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Satan's Heart Fortress

Satan's Heart Fortress

Chief: Lucifer
Assistant Chief: Homare Todo
Organization: Illuminati
Specialty: Corruption
Guardian: Satan

Satan's Heart Fortress is a structure that arose upon the destruction of Satan's physical body. By attempting to possess the land itself, a living fortress manifested.


At base, the land possessed by Satan drains human vitality and corrupts the earth around it.[1] A powerful curse means only the lowest level demons can fly through the air above the fortress, anything higher being destroyed.[2][3] Astaroth describes the fortress as being 'painfully full of his power'.[4]

Main Gate[]

The main gate to the fortress appears to be the primary ingress into the labyrinth section beyond, but in fact backs onto a vast abyss.[5] The walls of the gate are marked with L and R.[6] A trough leading to the gate from a grinder marked VL is meant to lead entrants to believe a sacrifice in blood is used to open the gate.[7] However, all of this twisted imagery is a diversion that leads to the true entrance hidden by Arabic numerals etched on the land near the gate.[8]

Outer Wall[]

The fortress is surrounded by a 500 meter tall wall that erupts in Blue Flames when climbed and forces entrants to take the large gate to make it inside.[9]


Three giant bridge-like structures support Satan's heart at the centre of the fortress. Extending from the outer wall to the middle of the fortress, each is topped with a flame-like monument that supports the central shell. If they are destroyed, it should cause the central structure to fall.[10]


Within the walls of the fortress surrounding the core is a labyrinth structure, though details are currently unknown.


The centre of the fortress consists of the shell containing Satan's heart. It is supported by six giant cables, two to each of the buttresses and above it floats stone bands in which the Illuminati make their base.[11] [12]



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