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Shura Kirigakure

霧隠 シュラ


Kirigakure Shura






Female Female




169 cm (5'6")


August 8th

Hair Color

Faded Red/Blonde

Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Status

True Cross Order




Angelic Legion

Base of Operations

True Cross Academy

Exorcist Information

Upper First Class Exorcist





Personal Status



Tatsuko Kirigakure (Ancestor)

Manga Debut

Chapter 2 (as Yamada)
Chapter 9 (as herself)

Anime Debut

Episode 3 (as Yamada)
Episode 12 (as herself)

Game Debut

Blue Exorcist: The Phantom Labyrinth of Time

Japanese Voice

Rina Satō

English Voice

Wendee Lee

Shura Kirigakure Images

Shura Kirigakure (霧隠 シュラ Kirigakure Shura) is an Upper-First class Exorcist and Rin Okumura's mentor. She trained under the guidance of Shiro Fujimoto to obtain the title Meister as a Knight. She officially works as an Inspector for the Vatican, but has infiltrated True Cross Academy, first as a student under the name Yamada, and later as a teacher for the Exwires.


Shura's full body appearance

Shura’s full body

Shura has long and faded red dyed hair (which can appear as hot pink) with blonde ends that resemble flames which she keeps up in a high ponytail, purple eyes and full lips. She has a curvaceous figure with large breasts which Rin Okumura considers larger than Shiemi Moriyama's and, in the anime, Satan (while possessing Yukio Okumura) compares to rice-dumplings.[3] She has a marking on her chest and abdomen which act as the seal of her contract with Hachirotaro Okami. She is usually seen wearing a very revealing bikini top, along with shorts and sometimes with stockings as the bottom part of her outfit or also wearing a denim jacket. After she is assigned to become a teacher at the Exorcist Cram School, Shura starts wearing an unbuttoned school jacket and a tie. She also carries a license that states her name and position, as well as a key with a coat of arms on it, which symbolizes her position.

After the events of the Aomori arc, the seal on her chest is removed and her hair is cut short.


Drunk Shura

Shura when she is drunk

When she first appears as Yamada, Shura appears to be very quiet and socially-withdrawn, preferring to spend time playing on her PSP instead of paying attention to the lesson. She does not get along with the others, refusing to help them during the Ghoul incident[4]. In truth, this personality is just a facade- being an Exorcist already, there is no need for her to pay attention to lessons.

Shura has a rather laid-back personality and uses slang; such as using yer instead of your, you're, or you. She is also noted to be rather blunt, speaking freely about sensitive topics, as well as not being hesitant in pointing out others' flaws. Even with her superiors, she is not afraid to challenge them, which on a few occasions resulted in a physical conflict. Like Rin, she often slacks off, and would rather drink and let others do work. Nevertheless, she is a very competent Exorcist and, when needed, Shura can be serious and focused, as seen when she duels Amaimon and being able to depict the fact that Rin's flames take over him because of his fear.

Despite Shura's fierce loyalty to Shiro Fujimoto, she isn't above insulting him at times; this is shown when she casually calls him a coward for sacrificing his life to save Rin, something that immediately makes Rin angry as he takes any insult against his adopted father very seriously. She even contemplates killing Rin just for being connected to Satan, despite the promise she made to Shiro to mentor him, though she ultimately reconsiders after seeing Rin's resolve.

Shura seems to be rather self-conscious about her true age, as she states to everyone that she is 18, when Yukio has alluded to the fact that she is 26. The Aomori arc implies this is due to the curse that would kill her at 30; Shura's denial of her age was out of a fear of acknowledging that she only had a few years left.

After the incident in Aomori, she becomes more open about her feelings, such as threatening Mephisto should Rin and Yukio get hurt because of him, which surprises even her.[5]


Young Shura

Shura as a child

Seventeen years before the start of the series, Shiro Fujimoto saved a young Shura from a path of evil and took her as his apprentice.[6]

She eventually earned the title Meister as both a Knight and a Doctor some time within five years before the start of the series. Early in Rin's life, Shiro requested in their last meeting that if he were to die, she should teach Rin to wield the Demon slaying sword Kurikara, saying that no one knew more about Demon swords than she did. She stubbornly refused, lashing out that he was throwing away his life for the son of Satan. 


