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Volume 22 is the twenty-second volume of the manga series, Blue Exorcist (青の祓魔師 Ao no Ekusoshisuto) by Kazue Katō. The front cover features Shiro Fujimoto and Yuri Egin in their youth.


Fight hellfire with hellfire!

The seals binding the artificial Gehenna Gate are broken, and the world is gripped by demonic chaos! The Exwires try to figure out what to do without Rin and Yukio, the Knights of the True Cross scramble to regroup and everyone seems lost. As nations around the world struggle to contain the outbreaks, Rin faces Mephisto, demanding to hear about his past. Mephisto couldn't be more delighted to show Rin what happened all those years ago, but as Mephisto warns him, the story can only end in tragedy…[3]

The Story So Far[]

Unknown to Rin Okumura, both human and demon blood runs in his veins. In an argument with his foster father, Father Fujimoto, Rin learns that Satan is his true father. Satan suddenly appears and tries to drag Rin down to Gehenna because Rin has inherited his power. Father Fujimoto fights to defend Rin, but dies in the process. Rin decides to become an Exorcist so he can someday defeat Satan and begins studying at the Exorcism Cram School under the instruction of his twin brother Yukio, who is already an Exorcist.

Rin and the others succeed in defeating the Impure King, awakened by the former exorcist, Todo. Meanwhile, Yukio fights Todo, and as the battle rages, he senses the same flame in his own eyes as his brother. Afraid, he keeps it a secret.

Later, mysterious events begin occurring around the globe orchestrated by a secret society known as the Illuminati. Finally, the Japanese government publicly recognizes the existence of demons.

Wanting to learn more about the flame of Satan in his left eye, Yukio goes to confront Mephisto. However, after an attempt on Mephisto's life, the Order arrests Yukio as a suspect. Rin goes to break Yukio out of confinement, but Yukio tells him goodbye. Rin attacks in a rage, but the Koma Sword breaks when he strikes, causing Rin's flame to blaze out of control. Shiemi manages to bring Rin back to himself. Realizing he needs to learn the truth about his and his brother's birth, Rin confronts Mephisto and demands the truth…[2]

In the next volume…[]

The tragic story of what happened to Rin and Yukio's mother, Yuri Egin, continues to unfold. Yuri and Father Fujimoto were once up-and-coming young Exorcists involved in Section 13's extensive operation to research elixirs of immortality and develop clones to house the spirits of demons. The project seemed to be moving ahead until the unexpected manifestation of a demonic spirit into one of the clone bodies. And not just any demon—the entity seemed to be the most powerful demon of all: Satan!


This volume begins to explore Shiro's and Yuri's pasts as they relate to the Blue Night. Even if I push the story along at a fast pace, it looks like it could get long. But I have to pay sufficient attention to certain events, so I'm going to pace myself like I'm in a race.

Enjoy the manga!

Cast of Characters[]

Info below retrieved from Viz Media.[2]

Rin Okumura

  • Born of a human mother and Satan, the God of Demons, Rin Okumura has powers he can barely control. After Satan kills Father Fujimoto, Rin's foster father, Rin decides to become an Exorcist so he can someday defeat Satan. Now a first-year student at True Cross Academy and an Exwire at the Exorcism Cram School, he hopes to someday become a Knight. When Yukio broke his Koma Sword, the power of Satan swallowed him, but Shiemi called him back to himself.

Yukio Okumura

  • Rin's brother. Hoping to become a doctor, he's a genius who is the youngest student ever to become an instructor at the Exorcism Cram School. However, the flame of Satan lies in his left eye. He has begun to question the righteousness of the Knights of the True Cross and has gone to meet the Illuminati.

Shiemi Moriyama

  • Daughter of the owner of Futsumaya, an Exorcist supply shop. She possesses the ability to become a Tamer and can summon a baby Greenman named Nee. She decided to quit the Exorcism Cram School, but she hasn't revealed the reason why.

Ryuji Suguro

  • Heir to the venerable Buddhist sect known as Myodha in Kyoto. He wants to achieve the titles of Dragoon and Aria. He is Lightning's apprentice and they are conducting an investigation together.

Renzo Shima

  • Once a pupil of Suguro's father and now Suguro's friend. Currently, he is a double agent providing information to both the Illuminati and the Knights of the True Cross.

Konekomaru Miwa

  • He was once a pupil of Suguro's father and is now Suguro's friend. He's an Exwire who hopes to become an Exorcist someday. He is small in size and has a quiet and composed personality.

Izumo Kamiki

  • An Exwire with the blood of shrine maidens. She has the ability to become a Tamer and can summon two white foxes. The Illuminati had taken her captive, but with help from Rin and the others, she escaped and settled her grudge against the insane professor Gedōin.

Noriko Paku

  • An old friend of Kamiki. The two girls joined the Exorcism Cram School together, but Paku dropped out when she couldn't keep up. Now she takes classes in the general curriculum at True Cross Academy Private High School.

Shura Kirigakure

  • A Senior Exorcist First Class who holds the titles of Knight, Tamer, Doctor and Aria. Rin and Yukio helped free her from a contract entered by her ancestor.

Mephisto Pheles

  • President of True Cross Academy and head of the Exorcism Cram School. He was Father Fujimoto's friend, and now he is Rin and Yukio's guardian. The number two power in Gehenna and known as Samael, King of Time.

Lewin Light

  • An Arch Knight, he is Arthur's right-hand man as well as number two in the Order. An expert in Arias and summoning, he goes by the nickname "Lightning." He is performing an independent investigation into the Illuminati.

Osceola Redarm

  • Another Arch Knight, he is an inspector at the Mexico Branch. He arrests Lightning for assaulting K.R.C. Laboratory Director Drac Dragulescu.


  • Commander-in-Chief of the Illuminati. Known as the King of Light, he is the highest power in Gehenna. He plans to resurrect Satan and merge Assiah and Gehenna into one.

Shiro Fujimoto

  • The man who raised Rin and Yukio. He held the rank of Paladin, but Satan possessed him and he gave his life defending Rin. There is a possibility that he was a clone of Azazel created by Section 13.

Yuri Egin

  • Rin and Yukio's mother. She conceived with Satan and died soon after giving birth. The Knights of the True Cross keep all information about her classified.


  • A Cat Sidhe who was once Shiro's familiar. After Shiro's death, he began turning back into a demon. Rin saved him, and now the two are practically inseparable. His favorite drink is the catnip wine Shiro used to make.

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