what he is and that he is Satan's son. He asks Yukio to accept him as well. Yukio tells him that he can't accept that fact and that's that.

The Kraken is killed and everyone goes back to True Cross Academy.

Academy Seven Wonders arc[]

Shura bumps into Yukio and tells that a large number of demons are gathering at a waste research facility, but she is unsure if it is related to the demon eaters.

Yukio himself is preoccupied with concern over his eye. During his health exam, he is told that everything is normal. Eventually, he is called to a meeting with the Vatican to discuss his encounter with Saburota Toudou. He is placed under the Contract of Morinath. There, he meets Lewin Light and is asked about his personal opinion about Toudou. 

Shimane Illuminati arc[]

At the festival, Shima reveals himself to be the spy from Illuminati. However, he is also a spy for Mephisto as well. He takes Izumo and they are picked up by a helicopter that takes them back to the Illuminati base.

Rin doesn't want to believe that Shima is a traitor because Shima was the only one who accepted Rin for who he was. he promises to bring both him and Izumo back. They all end up going to Izumo's no drown. They go to the Inari apartments where the Illuminati base is located. They are seen by cameras and challenged. Failed experiments come at them. The experiments can't be killed or die. They're basically like unkillable zombies. They get past them eventually, only to be trapped in separate chambers where each person has their own failed experiment to deal with. While tightening a huge misshapen mutant thing, Lucifer, Demon King of Light, visits Yukio. He shows interest. He knows Yukio has demonic powers that reside in his eyes. He cups Yukio's face in his hands and put his face close to Yukio's and tells him he wants to have Yukio on his side.

He then disappears.

Exorcist Exam arc[]

The Exorcist Exam is put at an earlier date, so they can have more exorcists to fight demons when the artificial Gehenna gate opens.

He is seen trying to forcefully awaken his demonic powers. Mephisto summons Rin and Yukio to investigate the whereabouts of Shura Kirigakure.

Aomori Hachirotaro arc[]

Mephisto Pheles orders Yukio and Rin Okumura to go to Hachinohe Station in Aomori prefecture to track down and bring back Shura.[11] Although Yukio tells Mephisto he would rather go alone, Mephisto denies the request and reveals that he knows about Yukio's "dangerous training" in front of Rin. Before Yukio can respond, Mephisto tells him training is good so long as it does not endanger one's life, and that the brothers should use the trip as a chance to relax.[12]

While Rin is excited about the trip, Yukio is irritable and focused on their task. The two search for Shura around Hachinohe Station and get a lead from a taxi driver, saying he drove her to Lake Towada.[13] Since the search is going long, Yukio and Rin find an inn to stay overnight. The innkeeper misinterprets their relationship, telling the two that she doesn't judge, arranges for a private bath so they won't be bothered, and sets up their bedmats next to each other. While Rin is oblivious, Yukio slowly realizes the misunderstanding and is mortified.

While in the bath, Rin inquires about the "dangerous training". Yukio lies that it was target practice and immediately changes the topic, asking how Rin is doing. Rin tells Yukio that he confessed his feelings to Shiemi, but she views both of them as only friends even though Rin thought she romantically liked Yukio. Yukio laughs a little, saying Shiemi admires and looks up to him, but that she would despise him if she knew the real him. Rin asks Yukio directly if he romantically likes Shiemi, but Yukio brushes him off and goes to bed early. During the night, Rin tries to tell Yukio that he and Shiemi have noticed that Yukio's hiding something, that he's worried, and that Yukio can rely on him if things get rough. Yukio hears everything Rin says, but angrily pretends to sleep.

The next morning, Rin and Yukio learned Shura stayed at the same inn. Yukio reads Shura's background with the True Cross Order, and the twins comment on how they never really knew much about Shura. Rin and Yukio travel to Towada Shrine, which is reportedly where Shura was found as a child. They find Shura's bloody body and take her back to the inn, where Shura shares with them the details of her ancestral contract that will end her life at 30. Yukio considers this information, observing that they have to get Hachiro to abrogate the contract himself and briefly wonders about the contract's regenerative ability. Rin suddenly senses a presence and they find Shura gone.

The twins arrive at Towada Shrine to find Hachiro controlling Shura and charge in. Hachiro pins Yukio, intending to control him to impregnate Shura. When Shura tells Hachiro to not do this, he tries to control Shura to do it instead, and is interrupted by Rin. Yukio tells Rin to stop trying to destroy Hachiro before they've dissolved the contract, and interrupts Shura's attempted suicide to resolve the situation. He then proposes to the hydra a new contract that solely benefits them and further restricts the Kirigakure bloodline. In this arrangement, Yukio gets the sword and regenerative ability originally given to the Kirigakure bloodline in exchange for bearing the next Tatsuko, since Hachiro is unable to do so. When Hachiro balks at the idea of Tatsuko aging once the contract is dissolved, Yukio proposes that he and an organization he founds carry the responsibility of executing each Tatsuko at the age of 30.

