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Tsukumo Kamiki's Precious Mascot

Tsukumo Kamiki's Precious Mascot is a small doll of a Byakko given to Tsukumo Kamiki by her elder sister, Izumo so that she wouldn't feel alone if they were separated.[1]


Given to Tsukumo by her elder sister, the doll remained in Tsukumo's possession even after their mother had been possessed by the Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit and the family had been taken into Illuminati custody. After being put up for adoption by Maria Yoshida, the doll travelled with Tsukumo to her new home, where her adoptive mother would tell her she was born with it.

After this, Nemu Takara, Tsukumo's adoptive cousin claimed that she had passed the doll onto him.[2] This was later revealed to be a lie, as Tsukumo believed she had lost it.[3]

When Izumo and Takara clashed during the True Cross Academy festival, he returned the doll to her in order to gain her attention. It is later revealed that he can track any item he summons like a transmitter.[4]

After battling the Illuminati in order to reclaim Izumo and Inari from them, the doll is finally returned to Tsukumo at her new home.[5]


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