Strange Bedfellows

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January 14, 2017



Opening Song

Itteki no Eikyō

Ending Song

Kono Te de

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Strange Bedfellows is the second episode of Ao no Exorcist's second season anime. It first aired on January 14, 2017.


Exwires are needed to attend wounded exorcists. Kinzo guides the students to the Suguro Family Inn where they are being held while they heal. Shura instructs the exwires on how they will be aiding during this time.

Rin goes to help the wounded alongside his peers, but is stopped by an Exorcist. He is told to go pick up something, anything, using trash as an example; displaying Rin is not wanted there. Rin leaves reluctantly, while in the hallway, an older man calls him over and asks for help slicing watermelon. Rin comments on him drinking early in the day and the man laughs it off before realizing who Rin is. Rin asks him who he is and learns this man is Ryuji’s father. Rin realizes Ryuji was raised by very kind people, which is very unlike his relationship with Ryuji. They discuss how Ryuji is as a person, his father is generally optimistic but agrees with Rin. He mentions they must be friends. Once Rin is done slicing the watermelon, Master Suguro runs off.

An altercation sparks inside between the Hojo sisters and Juzo, resulting in Ryuji blocking a snake one of the Hojo sisters created. The fight would have caused collateral damage if he didn’t intervene in time. The fight ceases as quickly as it began, one of the Hojo sisters jabs at Ryuji for his father being a drunk. Juzo was going to defend Master Suguro’s honor when Ryuji cuts him off in agreement. Diverting the topic, Ryuji lectures them for fighting within their ranks at a time when the eyes of the Impure King are in jeopardy.

Shura and Kinzo are taken to where the Right Eye of The Impure King was kept, informed that the theft of the Left Eye was a diversion to walk out with the Right Eye. Exorcists are baffled as to how this was accomplished. A Myoda follower suspected of partaking this crime. Uwabami tells Ryuji this and explains that everyone has grounds of being a suspect, so investigation must be conducted quickly and quietly.

Meanwhile Rin and Renzo eat bento together, much to Renzo’s distaste. He aimed to avoid Rin as much possible, but finds himself getting along with Rin just like they used to. He decides it’s too hard to avoid Rin, but Rin isn’t fully aware of his surroundings, as he accidentally drank one of Shura’s alcoholic beverages and found himself easily drunk. He thinks back to when his father was alive, in and out of consciousness while carried back to their rooms by Renzo.

Characters In Order of Appearance

Manga & Anime Differences

  • In the Manga, Doi is the one to meet the team arriving at Kyoto, but in the anime he is replaced by Kinzo Shima.
    • He also takes the place of Ryuunosuke Doi in guiding Shura's group through the Kyoto office's Shinbu.


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