Exorcist Cram School Enrollment arc[]



Shura first appears disguised as a young man, named "Yamada", attending the Exorcist Cram School at the True Cross Academy. "Yamada" does not get along with the others, due to the fact that he keeps his face hidden under a hoodie and is always concerned with playing his PSP. When "Yamada" saves Rin Okumura from Amaimon, during their fight in the amusement park, she reveals her true identity as Shura Kirigakure, an Upper First Class Exorcist and an inspector for the Vatican.[7]

After revealing herself, Shura, escorted by Yukio Okumura, takes Rin to the True Cross Order Japanese Branch Headquarters, which is located beneath the True Cross Academy. They meet Mephisto Pheles and Shura questions him on why he withheld information about Satan's son from the Vatican. Shura then takes Rin into an interrogation room where she reveals that she was a student of Shiro's. She then fakes an injury in order to take Kurikara away from Rin. After seeing Rin's blue flames she draws her sword and explains that she was given orders to eliminate anything related to Satan and tells him that she is going to kill him. Just before she can stab him in the chest, Rin grabs her blade and states that he will become the Paladin to prove that Shiro was right for letting him live.[8]

Later on, that night Shura informs Mephisto that she will be postponing her report to the Vatican, but she will continue to observe Rin. As she is about to leave she asks Mephisto one more time what he is scheming and he tells her that he wants to bring peace to Assiah. The following day Shura introduces herself to the class at the Exorcist Cram School, where she will be teaching magic circles, sealing techniques, and sword techniques.[9]

Exorcist Candidate Live Combat arc[]

Shura warns Rin

Shura warns Rin

Shura, along with Yukio, takes the Exwires into the forest section of the True Cross Academy campus for a summer training camp. When they arrive at the campsite Shura supervises Izumo Kamiki and Shiemi Moriyama while they draw a protective circle around the camp and prepare dinner. After dinner Shura drunkenly attempts to help Yukio explain the contents of the training camp and throws an empty beer can at his head when he tries to tell everyone her real age. Before Rin goes into the forest, Shura stops him and tells him not to use his flames, and reminds him that she is still an inspector for the Vatican.[10]

Yukio and Shura see Rin's flames

Shura and Yukio see Rin's flames

Soon after the Exwires enter the forest Shura notices that, despite her warning, Rin has already used his flames, which causes Yukio to worry; however, Shura reassures him that it is so dark in the forest that anyone how saw his flames would have been too blinded by them to know what they were. While she is talking with Yukio she notices Mephisto and Amaimon lurking in the treetops.[11] Later on when Yukio wakes Shura up to tell her that is it past four in the morning, they both see a signal flare go off so Shura sends Yukio to go collect whoever set it off while she stays at the camp.[12] Shura later greets Shiemi, Rin, Konekomaru, Renzo, and Ryuji as they arrive back at camp with the lantern where Izumo and Nemu are already waiting.[13]

Shura fights Behemoth

Shura fights Behemoth

Suddenly, Amaimon attacks the camp with his familiar, Behemoth, but Shura quickly takes action and attacks Behemoth. She then calls to her own familiar to activate the barrier around the camp that repels Amaimon and Behemoth, as well as preventing them from entering again. Renzo then asks if this is part of the training camp and Shura responds by telling him that the training camp is over and that they need to prepare for Amaimon's attacks. She then dowses all the Exwires, except Rin, in holy water to protect them.[14] In private she gives Rin back Kurikara and tells him that the next time Amaimon attacks she wants him to leave with it, but Rin refuses to take it; she then tells him that he can't fight without his flames which convinces him to finally take his sword. While she is talking with Rin, Shiemi begins to wander off into the forest and as she does Shura notices a parasite from a Chuchi in Shiemi's neck. Amaimon appears and takes Shiemi causing Rin to chase after him while Shura fends off Behemoth, warning Rin that Amaimon will not go easy on him.[15] Shura later, with Yukio's help, leads the Exwires out of the forest while Rin continues to fight Amaimon.[16]

As Shura and the others leave the forest they are stopped by Arthur A. Angel, the current Paladin, who reminds Shura of the orders she was given form the Vatican. When Mephisto arrives with Rin, whom is still in his demon form, Arthur sarcastically asks Shura if she thinks the beast spouting blue flames looks related to Satan. Arthur then attempts to execute Rin but is stopped by Shura attacking him. Soon, however, Arthur has her restrained and asks her why she is protecting the spawn of Satan.[17] After receiving a call from the Grigori, Arthur takes Shura and Rin in as witnesses in Mephisto's Trial; Shura watches silently during the trial and after the trial she agrees to teach Rin how to use his sword.[18]

