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The Seven Mysteries of True Cross Academy are seven mysterious happenings rumored to be taking place at various locations around True Cross Academy and the city.


Number Mystery Truth
1 A wedding kimono that wanders the campus at night. Thought to be the Ghost of a bride still wearing her wedding dress, she attacks men who notice her, but doesn't go near women. It had managed to attack twelve victims in the space of two weeks.[1] While the mystery was in fact a ghost, it was the ghost of a transgender woman who had hidden her identity in life and died with regrets.[2]
2 The statue of Johann Faust moves in the night. This mystery, while true, was caused by a low level demon that had possessed the statue.[3]
3 Mayuko appears in the northern restroom of the sixth floor in the girls' dormitory. A group of third years entered the bathroom as a test of courage, but got locked in, by the time they were rescued it was as if their souls had left their bodies and each was on leave from school after.[4] Mayuko, rather than the typical urban legend of spirits in the bathroom, proved to be an Evil Ghost that had manifested from the cruel thoughts of women.[5]
4 You see your own dead face in one of the portraits in the high school building. The portrait supposedly looks different depending on the observer and shows the darkness in people's hearts.[6] A former part of Mephisto's prank collection that had grown too dangerous after traumatizing multiple students.[7] Ultimately it turned out to be a Shapeshifter that had possessed multiple portraits.[8][9]
5 An empty tram car runs in the middle of the night. This mystery turned out to be a demon similar to a Phantom Train.[10]
6 Wunderkammer appears in a science lab in the high school building. This mystery was revealed to be a harmless part of Mephisto's prank collection.[11]
7 A mansion with an endless path so that it can never be reached. This turned out to be the Exorcist Shop, Futsumaya, where Shiemi lives, which can only be accessed by Exorcists with a key.[12]


Mephisto tasks Rin and the Exwires with investigating each rumor and taking the necessary measures to exorcise any demons that may be the cause of each mystery. Yukio is to act solely as an observer and is not to offer any help or advice to the team. [13]