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The True Cross Order (正十字騎士團 Seijūji Kishidan) is the main organization of Exorcists within the series. It is a global exorcist institution that is controlled by the Vatican.


The True Cross Order has roots in Christianity, and was founded by medieval Christian knights. Originally established as a military order, the organization's centuries-long campaign against demons has allowed it to discover and develop new exorcism techniques from all around the globe. As of today, the Order is the largest and most powerful exorcist organization in the world.


Given that they have defended mankind from demons for roughly 2000 years, it can be assumed that the Order both trains exorcists and exorcises demons. In addition, the Order takes it upon itself to heal humans who have been harmed by demons, as well as to proactively investigate possible demonic activity. An additional mission of the True Cross Order is to find and destroy human organizations that support demons and demonic activity, such as Demon Eaters or the Illuminati.

It seems that, judging by Mephisto Pheles' comments during Rin's trial, the True Cross Order has been on the defensive side throughout the entire war on demons. However, with an ally in Rin, a son of Satan who has inherited Satan's blue flames, it can be assumed that the Order is trying to develop a way to actively combat demons.



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Exorcist rank chart

Rank Chart

The Supreme Advisers of the True Cross Order are known as the Grigori (also called the 3 Sages). The Grigori rank above anything else and are in charge of the Order. They are guarded by the Grigori Agency, a group seemingly counted separately from the Order's rank and file.

The True Cross uses titles to rank its students and Exorcists. When an Exorcist-in-training enters the True Cross Order, they become a Page. A student can take the Exwire exam and eventually become an exorcist by earning a Meister. Ranks following are Lower 2nd Class, Lower 1st Class, Middle 2nd Class, Middle 1st Class, Upper 2nd Class and Upper 1st Class. Ranks even higher than a regular Exorcist are the Chancellor, Arc Knight and the highest rank of all: Paladin.


To be an official Exorcist, students first must learn the basics of exorcism and combat as a Page. Through practical combat tests that apply their rudimentary abilities in a practical scenario, a Page has the opportunity for promotion to an Exwire. Once they become an Exwire, students begin to specialize in certain disciplines to earn a Meister. An exorcist's rank is determined by the type of class of demon they are able to slay on their own during the initiation exam.


The typical Exorcist uniform is a formal long, black coat with silver buttons running halfway down the coat. Along the waist is a normal belt. pinned to the side of the coat is Exorcist pin to recognize the person as an official Exorcist.


  • Anything relating to Satan must be destroyed without hesitation.


  • The motto of the True Cross Order is Bellum Fatum Vita Mori, which translates to "war and fate, life and death."


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