Shura challenges Yukio

Shura challenges Yukio

The following day Shura arrives late, in her pajamas, for Rin's first training session and informs Rin that she and Yukio are going to be a lot tougher on him now that they are his coaches. She then explains that for his first lesson Rin will be practicing controlling his flames using candles. As Rin practices with the candles Shura challenges Yukio to a game they used to play when they were younger. Their game ends in a draw due to Rin accidentally melting the batting cages that they were using. While Rin cleans up the mess Yukio receives a phone call informing him and Shura about a Coal Tar infestation, and they decide to go and bring Rin along with them.[19]

Kyoto Impure King arc[]

When Shura arrives at the scene of the occurring incident, with Rin and Yukio, Saburota Todo explains that the cause of the incident is the Left Eye of the Impure King being stolen.[20] Later Shura is with Mephisto, who announces that the entire incident was a distraction while the genuine Left Eye was stolen; Shura states that she has her familiar tracking the Left Eye, because she was suspicious of Todo.[21]

The following morning Shura goes to see Rin on top of a building, where he is training his flame control; Shura informs him that he will be going to Kyoto.[22] She then escorts Rin to a train and tells him to sit up front while she goes to check on things in another train car, where all of the Exwires are being vaccinated. As the train departs Shura explains the current situation and announces that their mission is to nurse the injured Exorcists at the Kyoto Branch and reinforce their weakened security. She then sits down and falls asleep, but is soon awoken by the Exwires arguing. She punishes them using Bariyons and warns them not to wake her up again.[23]

Shura thanks Torako

Shura thanks Torako

Upon arriving in Kyoto, Shura thanks Torako Suguro in advance for taking care of everyone from the Japan Branch for such a long time; she then tells Ryuji, Renzo, and Konekomaru to go say hello to their relatives, because this is the first time they have been home in a while. She instructs Rin, Shiemi, Izumo, and Nemu to go assist in the treating of patients.[24] Later that evening Ryuji asks Shura for permission to climb a mountain so he can go see his father, but she refuses to let him go claiming it would be irresponsible to let him climb a mountain after the sun has set. She then gives the Exwires bento boxes and juice pouches for dinner.[25] Later on Shura realizes that she accidentally gave them shochu with tonic water, an alcoholic beverage, instead of juice.[26]

Shura drags Rin

Shura drags Rin away

During breakfast the next morning, while Renzo and Rin are planning on inviting Shiemi and Izumo to the pool, Shura reminds Rin that he needs to be training and takes him to go begin training.[27] While training, as Rin is extinguishing a fire, Shura tells him to imagine lighting the candle with a "po" and then tells him to go clear his head for a bit. She then admits to herself that she isn't sure if he is making any progress.[28] After Rin finally lights the candles correctly Shura congratulates him and says that he is finally at the starting line of being able to manipulate his flames at will. They then see smoke coming from the Kyoto Branch Office and decide that they should hurry over there.[29] When they arrive they discover that Mamushi Hojo conspired with Todo to steal the Right Eye of the Impure King.[30]

Shura, with Rin by her side, watches as Ryuji confronts his father, Tatsuma Suguro, and ask him to tell the truth to everyone. Tatsuma replies that he cannot because it is a secret he wants to take to his grave; as he begins to walk away he is stopped by Rin and Shura is surprised, because she did not even notice that he moved. When Ryuji tells his father to leave and never come back Rin becomes enraged, and Shura has to break through a crowd of people to stop him. She subdues him by chanting a sutra and reminds him of the conditions he was given at the trial, but instead of listening Rin insults her so she knocks him out. After he passes out she asks for help quarantining him and, when asked, tells Yaozo Shima that she has an explanation of the events that just transpired. Sura then receives a phone call from Yukio and goes to meet him.[31]

When she arrives Yaozo announces that he is calling an urgent meeting since all of the people in charge are together. During the meeting, it is said that Mamushi Hojo and Todo most likely have both the Left and Right Eyes of the Impure King. No one knows what actually happens when the eyes are brought together, but according to legends of the Myōō Dharani they release a new extremely noxious miasma.[32] Shura states that their top priority should be to locate Mamushi and Todo. Yaozo informs her that they are following all possible leads right now, but they seem to have disappeared without a trace.[33]

Shura goes to check on Rin in his holding cell and asks him if he has calmed down yet. After making sure he is feeling alright, she hands him a letter that Tatsuma asked her to pass along. Neither Shura nor Rin can read the letter because of his handwriting, but Yukio can so they listen as he reads it aloud. Yukio stops reading for a second to talk about how amazing it is that Tatsuma met Shiro and that Kurikara previously belonged to Ryuji's family, but Shura tells him to hurry and finish reading.[34]