As Yukio negotiates, he alludes to wanting power no matter the cost and remarks that the powers of the new contract would allow him to stand against Rin. Unable to take it any longer, Rin asks if Yukio's being serious. Yukio responds with the truth: he wants to be stronger, this power could allow him to try harsher training, and he doesn't need Rin's help. He draws his gun on Rin. As Rin says he won't shoot, Yukio shoots him in the head, neck and chest. Yukio remarks to Hachiro that'll keep Rin down for 20 minutes, and creepily tells Shura that she can be of use to him before she dies and he'll be good to her. Hachiro is pleased by Yukio's apparent depravity and agrees to his proposal.

As Hachiro removes the contract from Shura and begins to transfer it to Yukio, Yukio signals Rin and Rin backstabs Hachiro. Rin praises his brother's deception, recognizing the nutrient bullets that Yukio used before on the plant demon, and also kicks Yukio for freaking him out.

Enraged, Hachiro transforms into his true form as an enormous hydra and seizes Shura. Yukio yells at Rin for confronting him instead of finishing his attack. He also warns Rin to not look at Hachiro's eyes, which Rin immediately does and collapses. Upon Renzou's arrival to the battlefield, Rin warns Renzou of Hachiro's eyes and promptly fails that advice, much to Yukio's chagrin.

When Hachiro attempts to drown Shura in Lake Towada on her request, Rin incinerates and explodes Hachiro's body while Yukio physically covers his eyes. Yukio insults Rin's technique name, but Rin says that Shura came up with the name to help him. When Shura resurfaces, Rin is exhausted. Fearing Rin running out of flames, Yukio asks Renzou to use Yamantaka to cut the tendrils holding up Shura while he catching her. Renzou notes how Yukio's acting unusually gung-ho today, while Yukio remembers his childhood thoughts on Shura and that he won't let her die.

When Shura whispers for the group to stay back, Hachiro smacks away Renzou and attempts to constrict Yukio to death. Shura breaks out of Hachiro's grip and cuts Yukio loose, firmly rejecting Hachiro and declaring that she was going to live. Rin successfully attacks Hachiro and reduces him to a mere dumb snake.

The battle ended, Yukio compliments Shura on her new short hair. She pokes him and taunts him with a new nickname based on his ruse, "playboy four-eyes". Shura brings Yukio and Rin in for a hug, thanking them.

Alone and informed that he has a broken arm and broken ribs that require surgery, Yukio looks down on his chest and confirms none of the contract transferred. Renzou shows up behind him, commenting that it was a pity that Rin struck Hachiro too soon for Yukio to receive the contract's regeneration and power. Realizing Renzou had been watching them the whole time, Yukio asserts he was lying. Renzou counters that the best lies are based on truth. Getting angry, Yukio asks what he's implying. Renzou comments Yukio can't do his suicide training anymore with his injuries, revealing himself as Mephisto's informant, and reminds Yukio of his suggestion to get advice... or to consider just going to the Illuminati. Renzou excuses himself and Yukio collapses.

Yukio wakes up in the hospital to see Rin cutting some apples. Shura informs him they operated on him and it'll take two months for rehab and recovery. While Yukio is dismayed by the time estimate, Rin tells him that this could be good time to rest and that afterwards Yukio can return to his "whatever" training. Putting down the cut apple, he encourages Yukio, much to Yukio's disappointment.

Alone in the hospital, Yukio thinks about how everyone else cares for others while he's been so fixated on himself that he doesn't even notice other people. He silently resolves to have a broader vision.

Blue Night Investigation arc[]

The Exwires visit Yukio in the hospital, who is already working (although he enjoys the mackerel sandwiches Rin makes for him). He thanks them for the visit. He also asks Shiemi about her meister declaration form, which she hasn't turned in yet. He tells her to consider seriously if she wants to be an exorcist.

Yukio leaves the hospital a day early and visits the Exwires' table at lunch. When Rin tells him that he should rest more, Yukio said he had to catch up on work. He also reminds the table that semester tests are in three days, gently telling them to focus on their schoolwork as well as the exorcist certification exam. Yukio calls Rin away from the table and informs him that he just received a call that Tadashi Misumi has passed away. When Bon receives a text from Lightning and quickly excuses himself, Yukio notices.

