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Three Wise Monkeys (anime)
Three Wise Monkeys



Surī Waizu Monkī

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Truth Coercion

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Chapter 68

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Three Wise Monkeys (三猿鬼 (スリーワイズモンキー)  Surī Waizu Monkī; literally meaning "Three Monkey Demons") are a low level class of Demon of unknown kin.[1]


The Three Wise Monkeys are demons that possess beings that preach the wisdom of "see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil". As such, anyone in close proximity to them is put into a mindset where they doggedly pursue the truth, speaking honestly of their own and other people's motivations.[2]

Their influence can be nullified with the chant:

If you do not bow, ( (れい) (おら) ざれば Rei ni arazareba)

you need not see, hear, nor speak. ( () 事勿 (ことなか) () 事勿 (ことなか) () 事勿 (ことなか)  Miru koto nakare kiku koto nakare iu koto nakare)

Retake control of yourself, recover from your bow and attain virtue. ( (おのれ) () ちて () (かえ) るを (じん) () ()  Onore ni kachi te re ni kaeru o jin to nasunari)

However, this does not act the same as an Aria's Fatal Verse, instead having a capacity more akin to a protection charm.[3]

Powers and Abilities[]

Truth Coercion: While they seem otherwise nonthreatening, the Three Wise Monkeys can cause people nearby to blurt out their secret desires and motivations. Not only could this leak of information be potentially devastating to the people involved, those affected can come to blows if their hidden desires happen to conflict.[2]


  • The Three wise monkeys are a popular pictorial maxim from Japan that has spread far and wide around the world, featuring three monkeys or apes, one each covering their ears, eyes, and mouth.


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