Giving Rin Kurikara

Shura gives Rin Kurikara

At the end of the letter Tatsuma requests that Rin use Kurikara to defeat the Impure King and while Yukio is skeptical, Shura states that the letter is addressed to Rin so he should decide what to do. Upon Rin saying that he wants to help Tatsuma, Shura brings forth Kurikara and says that he needs to try unsheathing it before he can be allowed to fight. Rin discovers that he cannot unsheathe the sword and Shura states that after going on a rampage earlier he has completely lost confidence in himself.[35] Shura finds the other Exwires and informs them that Rin has been given the death sentence because of his outburst earlier. She gives Kurikara and Tatsuma's letter to Ryuji and gives everyone camouflage ponchos so that they can save Rin.[36]

Shura goes to help

Shura goes to help

Shura decides against telling Yukio that she had the Exwires release Rin, figuring he is under enough stress already. She then asks Yaozo what the plan is and he tells her that they are going to summon Ucchusma, but they need at least ten upper-class tamers in order to summon it, so Shura offers to help.[37] As the miasma spreads, everyone, including Shura, is ordered to retreat. As Shura looks up she sees the true form of the Impure King.[38] Upon hearing that Ryuji and Rin are inside the barrier fighting the Impure King and that Shiemi and Izumo are trying to save Tatsuma, Shura rushes into the forest to go help everyone.[39] When she finally finds Rin and Ryuji inside the barrier, she tells Rin to go fight the Impure King while she protects Suguro because Rin is the only one who can defeat the Impure King.[40]

Later on, Shura meets with Yaozo and Mephisto to discuss Rin's situation regarding his execution; Yaozo says he will tell the Vatican everything that Rin did to help and then he leaves to go get some rest. Mephisto tells Shura that she should go get some rest as well, but instead, she stays and tries to get answers out of Mephisto, first by flirting with him and then by threatening him. When she leaves she tells Yukio that even if Rin were sentenced to death, Mephisto would protect him.[41]

Terror of the Kraken arc[]

Shura makes an announcement

Shura announces the target

The next day, just before leaving Kyoto, Shura entrusts the pursuit of Todo and the resolving of all loose ends to Yaozo. She then gets a phone call from Mephisto. After arriving at Kyoto station Shura announces that they are not going back to True Cross Academy and orders everyone to buy a swimsuit. When they make it to the beach, Shura explains that their target is a Kraken. While waiting for the Kraken to appear Shura relaxes on a towel and watches as the Exwires play in the water. Soon she hears the siren signaling that the Kraken has entered a 100km radius. She orders all Middle Second Class Exorcists and Exwires to get their flamethrowers ready but not to enter the water until the Kraken closes in. When the Kraken attacks an overhead helicopter, Shura watches as Rin, Shiemi, and Yukio get into boats and charge towards the Kraken. The Kraken sinks their boats, prompting Shura to call off the operation.[42]

Shura and a Kraken

Shura explains how to defeat a Kraken

Shura manages to contact Rin, Yukio, and Shiemi and finds out that they are on a small island that can be seen from the beach. She informs them that the Kraken will not go near the beach because of a Sea God that protects it and that there should be a shrine to the Sea God on the island; she tells them to call her when they find the shrine and then ends the call.[43] When they find the Sea God, Shura orders them to present tributes and pay homage to the Sea God so that it can fight the Kraken. She informs everyone on the beach of the current situation and tells them to be on stand-by.[44] Shura is enjoying a meal on the beach when the Kraken appears and she notices that the Sea God has also appeared. Using a megaphone she orders everyone to prepare for battle and gets ready herself by summoning her sword. Shura watches as the Sea God battles the Kraken, stating that it is a great war between monsters. When the Kraken is on the verge of death it multiplies itself causing everyone to panic, except Shura who tells everyone that the duplicates will disappear once the glabella of the real Kraken is struck.[45]

Academy Seven Wonders arc[]

Artificial Gehenna Gate

The Gehenna Gate

Shura bumps into Yukio and she tells him that a large number of demons are gathering at a waste research facility, but she is unsure if it is related to the demon eaters. Yukio tells her that over the past few days consultation requests for the True Cross Order have increased rapidly; Shura admits that she has a bad feeling about the current situation and tells Yukio to be careful. She then tells him to stop skipping his regular health check-ups.[46] Later on Shura is in Russia, at the waste research facility, with Arthur A. Angel and Lewin Light fighting a massive amount of demons, when she notices something that looks dangerous. Upon examination Lewin says that it is a Gehenna Gate.[47]