Rin and Yukio return to the monastery for Misumi's funeral. Yukio blandly acknowledges Rin remarks on how it feels like it's been years since Father Fujimoto's death. While walking alone through the hallway, Yukio overhears the monks recriminating themselves for letting Lightning in and Misumi's subsequent death, implicating Lightning in Misumi's death.

On the morning of school exams, Yukio meets with the Exwires and asks Shiemi if she really has decided to not take the exorcist certification exam. Shiemi confirms this, shocking the group. She also strongly supports Renzou's suggestion of holding a big Christmas/Birthday party for all the Exwire's birthdays when winter break starts. When Yukio attempts to exclude himself, Shiemi strongly insists that Yukio has to come, surprising Rin and Yukio. Yukio counters many of the Exwires' wild speculations on why Shiemi is leaving exorcism, stating her health is fine and preventing Rin from asking her directly.

Shiemi assigns the group various party preparation tasks. Yukio is paired up with Bon to make party decorations. Suspecting Bon might know something about Misumi's death, Yukio subtly asks him about his work with Lightning.

Yukio complains to Shura about having to go to the party, preferring a mission and asking if she could take his spot. She declines since she has a marriage-hunting party, as she's looking for a life partner and is now taking care of her health. Yukio congratulates her on her new life choices, ticking Shura off.

Yukio and Bon work together to make decorations, but Bon discovers that Yukio is an absolute disaster at arts and crafts. Yukio mentions that Shiro often had him and Rin make Christmas decorations for the monastery, encouraging quantity over quality so they never got better. Noting Bon's pained expression, Yukio directly asks if anything was the matter. Bon deflects and Yukio thinks about the times he'd ask Father Fujimoto about his and Rin's parents. Father Fujimoto would claim he found the twins on the morning of December 27 and immediately change the topic, while Rin would say that he didn't want to know.

Yukio attends the party with the Exwires, although later he's non-committal about enjoying it. After the party as Rin cleans up, Shura reveals that she knew their mother and tells them her name: Yuri Egin. Yukio demands to know why she didn't say this before and wants all the details of how they met, while Rin tepidly agrees to hear it.

As Rin and Yukio are resting in bed, Yukio asks Rin what he thought of Shura's story. When Rin simply says he's glad he knew she existed, Yukio directly asks if Rin wants to know about how they were born. Saying that all the information on her is classified and her reputation is as an apostate, Yukio declares he wants to know about her, their birth, and why everything was kept secret. Finally, he pointedly asks, "but you don't really care, right?" Rin affirms that, saying nothing good could come from knowing, that hearing she was kind on their birthday was enough, and tries to leave the room.

Yukio snaps, getting up out of bed and angrily accusing Rin of cowardice. Surprised by Yukio's anger, Rin retorts what is the point of knowing and demands to know why Yukio wants to know. Yukio appears to realize something and says nothing. Then Yukio starts laughing, softly than loudly. He apologizes that he forgot what Rin said in the [[Terror of the Kraken arc]]: that the two of them can never change the way they think, they're both right and wrong, and that they're brothers but completely different. Yukio goes back to sleep and acts normal on the trip to Kyoto, but Rin is disturbed and feels that something is wrong.

Yukio helps out with the preparations for Juzo Shima and Mamushi Hojo's wedding, making mochis despite how his arm is still in a cast. Yukio also spies on Bon, listening to his phone call with Lightning. Immediately before the wedding, Yukio is sitting next to Bon and he directly asks if him is investigating Father Fujimoto. He says he knows Bon and Lightning were at the monastery, that Misumi died soon after, and asks if Bon had anything to do with that. Bon agonizingly says he can't talk about it and apologized. Yukio appears to understand, smiling and apologizing for pressing so hard, since the investigation is top secret. After the ceremony when Bon excuses himself to receive a call from Lightning, Yukio sneaks up behind Bon, pulls him behind a door, and holds him at gunpoint. He politely asks for Bon to share what he knows. Terrified of the look in Yukio's eyes, Bon asks if Yukio is really going to shoot him. Shocked into sense, Yukio slowly draws back and holsters his gun. He apologizes, blames the alcohol, and asks Bon to forget this ever happened. Before he can walk away, Bon pulls him back and demands to know if anything happened to Yukio. However, Yukio just apologizes, smiles while asking Bon to let go since he's a superior officer.

As Yukio walks away, Renzou blocks his path and calls out Yukio for threatening people rather than seeking advice. Yukio mocks Renzou's recommendation, saying advice doesn't solve anything since everyone is too different.

