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Taiowa () is a Demon invoked by Osceola Redarm using his War Cry.


Whilst possessing Osceola Redarm, Taiowa appears largely humanoid in shape with a bulky build. Like most demons it has pointed ears, but also small, brightly glowing eyes. Its skin is dark with its limbs being light coloured leading to flame like patterns on its arms and legs where the colours intersect. An arrow pattern runs up the centre of its chest and two swirls mark each shoulder. A halo of light circles Taiowa's neck and a crescent of energy hovers above and slightly behind its head.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Immense Strength: Compared to Osceola whilst wielding his Divine Hawk Armour, in which he could barely harm Amon, Taiowa is capable of inflicting severe harm on the demon, greatly damaging his face with punches and physically ripping him in two.[1][2]
  • Earth Manipulation: Taiowa has the ability to open vast chasms in the ground and slam them shut on enemies.[3][4]


  • Taiowa or Tawa is the sun spirit and sometimes creator deity in Hopi mythology.


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