Mephisto states that the Gate cannot be closed

Mephisto states that the Gate cannot be closed

After Lewin informs everyone that the gate is artificially made, Shura notices that it is increasing in size. As Shura retreats, with the rest of the Angelic Legion, Lewin states that at least he knows who their enemy is.[48] Later on Shura witnesses Mephisto stop time around the Gehenna Gate in order to prevent it from spreading. Mephisto admits that his barrier will only last about 4-5 months. Shura listens as Lewin states that the Illuminati is behind the creation of the Gehenna Gate.[49] The following day, Shura finds Yukio and tells him that he has been summoned to the Vatican to give evidence on Todo. After making sure that he has been going to his medical check-ups, she leaves and says she is going to drop in on Rin. The next morning Shura picks Yukio up to bring him to the Vatican.[50]

A few days after the meeting at the Vatican, Shura teases Yukio about his feeling for Shiemi, which angers him. She then tells him to forget everything he saw and heard at the meeting; Yukio says he cannot do that and then, before leaving, states that Shura probably has other things to do. After Yukio leaves Shura confronts Mephisto, who was disguised as a cockroach on the wall the entire time. Mephisto warns Shura to stay out of his way and then he leaves as well.[51] Right before the festival begins Shura announces to a large group of Exorcists that the number of patrolling staff will be increased until the festival is over to account for a large number of tourists. She then orders them to break into groups. Over a headset Arthur asks her how her search for the spy in the Japanese Branch is going and, while she has not found them yet, he informs her that he and Lewin have found one of the spies in the Vatican.[52]

Find Izumo Kamiki

Shura gives the order to find Izumo

During the second night of the festival, Arthur informs Shura that the Illuminati's target is Izumo. Shura immediately gives the Exwires and Yukio orders to find her and says that she will explain all the details of the situation later; she also orders them to find Nemu as well as to consider this a secret task from the Vatican, keeping it hidden from Mephisto.[53] After being told by Yukio of a shock wave coming from the outlook square of the train station, Shura tells everyone to meet there as quickly as they can.[54] As she is on her way to the outlook, a Seraphim appears and begins transmitting Lucifer's voice; she listens as Lucifer introduces himself and declares war between his Illuminati and the True Cross Order. After Lucifer leaves the Seraphim all self-destruct, knocking Shura down and destroying the barriers protecting the academy.[55]

Shimane Illuminati arc[]

Exorcist Exam arc[]

Shura is reported missing. She is reported to have traveled to Lake Towada. Rin Okumura and Yukio Okumura are sent by Mephisto Pheles to retrieve her.

Aomori Hachirotaro arc[]

Shura is shown making her way through the snow and meets up with Hachirotaro Okami who had called her home after telling her that someone has been snooping around Lake Towada. Shura does not seem pleased with his welcoming and Hachiro quickly tells her that he is not lying. He explains that one of his long living comrades had died and that the Illuminati is responsible. Shura tells him that he needs protection and that she will drive them out. Hachiro laughs at her and tells her that he does not ask that of her and that she knows the true reason why she was called back, that she must keep her promise.[56]

Hachiro then reveals that the promise is that Shura must bear a child and that he will not wait any longer. Shura resists, saying that she will not, despite the blood contract with Hachiro but that she will help in other ways. Hachiro is seemingly angered by Shuras resistance and tells her that he has no choice but to take Fang from her, as it would be a fate worse than death for her.[57]

Blue Night Investigation arc[]

Lewin greets Shura after she's back from Aomori. He tells her that she did a good job, and that her hair is cute, which annoys her. She then says she has an appointment with Pheles and asks if Lewin does too, which he says is "something like that".[58] Shura later reports to Mephisto. He starts by saying he's happy she's alright, but she ignores that and deduces that he anticipated everything, to which he says even he is not that perfect. Mephisto is impressed that the Fang manages to keep its form even without Hachiro's power, but Shura says she needs to get demoted because is now is an empty shell without any magic. Mephisto says that many demons would want to possess her sword, and asks if he should make one possess it like he made Rin's heart inhabit Kurikara, but she says it's not time yet.[59]

