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Section 13

Section 13

Chief: Mephisto Pheles
Organization: True Cross Order
Specialty: Elixir and cloning research
Guardian: Mephisto Pheles

Section 13 was a restricted area deep within the Asylum at True Cross Academy. It was founded with the intention of prolonging the life of Lucifer through cloning and Elixir research.[1] However, it, along with Asylum, were destroyed during the Blue Night.



An archive consisting of all the the elixir and cloning research data.[2]

Delivery Room[]

Section 13 included a delivery room with multiple tables with stirrups.[3]

Lucifer's Chamber[]

A room contained behind a sealed blast door, it was a combination hospital room and cell to contain Lucifer's power.[4]

Medical Vats[]

One of the most prominent features of Section 13 is a chamber filled with multiple vats for the chemical treatment of clones created in the facility. Even after the Blue Night, some of these clones remained alive and attacked Lightning and Ryuji.[5][6]

Staff & Residents[]


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