Beyond the Snow arc[]

A rise of demon incursions worldwide interrupts the wedding celebrations and the Exwires are recalled. Yukio excuses himself and uses a key to reach a mission in Ikebukuro, and is quickly followed by Renzou using another key. While Yukio is fighting ghosts and shadows raised by a broken Cenotaph, Lightning confronts him over holding Bon at gunpoint. Lightning tells Yukio that Bon requested he share information on their investigation, but that Lightning refused. Lightning asks why Yukio wants to know so badly. Yukio refuses to answer, leading Lightning to call him full of himself since Yukio clearly wants everyone else's secrets while keeping his own. As Yukio says he couldn't be as conceited as Lightning and walks away, Lightning remarks how you can't help someone who refuses to be helped.

When Lightning is arrested for assaulting Drac Dragulescu, he feigns an escape, getting close to Yukio to whisper a strange phrase before he is taken away. Yukio discovers a USB drive planted in his pocket and realizes the gibberish was a password. Yukio asks for a computer, and opens the files on the drive. As he opens the drive, he recalls a time when he asked Father Fujimoto why he was raising him and Rin. Shiro declined, saying Yukio would learn eventually some day. Thinking that this might be the day, Yukio scours the files. While he learns about Section 13, their cloning projects, and that Shiro Fujimoto himself was a clone of Azazel, he finds none of the information he wanted. He slams the computer into a tree and returns to the mission. Infuriated by the Order's atrocities that he views as bad as the Illuminati and suspecting Shiro's intentions as an Order experimental subject, Yukio fights carelessly. Initially told he is relieved of duty since he's a minor and his arm is injured, he presses his CO to let him stay. His CO finally tells he was removed for recklessness and should go home and rest.

Boarding a train, Yukio thinks of his orders and how he doesn't want to go home, laughing at himself for holding Bon at gunpoint for something so useless. He briefly hears a distant voice, but ignores it. Yukio finds himself at Futsumaya. He continues to recall the time when he confronted Father Fujimoto, having heard from Shura that Shiro said he was raising Rin as a weapon. After angrily questioning Shiro, he ran away and came to Futsumaya. While he sat on the steps in the rain, Shiemi found him and asked if he didn't want to go home. Yukio lied and said he was just taking a stroll in the warm rain. Before he can excuse himself, Shiemi says how much she loves being out in the rain too and joins him on the steps. She mentions how her mom sometimes criticizes her for not taking an umbrella with her, and asks if Father Fujimoto ever gets critical with Yukio. Shiemi then says that Yukio is so straight-laced, and it's okay for him to sometimes let down his guard and make mistakes.

Lost in his thoughts, Yukio hears mysterious laughter. He turns to find the source, but instead sees Shiemi returning to Futsumaya. Shiemi is also reminded of when Yukio last showed up at Futsumaya late at night, saying she asked if he didn't want to go home back then. Yukio interrupts her saying that yes, he doesn't want to go home.

Shiemi invites Yukio inside and serves tea. She asks him if anything happened and Yukio lies, saying he was just tired from work. Shiemi says what she said to him the last time he showed up late at night, that it's okay to loosen up sometimes. He turns to her and hugs her, apologizing and asking to just hold onto her for a moment. She reassures him. He tells her he feels all alone and that despite all his hard work, he has no place anymore. He tells her he doesn't have any decent family or a single friend. Shiemi emphatically denies this, saying she's his friend and starts saying Rin is worried about him. But the moment he hears Rin's name, he is enraged and shoves Shiemi to the ground, screaming that he didn't ask for Rin's worry. The two stare at each other in shock. Yukio pulls himself away and runs out the door, using a key to escape.

Alone in the snow, Yukio mentally screams at himself for letting his issues hurt kind people. He slips and falls, and one of his guns slides out of it's holster. He grabs the gun, looking up to the sky, and reflects that he was weak and couldn't get stronger. He thinks how tired he is and attempts suicide by shooting himself in the head. However, the bullet is incinerated before it reaches his skull and his gun is blasted away. Blue fire pours out of his eyes as Yukio clearly hears a voice mocking him, asking him if he really thought he would be able to die so easily. Yukio screams in horror at the answer to the riddle behind his eyes: Satan.

Renzou approaches Yukio, hunched over clutching his eyes, commenting on his new look. Yukio responds by immobilizing and knocking out Renzou. Later Renzou calls Mephisto when he wakes up and informs him that Yukio is really beginning to break. However, Yukio is already in the room with Mephisto, who is on the backstage of the Press Briefing Room at the Prime Minister's Residence preparing to give a nationwide statement on the existence of demons. Yukio confronts Mephisto, letting his exorcist ID card fall to the ground. When Mephisto plays coy, Yukio yells and demands an answer about what's going on with his eyes, which Mephisto observes are Satan blue. Yukio continues to demand answers, asking if he inherited the same flame that Rin did. Grinning a toothy smile, Mephisto says he refuses to answer. Yukio is stunned in rage and Mephisto leaves the backstage at his cue, saying he simply does not have the time to deal with children on journeys of self-discovery.

