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Tatsuma Suguro

勝呂 達磨


Suguro Tatsuma




Male.png Male




168 cm (5'6")


73 kg (161 lbs.)


January 6th

Hair Color


Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Status

True Cross Order
Myōō Dharani

Previous Occupation

Head Priest

Previous Partner(s)


Exorcist Information


Personal Status



Fukaku (Ancestor)
Tatsuma Suguro's Father (Father)
Torako Suguro (Wife)
Ryuji Suguro (Son)

Manga Debut

Chapter 4 (flashback)
Chapter 18 (actual)

Anime Debut

Episode 5 (flashback)
Episode 27 (actual)

Japanese Voice

Takashi Inagaki (first season)
Jin Urayama (second season)
Ikuji Nose (young)

English Voice

Michael McConnohie

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Tatsuma Suguro (勝呂 達磨 Suguro Tatsuma) is Ryuji's father. He is a survivor of the Blue Night, when scores of clergymen were massacred by Satan. He is also known as the "Priest of the Cursed Temple."


Tatsuma has the misfortune of looking like a member of the yakuza, which does not help attract followers to his temple. He is bald and has a mustached shaped like oval dots above the sides of his mouth. He mainly wears his priest robes. At most times, Tatsuma will reek of alcohol.


Tatsuma does not appear to take his job seriously; oftentimes he will be with women and will reek of alcohol. He does not show up for many of the meetings in his temple, and is absent when Bon and the other Exwires arrive. He tries to brush of Bon's questions when confronted. However, when push comes to shove, and people are endangered, Tatsuma has proven to be a force to be reckoned with, as seen during his final moments. He is very tactful and prepares himself for the worst situations. An example of this is his additional contract with the Demon Karura. He is a very good father and never wanted to involve his son in matters involving the Impure King. He considers peoples lives much more important than the secrets of the Myōō Dharani Sect.


In the manga, it is revealed that Tatsuma met Father Fujimoto before the Blue Night when the latter came to the temple to steal the Kurikara. Fujimoto was severely injured from fighting many monsters on the mountain and collapsed soon after their first encounter. Tatsuma bandaged his wounds and not long after, Fujimoto tended to those that suffered from toxin poisoning and were in danger of death. This included Tatsuma's wife who was pregnant at the time. Impressed and grateful to him, Tatsuma gave Shiro the Kurikara, assured that he wouldn't use it for wicked purposes.


Kyoto Impure King arc

Terror of the Kraken arc

Blue Night Investigation arc

Powers & Abilities

Despite not having the title of an Exorcist, Tatsuma is highly skilled in chants that have high effect on Demons.



Tatsuma has a familiar called Karura, which takes the form of a small fire bird.

  • Karura Flame (迦楼羅焔 (カルラエン)  Karuraen):
    • Kashoku no In (火食の印 Fire Meal Seal): Tatsuma uses Kashoku no In to repel Saburota Todo when he initially attacks him. Flames burst from Todo, forcing him back. However, little damage is dealt, which Tatsuma comments on, surprised that Todo was so agile and robust.
    • Kafun no In (火粉の印 Seal of Fire Powder): Karura flaps its wings rapidly, successively sending out waves of feather-like flames.
  • Aeon Wave Flame (劫波焔 (ゴウハエン)  Gōhaen):
    • Jōkafū no In (淨火封の印 Seal of the Sealing Sacred Fire): Flames are channeled from Tatsuma by Karura, who quickly flies and forms a pentagram of flames to deal damage to and seal whatever is in its center.


  • His name contains the kanji for "win" ( katsu; read as sugu), "spine" ( ro) and "daruma" (柔造; read as Tatsuma).


  • (To Shiro Fujimoto about Kurikara) "...When I was a child, I once secretly unsheathed the sword. I wanted to see Karura, you know? Neither Karura nor any flames appeared at all... that sword was empty. I knew it all along... and yet... I've stopped worshipping an empty shell, and I've finally found the resolve in me to fight. It was all thanks to you." [1]


  1. Ao no Exorcist Manga: Chapter 24, Page 27


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