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The Terror of the Kraken Arc is the fourth arc of the Blue Exorcist series. A similar event features in a single episode of the anime.

Following the battle with the Impure King, the forces from the True Cross Academy stop at Atami Sunrise Beach in order to deal with the threat of a terrifying Kraken.


The Sea Is Vast and Wide[]

Cover 35

Chapter 35

The chapter opens with a fishing charter off the coast that is under attack from what appears to be a giant squid. The ship's crew are last shown screaming for their lives. [1] Back in Kyoto, Shura Kirigakure and the Exwires bid their farewells before heading to the train station to travel back to True Cross Academy. Upon arrival however, Shura informs everyone that they will be making a detour to Atami Sunrise Beach. [2]Arriving at the beach, the group is then informed they are there to exorcise a Kraken that has been plaguing the area. [3]

Gone with the Blue Wave[]

Cover 36

Chapter 36

After Rin Okumura disobeys orders and charges at the Kraken with Shiemi Moriyama and his brother in tow, they find themselves inside a subterranean cave within an island. [4] An argument ensues and Shura Kirigakure over the phone yells at the trio, calling them all idiots.[5] She then informs them that the island they are on contains a shrine to Wadatsumi. [6]

Soon, the Okumura brothers find themselves at odds due to recent events.

The Moon Falls and the Sun Rises[]

Cover 37

Chapter 37

Wadatsumi engages in battle against the Kraken and severely wounds it, but is ultimately defeated before the Kraken could be defeated. [7] The Kraken then begins to spawn nearly countless copies, the only way to stop it being to defeat the original. [8] The gathered Exorcists then begin to fight off the copies whilst searching for the real one. Yukio Okumura shoots at one with a killing blow, but it fails to disappear. With Shiemi Moriyama's help in commanding the Sea Monk to help him reach his foe, Rin Okumura charges forward and delivers the final blow. [9]


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