Still backstage as Mephisto speaks, Yukio raises his gun at Mephisto and Shura sees him. Suddenly, Mephisto is shot in the middle of the forehead. The crowd erupts in chaos and Yukio lowers his gun in shock, since he didn't fire. However, he is arrested immediately on suspicion of being the shooter.

Shura stays with Yukio as he is interrogated by the police, arguing that he can't be the shooter since the point of impact and Yukio's position don't match. Having received permission, the police release Yukio into the custody of the True Cross Order. Shura tells Yukio to get up and move, but he smirks. She pulls him up by his shirt, yelling if he understands the position he's in. Then she sees his eye, Satan blue again.

Back at headquarters, Shura asks Yukio when the situation with his eyes began. He doesn't answer and only smirks when she says she wants to help him. She leaves and Yukio is sent to the Underground Confinement Tower. As he sits alone in his cell, Yukio reflects on all that has happened. He wonders if the Order will torture, experiment, or execute him, and that he can't let that happen. Satan comments that he could help Yukio out, but Yukio refuses and chooses to wait as he always has.

The Exwires mount a rescue, raising a distraction and knocking out most of security. When Rin breaks into Yukio's cell, Yukio only smirks and goes with him. Along the way out, he takes a gun from one of the guards. At the bridge leaving the Academy, Rin hands Yukio a camouflage poncho, telling him they'll travel as far as they can and then talk. However, Yukio drops the poncho and doesn't move forward. Rin asks what's wrong. Yukio says he knew Rin would rescue him some time, but he arrived even sooner than expected. He wonders why Rin always is saving him and how they could be born so different.

An Illuminati helicopter suddenly appears over the bridge. Yukio considers Lucifer's prior offer as Renzou repeats the Illuminati's invitation from the helicopter. Rin proclaims that Yukio would never join the Illuminati, Yukio turns his back on Rin and walks towards the helicopter. Yukio tells Rin the atrocities of the Order and how Shiro was created by their experiments. He observes how Shiro was raised to be an exorcist, and wonders if someone like that even had a human heart. Finally he says that Shiro was only raising them as weapons. While Rin doesn't understand this new information, he emphatically denies that Shiro was anything like that. Yukio acknowledges Rin's point, saying Shiro might have had some affection for Rin but only viewed Yukio as defective and an eyesore.

Rin is stunned, thinking of all the ways he sees Yukio as better than him, and retorts that Yukio was "perfect" unlike him, that's why he and Shiro were so proud of Yukio. He says Yukio is not seeing things clearly and he'll make Mephisto tell Yukio what he wants to know. But Yukio declines and continues to walk away, saying he has no further ties here. Rin charges Yukio, ready to physically stop him, but Yukio whirls around to pull a gun on Rin. Yukio then repeats what he told Rin in Aomori, that he wants to be stronger and he doesn't need Rin's help, and shoots him in the same places: head, torso, and neck. As Rin feels the bleeding, he realizes the bullets were real, and starts thinking that maybe he was the one not seeing things clearly.

Rin draws Kurikara, loses control, and attacks Yukio. As Rin brings the sword down on Yukio, Yukio reflects on Rin calling him perfect and thinks how from his point of view, Rin is the perfect one. Before the sword can strike, Satan reaches out through Yukio's eye and breaks Kurikara. Rin is knocked away from the blast and returns to his senses, surprised to see Kurikara broken and Yukio's eyes have changed. Yukio observes Rin's strong when he tries but immediately returned to himself because of his kind nature, showing his limits.

Rin asks if Satan is possessing Yukio, but Yukio says he's himself and doesn't know how. As he continues to walk to the helicopter, Rin is immobilized by the pain of having his full power return to his body. Shiemi intervenes next, having Nee wrap Yukio in vines and saying he is not allowed to leave. However, Amaimon kicks Shiemi and the vines are dispelled. Disturbed by Satan commenting that Shiemi is an "interesting girl", Yukio blocks his left eye and tells Renzou to get them out of there. Yukio's last words to Rin are that he doesn't know what'll happen next, but in the unlikely chance that both of them survived to have a next meeting, he'd be stronger than Rin. Yukio leaves in the Illuminati helicopter as Rin yells after him. Renzou comments on how brutal Yukio was in his departure, saying going that far meant there was no going back.

