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Volume 4 is the fourth volume of the manga series, Blue Exorcist (青の祓魔師 Ao no Ekusoshisuto) by Kazue Katō. The front cover features Mephisto Pheles.


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While most of the students at True Cross Academy head home for the summer break, Rin and his classmates are sent to a training camp in the forest district, and the right to go on a real mission is riding on their performance! Locating and recovering their objectives in the woods is tough and will require teamwork, skill and more than a little magic, and Rin will have to learn to rely on his friends. But is Mephisto masterminding something behind the scenes?![3]

The Action So Far[]

Unknown to Rin Okumura, both human and demon blood runs in his veins. In an argument with his foster father, Father Fujimoto, Rin learns that Satan is his true father. Satan suddenly appears and tries to drag Rin down to Gehenna because Rin has inherited his power. Father Fujimoto fights to defend Rin but dies in the process. Rin decides to become an Exorcist so he can someday defeat Satan and begins studying at the Exorcism Cram School under the instruction of his twin brother Yukio, who is already an Exorcist.

The cram school students pass the Exwire Certification Exam and become Exwires. One day, they go to investigate a ghost that has been appearing at an amusement park on school grounds. Amaimon, King of Earth, attacks Rin and steals the Koma Sword, causing Rin's flame to blaze out of control. Shura Kirigakure, sent by the Knights of the True Cross's Vatican Headquarters, steps in to save Rin when he burns out his unstable power.

Shura, who was once Shiro's pupil, tells Rin that Shiro was the Paladin and Rin declares that he himself will become Paladin in order to prove that Shiro was right to raise him. With new determination, Rin tackles his lessons more seriously than before.

—Summer Break—

The Exwires go to the Academy's forest district for a three-day training camp. part of the camp is a test to select who will gain the right to go on a  real mission. The students must find lamps hidden in the forest, light them, and bring them back to camp. Shura warns Rin not to use his power, but when he sees Shiemi attacked by demons, he flares up—and Ryuji Suguro sees it happen![2]

In the next volume…[]

In the late Edo Period, a demon known as the Impure King killed thousands of people. After defeating the demon, the Knights of the True Cross kept its left eye safely sealed away on Academy grounds—but now someone has stolen it! Hearing the thief has taken a child hostage, Yukio and Rin go to help. The investigation and pursuit them even deeper in a sinister plot! But will his friends' knowledge that Rin is the son of Satan drive a wedge between them?


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Introducing the Characters[]

Info below retrieved from Viz Media.[2]

Rin Okumura

  • Born of a human mother and Satan, the God of Demons, Rin Okumura has powers he can barely control. After Satan kills Father Fujimoto, Rin's foster father, Rin decides to become an Exorcist so he can someday defeat Satan. Now a first-year student at True Cross Academy and an Exwire at the Exorcism Cram School, he hopes to someday become a Knight. When he draws the Koma Sword, he manifests his infernal power in the form of blue flames.

Yukio Okumura

  • Rin's brother. Hoping to become a doctor, he's a genius who is the youngest student ever to become an instructor at the Exorcism Cram School. An instructor in Demon Pharmaceuticals, he possesses the titles of Doctor and Dragoon.

Shiemi Moriyama

  • Daughter of the owner of Futsumaya, an exorcist supply shop. Inspired by Rin and Yukio, she became an Exwire and hopes to someday become an Exorcist. She has the ability to become a Tamer and can summon a baby Greenman.

Ryuji Suguro

  • Heir to a venerable temple in Kyoto. After the Blue Night, he became an Exwire and hopes to become an Exorcist someday. He wants to achieve the titles of Dragoon and Aria.

Renzo Shima

  • Once a pupil of Suguro's father and now Suguro's friend. He's an Exwire who wants to become an Aria. He has an easygoing personality and is totally girl-crazy.

Konekomaru Miwa

  • Like Shima, he was once a pupil of Suguro's father and is now Suguro's friend. He's an Exwire who hopes to become an Aria someday. He is small in size and has a quite and composed personality.

Izumo Kamiki

  • An Exwire with the blood of shrine maidens. She has the ability to become a Tamer and can summon two white foxes. Her friend Paku quit school, but Izumo has continued attending.

Shura Kirigakure

  • An upper-rank special investigator dispatched by Vatican Headquarters to True Cross Academy. A Senior Exorcist First Class who holds the titles of Knight, Tamer, Doctor and Aria. She was once Father Fujimoto's pupil and he asked her to teach swordsmanship to Rin.


  • Mephisto Pheles's younger brother. Mephisto ordered him to come to True Cross Academy. Little else is known about him as well.

Mephisto Pheles

  • President of True Cross Academy and head of the Exorcism Cram School. He was Father Fujimoto's friend, and now he is Rin and Yukio's guardian. His behavior is suspicious, and all details about his true identity are shrouded in mystery.

Shiro Fujimoto

  • The man who raised Rin and Yukio. He was a priest at True Cross Church and a famous Exorcist. He held the rank of Paladin and once taught Demon Pharmaceuticals. Satan possessed him and he gave his life defending Rin.

Chapter List[]

  • Chapter 12: Light Trap「誘蛾灯 Yūgatou
  • Chapter 13: Something Kind「やさしい事 Yasashii Koto
  • Chapter 14: The Wager「賭 Kake
  • Chapter 15: Every Last One「どいつもこいつも Doitsumo Koitsumo
  • Bonuses:
    • 4-Koma
    • Initial Setting Images

Characters Introduced[]

True Cross Order[]