The Phantom Cook

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Maboroshi no Ryōrinin

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May 22, 2011



Opening Song

Core Pride

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Take Off

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The Phantom Cook is the sixth episode of the Ao no Exorcist anime. It first aired on May 22, 2011.


One morning, Rin rushes in the dorm as he is late. He finds Yukio eating his breakfast and his on the table. At school, Rin runs to get his lunch, only to encounter Suguro and they both fight over the sandwitch. Later, three girls ask Yukio to eat the lunches they've made for him. He makes an excuse, runs to cafeteria with his brother and explains to him that he can't eat three lunches. Rin is astonished after he discovers that the school provides first rate cuisine. He is, however, distraught to find out that the lunches are too expensive. They go to Mephisto Pheles to ask him to lower the prices. Mephisto explains that he cannot do that, as for the school to provide first rate cuisine they must buy first rate and hire first rate chefs. Rin asks him to atleast give them an allowance to which he agrees. Much to the boys surprise, he gives them a 2,000 yen bill for the whole month, though it's still low. Yukio has a better solution to get by the school year without starving. The two of them shop for groceries so Rin can make their lunches and use the cafeteria kitchen in their dorm. Yukio is using this an advantage, so he can avoid eating the lunches made by the girls.

Later that night Rin makes his and Yukio's lunch. He wakes up to see that Yukio's and his lunch are missing. He suspects Yukio to be the one behind this and kicks him. Yukio defends himself and claims that he wouldn't do something like that, then Rin points out that they're the only ones living here. They then realize something. Rin asks Yukio if they really are alone, which he replies that they aren't. He points out that whenever it was time for them to eat, their meals were always at the table and they didn't think about who cooked it. Rin and Yukio then hear someone cutting from the kitchen and find out it's Mephisto. He explains that he's a temporary replacement, and that the one who has been cooking their meals since they moved in is Ukobach, a stove spirit who has been loyally carrying out orders as his familiar to cook their meals. However, Ukobach refuses to cook for the boys after they stepped in his territory the other night. Mephisto is filling in in for Ukobach, until he calms down and when his attitude improves. One rainy day, Rin encounters Ukobach in the kitchen. Rin and Ukobach get into to a cooking war. According to Mephisto (who was watching) no one won but Rin and Ukobach formed a new friendship.

The next day, Shiemi visits the boys only to be spied on by the three girls from school, suspecting a relationship between her and Yukio. It's revealed that Ukobach has returned to his duties and seems much happier. When it is time for Shiemi to leave, Yukio uses a key to take her home. The girls eventually break in and discover the lunches. Believing that Shiemi made them, they angrily throw them away and make their own for Yukio. Unknown to them, Ukobach has been watching them and is angered by their treatment of his food. Their screams are heard by the boys, and they rush to kitchen. There, they discover Ukobach (in his larger and stronger form)  who is cooking the girls on retaliation. Rin tries to calm him down and succeeds. One of the girls asks Yukio why he wouldn't the lunches they made for him. Rin realizes the girls did it because they loved Yukio, and angrily hits Yukio on the head with a paper fan, calling him a jackass and forces him to eat the lunches they made for him, much to his dismay. The next day, Mephisto talks to Yukio (who is sick from eating too much) on the phone and is told about last night. He gives Yukio two days off and hangs up. Rin and Ukobach come in and have prepared him a huge 'Stamina Lunch'. Yukio then says that he hates lunch.:


  • Rin's not-too-bright moment is at the very end of the episode. Clearly Yukio is sick from overeating, but Rin brings him a large lunch.
  • Mephisto heavily implies he wiped the girls memories of that night; which is standard procedure for civilians not allied with the Order.
    • As the girls never bother Yukio at lunch again, its possible they had a subconscious memory of that night placed in their minds by Mephisto to keep them from angering Ukobach again.

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