Yukio and Renzou arrive on the Dominus Liminis and meet Homare Todo, who commends Renzou for completing his mission of recruiting Yukio. Homare takes Yukio to Lucifer, where Yukio directly asks what Lucifer wanted from him. Lucifer thanks Yukio for bringing Satan to him, telling Yukio that he brought the world closer to true peace. Yukio calls that a load of crap, and calls out the Illuminati, Lucifer, and their plans as pure evil. But he tells Lucifer that he considers himself evil as well, since he'd thrown away everything for knowledge about himself. He finally says he'd do anything for the power that Lucifer promised.

Yukio is given the clothes and title of "Visiting Researcher", since he didn't want to officially join the Illuminati. He meets Egyn, Demon King of Water and Assistant Director of the Airborne Lab. Egyn says he will examine Yukio to see how he and Satan are connected, but Yukio refuses since he's seen the Illuminati's methods before. Lucifer says his reaction is understandable, one weak being to another, and says this is the first step to getting stronger. Yukio reluctantly goes along with Egyn's testing.

Blue Night Remembrance arc[]

While Rin is cooling his head in the modern era, Yukio receives his test results: he is human and not suitable for possession by any demon, ruling out possession by Satan. However, Lucifer orders his guard to fire a flamethrower at Yukio and demonstrates that Yukio is abnormally resistant to blue flames. Egyn suggests this is because Yukio shared the womb with Rin, and that Satan is using Yukio's left eye as a window to peer into Assiah. Egyn notes that Yukio's left eye shows signs of severe mashou, which is why Satan is restricted to that eye. Egyn also demonstrates Yukio is resistant to both red and black flames.

Amazed, Yukio says this information alone was worth coming to the Illuminati. He thanks them and receives a tour around the airship. In the weapons lab, Yukio spots two guns. Wondering that it's true that tools can call out to their masters, Lucifer describes the guns as the test type and prototype of the Armumahel Pistols, which use crystalized Armumahel essence to injure demons. The leaked black flames can injure the wielder too, but that is no problem for Yukio who is resistant. Lucifer gives Yukio the guns, which unsettles Yukio but he thanks Lucifer anyways.

Yukio is brought to a chamber full of clones of Lucifer, where Lucifer explains that the Illuminati completed the research began in Section 13. The combination of the elixirs and clone bodies allow him to persist in Assiah without deterioration. Lucifer offers to partially regenerate Yukio's arm, observing that Yukio needs both arms working to use the Armumahel guns. Yukio accepts.

Walking down the corridor afterwards with Yukio, Renzou asks if Yukio's worried the Illuminati's lavishing him with gifts to get him to do something awful. Yukio says he is, but is going to use them as much as possible before that. Renzou suddenly remembers that he had to tell Yukio something, and whispers something in his ear. Yukio asks which side he's on, which Renzou flips on him. Alone in the shower, Yukio finds his left arm at full strength. He then begins to laugh.

Renzou and Yukio meet up the next day and talk about the Illuminati's plans. Renzou privately shares with Yukio that Lucifer is changing bodies from the neck down routinely using technology that was only perfected a month ago. They eat lunch together in the food court. Yukio questions how the Illuminati's work is even possible, and Renzou says it's similar to how some guy once said awesome stuff can look like magic. Yukio recognizes what Renzou's saying as one of Arthur Clarke's three laws, that highly advanced science can only be recognized as magic.

Saburota Toudou shows up at Yukio's table, greeting him and asks to join them. Lucifer also shows up and asks to join the table. Yukio is internally exasperated at the situation he's found himself in. As Saburota and Lucifer converse, Saburota notes Yukio's no longer eating and asks if the food agrees with him. Yukio claims he's just not hungry. Saburota observes Yukio still won't be honest. Yukio catches himself before he retorts, instead calmly calling Saburota's comment bullying and mirrors Saburota's earlier comment about the meal. Saburota again says he had hoped to see Yukio enjoying an honest and free life, and Yukio replies he's "freer than ever before". Renzou stifles a laugh. As Saburota is called away to prepare for the upcoming experiment, he tells Yukio that he will understand once he learns to be honest.

Suspicious of how final everyone is acting towards Saburota, Yukio asks if he's going to die in the experiment. Lucifer says it all for their goal, which Yukio mocks and questions. Lucifer claims that his goal is to destroy the world and then re-create everything. He launches into a speech, saying those in Assiah are ignorant and spoiled while those in Gehenna are suffering. When asked if he agrees, Yukio says nothing.

