Through Thick and Thin

Ep 34 title




Yuki Chū Shōhaku

Air Date

March 4, 2017



Opening Song

Itteki no Eikyō

Ending Song

Kono Te de

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Through Thick and Thin is the ninth episode of Ao no Exorcist's second season anime.


Yukio admits he hates his brother as much as he loves him, however he loathes himself more. He creates a naiad water prison to trap Todo.

Kuro carries Ryuji and Rin to a place Ryuji can cast a barrier. Ryuji asks Rin how he can be so calm at a time like this, Rin says that everyone is doing everything they can right now. Ryuji notices Rin's hand is trembling on the hilt of his blade. Ryuji successfully casts the barrier.

Meanwhile, Yukio is barely able to stand and Todo frees himself from the prison. Rin senses Yukio is in danger, but cannot leave to save him.

Renzo and Miwa are trapped in a tree with a torch being the only thing between them and the miasma. Miwa asks Renzo how he can even think of trying to escape when his family is on the battle field. Renzo says nothing matters when he's dead and leaves alone. Renzo struggles with the birth given burden of protecting others and living up to expectations. He returns to aid Miwa, despite his reluctance.

Kamiki has her familiars carry Tatsuma to safety. Kamiki is trapped by The Impure King's slime-like spores. Shiemi tries summoning Nee. With her blood and tears, Nee returns and Shiemi has him sprout twice as many plants as there are spores.

The spores are multiplying, overwhelming Rin and Kuro's defense to Ryuji. Yukio's eyes glimmer similarly to Rin's and shocks Todo. Juzo and fellow exorcists find Todo and Yukio before Todo could finish Yukio off.

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