True Cross Academy


Chief: Mephisto Pheles
Organization: True Cross Order
Specialty: Academy
Guardian: Kuro (Former)
Mephisto Pheles

The True Cross Academy (正十字学園 Sei Jūji Gakuen) is a place where students are trained to become Exorcists. It is controlled by the True Cross Order, and Mephisto Pheles is the Chairman. True Cross Academy lies within True Cross Campus Town in Tokyo. It works as a normal school, but also contains a "cram school" for Exorcists. The cram school offers a range of different courses, and is only accessible with a magical key.


  • Classroom
  • Entrance Hall
  • School Cafeteria

Academy Forest District

A forest area located on the Academy's lower level, it is home to multiple low-level demons and is used for training Exwires and the breeding of Chuchi.[1][2]


The former Exorcist Training Dormitory, nicknamed the Asylum, it bears strong resemblence to the current one, though distinctly more dilapidated. Both Shiro Fujimoto and Arthur A. Angel came from this school, but it was shut down following the Blue Night.[3]


The Cafeteria at True Cross Academy is staffed by top quality chefs who prepare many international dishes for students to partake of. Students first have to buy a ticket from a vending machine for the meal they want then exchange it for their chosen lunch. Unfortunately, the prices reflect the quality of the food, making it difficult for poorer students to afford to eat there.

Cram School

The Exorcist Cram School is located somewhere within True Cross Academy, but it is unclear where. When a student is admitted, they are given a key to the facility which allows them to access it from any door, however, without a relevant return key, they must take the long way back.

The Old Male Dormitory

A disused building that became the residence of Rin and Yukio Okumura.

Deep Keep

The deepest section of the Academy, it is an area where dangerous objects and the like are stored behind a powerful magical barrier.[4] The Todo family has had strong ties to the Deep Keep for many generations[5], with Saburota Todo being the former director.




Former Residents


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