Yukio and Renzou approach the laboratory, which is sealed for the big experiment. Renzou tries to say Yukio has special permission from Lucifer, but the guards refuse. Yukio tells them to check directly with Lucifer, who gives him clearance to enter. Yukio sees the experimental apparatus and witnesses it incinerating the Chosen Ones, including Saburota. Egyn explains that the Chosen Ones were forced possession by high regeneration demons, giving their bodies ultimate regeneration. The furnace carbonizes the Chosen Ones to distill out their telomeres, which have unlimited cell division. Those telomeres are then used to stabilize a host. Realizing they are about to complete Satan's host, Yukio directly asks Lucifer for a clear answer on why he invited him to the Illuminati. Lucifer says it is purely because Yukio is a window to Satan and he wants Satan to witness.

Having confirmed his use, Yukio begins to explain that he was invited to a senior-level conference, what they discussed, and that they made him sign a Morinath Contract. The contract begins to activate, as Renzou realizes he had passed along Lightning's message to Yukio that the Morinas can be used as a weapon. The Morinas Contract summons Vayu and Indra, high level kin of Azazel. The Morinas contract holder can determine what action happens when the contract is violated, either killing or protecting the signee. As the demons say they'll serve as Yukio's familiars until Lightning releases them, Yukio asks them to destroy the Dominis Liminis.

Yukio taunts Lucifer, stating he'd always planning to backstab the Illuminati once he had what he wanted, and dares Lucifer to kill him. Lucifer flatly stares, inflicting damage on Yukio as Satan begins to retaliate. Homare slaps Lucifer to keep the airship from being destroyed. Yukio laughs that even Lucifer can't do it, and walks away. He grabs the Armumahel pistols from the locker with a smug expression.

When Rin leaves the past, the key takes him to the airship where he sees Yukio holding a rebar spike over his left eye.

Of One Cloth arc[]

Yukio remarks on a successful plan and the familiars destroy the airship. He recalls Shiro's lesson that victims of possession or parasitization can use shock therapy, inflicting enough pain to cause physical death and driving the demon to flea. Yukio picks up a rebar pipe and raises it over his left eye. He deliberately provokes Satan to distract him, asking him if he envies humans. Satan threatens Yukio that he'll re-enact the Blue Night and can kill him. Yukio finally says that he knows how Satan feels, pissing off Satan, and attempts to plunge the rebar into his eye. He is stopped by Rin's surprise arrival.

Yukio is shocked at Rin's arrival and appearance. Rin says he used a key to see the past and invites Yukio to see it with him, which Yukio says doesn't matter anymore. Rin tells Yukio that he really shouldn't join the Illuminati, which Yukio says he didn't. Not seeing the problem, Rin tells Yukio that they can just go home then.

Yukio glares at Rin and says he refuses to return to the True Cross Order, since they are corrupt and care only for self-preservation. He explains he came to this base to destroy the Illuminati, and that he must die to end the threat that Satan poses to the world. However, he demonstrates he can't do this himself, as Satan knocks away the rebar. Yukio says Rin might be able to kill him and asks him explicitly to do so. He mocks Rin's prior refusal to fight him, and tells him to get out of his way.

Rin does not process any of what Yukio has said, taking it as Yukio not wanting to be looked down on. He punches Yukio into the wall, surprised by his own new strength. He tells Yukio that he always saw him as his weak younger brother, but will take him seriously if he wants. Rin declares he'll bring Yukio back home alive, while Yukio replies that he'll do everything he can to make Rin kill him.

Meister & Abilities[]

While Yukio didn't inherit the same Blue Flames as his older brother, he was trained as an Exorcist by Paladin Shiro Fujimoto since the age of 7. Yukio has prodigious talent, earning his official license at the age of 13 in Dragoon and Doctor. He is proficient in martial arts, allowing him to restrain Renzou and fight on even terms with a de-powered and exhausted Rin.

It is revealed through the manga that Yukio has unique eyes. They first turned blue and demonic during his fight against Saburota in the Kyoto Impure King arc,[14] causing the Demon Eater to instinctively retreat. Toudou later stated those eyes weren't Yukio's. The change occurred again when Lucifer confronted Yukio during the Shimane Illuminati arc. Recognizing the occurrences happened when he was in fear for his life, Yukio attempts to investigate by deliberately endangering his life. After jumping off a roof, he blacks out to find himself on the ground surrounded by a significant crater. In a later attempted suicide by shooting himself in the head, his eyes change and Satan begins talking to him, using his flames to burn the bullet.[15] Satan also breaks Kurikara. Lucifer ultimately explains that Yukio's left eye is a window for Satan to view and interact with Assiah.

Flame Resistance: Because Yukio shared the same womb as Rin, Lucifer stated he has an unnatural resistance to red, black, and blue flames to the point where he didn't suffer from the slightest burns after he was covered in red and black flames.[16] Because of this and Satan's protection, he had an almost unbreakable edge against Rin in their battle against one another because his fighting style revolved around his Blue Flames.

