Unbowed and Unbroken

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Air Date

March 11, 2017



Opening Song

Itteki no Eikyō

Ending Song

Kono Te de

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Unbowed and Unbroken is the tenth episode of Ao no Exorcist's second season anime.


The spores burst, Ryuji struggles for air. Before Rin, Ryuji and Kuro is the Impure King's true form, a daunting, pale maggot-like creature far larger than any castle that bellows out toxic spores. Mephisto wonders what his youngest brother, Rin, will do as the Impure King pursues Ryuji.

Yaozo orders everyone to retreat outside the barrier. Already outside the barrier, Todo wonders aloud if Karura is stronger than Agni as he faces Juzo. Karura absorbs all blows from Juzo. Yukio proposes a plan another exorcist claims will cost them dearly. Juzo and two other exorcists focus on reinforcing his flames while two more exorcists flank Todo.

The flames Todo absorbs is unable to remain within his body, causing Karura to overload Todo's body. As it is raining, the parts of Todo's body that have turned to ash become mud, which makes regeneration harder. Yukio instructs everyone separate parts of the mud to prevent Todo from regenerating. The mud manifests enough to restrain the other exorcists besides Yukio.

Shura charges into the barrier after Rin. Ryuji uses Karura to protect himself from The Impure King, but his body has reached its limit. Rin is still unable to draw his sword, Ryuji asks that Rin runs while he still can. Rin asks Ryuji to take him to Kyoto Tower tomorrow, Ryuji admits he has never been there despite being a local. Ryuji lowers his defense so he can focus his energy on the barrier, putting his trust in Rin to protect him.

Rin finally draws his sword and uses his flames to quell The Impure King with ease.

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