Shura then asks if Mephisto found Hachiro, but he says it appears the Illuminati got him first. This surprises Shura as Hachiro was bound to an area, but Mephiles explains that Rin's flames weakened Hachiro, turning him into a low-level demon capable of crossing the seal. He continues by saying the order is searching for Hachiro, and the agents spotted an Illuminati helicopter leaving the area, and they were probably observing and waiting for a chance. Mephisto ordered the agents to follow them but their stealth technology hid them from the order's radars.[60]

Remembering that Renzo is working for the Illuminati, Shura asks if he's behind all of this, but Mephisto says he doesn't know since he is a double agent and has to work for them too. Shura points out that Mephisto doesn't seem worried, and asks if this is part of a big plan of his. As he doesn't reply, she screams at him saying Yukio is seriously hurt and Rin is using his flames more and more, then asking if that's also part of his plan. Mephisto teases her saying she doesn't hide her devotion to others anymore and tries to say the increase in her lifespan changed the way about her before being interrupted as Shura throws her sword right beside his face, causing a wound on his right cheek. Shura then tells Mephisto she honestly doesn't care about the Order or the world, but if anything happens to the twins, she'll impale his head the next time. Mephisto, recovered from the initial shock, says she's really changed. Shura then says she's surprised with her own feelings, but adds that a demon wouldn't understand.[5]

Blue Night Remembrance arc[]

Of One Cloth arc[]

Powers & Abilities[]


Shura is a powerful Upper First Exorcist and is noted to be an excellent wielder of the sword, especially demon swords. She fights using Kirigakure Ryū - Makengi (Kirigakure Style - Demon Blade Technique) with her Maken, Fang. After the defeat of Hachirotaro Okami, her sword lost its divine protection, functioning now as a common sword but thanks to Lightning, it was temporarily blessed by a General Frost because of its compatiblity with the water and air elements. Osceola Redarm said that it was transformed by the many years of cold air into an Iceblade. That is the reason it can bear the General Frost's Blessing. Now Shura can perform ice techniques.[61]

Kirigakure Ryū - Makengi (Kirigakure Style - Demon Blade Technique):[]

  • Serpent Fang: Shura launch projectiles made of air slices at the opponent.
  • Rattle: This technique causes the enemy to lose its demonic power, as used against Rin in the Great Cell. When the snakes pass over the enemy, the enemy loses its demonic power and traits like regeneration.
  • Snake Belly: This technique transforms Shura's Demon sword into a longer form with a wavy edge, much like the curves of a snake. In addition, the area near the tip of the blade gains an eye. This technique requires blood to be spread along the blade of the sword.[62]
  • Snake Lance: This technique is only used when Shura's sword is in its Snake Belly form. Slashing the sword through the air, it created a zigzagged wave in the air that flies forward, causing massive destruction to whatever it hits.[63]
  • Serpentine Scales: This technique creates a wall of ice in the shape of pointed scales thet sprout from the ground, blocking an enemy attack.


Shura is also noted to have a Meister as a Doctor, but she states that she is not a conventional doctor. It is unknown what she means by this.[64]


Shura is capable of suppressing Demons effectively by chanting mantras such as the 'Rokuji Myouou' which she uses to subdue Rin when he gets enraged during the Impure King incident.

  • Fire Enhancement: By reciting "On shuri shuri mamari mari shushuri sowaka," Shura can enhance fire to help summon Ucchusma[65] or to burn away miasma.[66]


Shura's familiar is a Naga, which she uses to create barriers and to track people or things.

Sealing: Shura has some talent in sealing, as she was able to seal Rin's Demon stage by chanting. Additionally, she is able to seal both Kurikara and her own blade in her abdomen and chest, respectively.

Spectral Awareness: As she is an Exorcist, Shura had to perform the Mashō Rite, thereby allowing her to see Demons.[67]


  • Her name in Japanese means carnage or fighting.
  • Though being an Exorcist affiliated with the Vatican, she states the she never once prayed to God.
  • Her pastimes and talents are foot massages, hot stone spas, and bothering animals.
  • Her breasts have been noted for there size and beauty by many characters, most notably Rin and Satan in the anime.
  • She gets 8 hours of sleep a night on average.
  • Her favorite genre of manga is romance.
  • Her favorite type of guy is a strong and collected one.
  • She is a descendant of the female ninja clan, Kirigakure.
  • Her tattoo (prior to its removal) contains the characters 俣遠呂, this is the middle section of Yamata no Orochi (八俣遠呂智) the legendary creature on which her abilities and her patron demon are based.



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