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Vatican Main Office

Vatican Main Office

Chief: Grigori
Organization: True Cross Order
Specialty: Main Office
Guardian: Paladin

The Vatican is a city state in Italy. It is the central power of the Roman Catholic Church and contains the Main Offices of the True Cross Order. The Grigori are stationed here along with the Paladin.


The Vatican facility is located beneath St. Peter's Basilica and is home to various sections of interest.

Round Table Meeting Hall[]

A large room consisting of a single circular table bathed in light, it stands on supports that lead down into darkness. The only method of sitting at the table is to walk a narrow path to one of the seats with a chasm to either side. This is where the highest ranking members of the Order including the Grigori, the Paladin and the Arc Knights meet to discuss matters.[1]


The lowest part of the Vatican facility, it is a prison where persons of interest are held. In the anime, it was used to contain Mephisto Pheles and Rin Okumura, although the former escaped.[2]



  • Cocytus is a river in the underworld in Greek mythology. In the Divine Comedy it is described as the lowest circle of hell where traitors are kept.