Demon Form (Anime-original): Since the first anime outpaced the manga, a new story was constructed for the ending. In this filler, Yukio awakens his demonic heritage due to Ernst's machinations, granting him the same blue flames as Rin.

Doctor: Yukio has top-notch medical skills and abilities. He is also a teacher of Anti-Demon Pharmacology. During the operation to retrieve the Impure King's left eye, he exposes himself to miasma without hesitation to treat an child infected with miasmatic boils. After briefly wrestling with himself due to Toudou's words, he stabilizes his hand and successfully injects the growths with vaccine without rupturing them.[17]

Yukio Using his Pistols

Yukio with his guns

Dragoon: Yukio's offensive Meister is Dragoon. His primary weapon is a pair of dual handguns, although he has also wielded a sniper rifle in the Terror of the Kraken arc and a shotgun in the anime-original ending. He is able to keep up with Shura, an Exorcist 2 Ranks above him, in a combat simulation test. Yukio also uses different ammunition for elemental fights, such as using Naiad-blessed bullets to shoot a Karura-possessed Toudou.

He is skilled in long-distance shooting, accurately shooting the Kraken clones at a great distance with a sniper rifle.[18] Lucifer gives Yukio the Armumahel Pistols prototype, which uses crystalized Armumahel essence that can fatally injure even high-level demons[19]. Although Armumahel essence exposure damages humans and demons alike, Yukio's flame resistance allows him to use them without dysfunction.

Naiad's Water Dungeon anime

Naiad's Water dungeon

Tamer: Although Yukio does not have a Meister in Tamer, he is able to summon multiple Naiads. However, his lack of stamina and experience in summoning Demons makes it difficult to maintain the summon for long periods of time. Saburota notes that Yukio is a novice at this.

  • Naiads (水精 (ナイアス)  Naiasu): Yuki is able to summon water demons in order to counter the fire abilities of Saburota Todo gained from eating Karura.
    • Naiads' Carousel (水霊の水牢 (ナイアデスカルセル)  Naiadesu Karuseru; literally meaning "Water Prison of Water Spirits"): Yukio summons eight Naiads, which trap the target in a sphere of water. It is first used on Saburota.[20]



Girls getting jealous, suspecting Yukio and Shiemi

  • His name means "snow boy" in kanji, alluding to his pale features and stoic attitude. He was also born in the winter.
  • According to the Ao no Exorcist Guidebook, Kazue Katō said that originally, Yukio and Rin weren't Exorcists, but anti-paranormal agents who exterminated supernatural creatures.
  • In the first popularity poll, Yukio ranked first, with a total of 2529 votes.
  • He is popular with girls, though he finds it difficult to reject them.
  • His favorite food is seafood, especially sashimi.
  • His known pastimes are: formulating plans and reading Jump Square every month.
  • His favorite manga genres are; comedy, horror, suspense.
  • He averages 4 hours of sleep each night.
  • His favorite animals are penguins.
  • He is ranked 5-6th on Rin's 'cool dude' list which is the same rank as Kuro, Rin's familiar.
  • He is embarrassed and extremely bothered by how many moles he has.[21]
  • Yukio is ambidextrous.
  • The original concept had Yukio and Rin's names switched around, therefore, his name was Rin. His hairstyle was also similar to Rin's.
  • Kazue Katō intended on giving him stress-related asthma, making him always have an inhaler around. This concept had him slightly psychic and sometimes prescient. It is also said that he was supposed to be interested in computers and a feminist.
  • The English translation of Volume 2 mistakenly states that Yukio has a Meister in Dragoon and Aria, rather than Dragoon and Doctor.
  • In chapter 112[22] of the manga, he is mistakenly drawn without an eyepatch on his left eye.[23]


  • (To Rin Okumura) "You utter fool, brother...Why did you come up with this ridiculous idea of becoming an Exorcist? Revenge? Some kind of twisted sense of atonement towards Father? If you truly have the nerve to feel that way...then you should give yourself up to Order Headquarters...or just die, please."[24]
  • (To Mephisto Pheles) "From...from now on...I will protect my brother in Father's stead."[25]
  • (To himself) "I...ever since I was little...I looked up for my brother. But...while I looked up to him, at the same time, I've actually...always...always...always...I always...found it hard to accept."
  • (To Saburota Todo) "I...I both love and hate my brother!... But even more than that...most of all, I hated my weak younger self. The one I really hate, most of all, is myself!"
  • (To himself) "I hate myself. That's why I wanted to become like father and brother, therefore I've always...(remembers Rin saying «I'll surpass you!») That's actually my line, brother."


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