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Chapter 5



Shitappa Sararīman no Aishū

Translated Title

The Sorrow of the Underling Salaryman

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The Sorrow of the Underling Salaryman (下っ端サラリーマンの哀愁 Shitappa Sararīman no Aishū) is the 5th chapter of Kazue Katō's Salaryman Exorcist: The Sorrows of Yukio Okumura


In the midst of a teachers' gathering, Yukio inadvertently drinks some alcohol and blacks out. The next day he finds his colleagues acting strangely around him. When Shura gives him photographs from the previous night, he reveals to her his lack of memory from the evening. She apologises to him, leaving him more confused than before.

Looking at the photos, he finds that he had acted disorderly in his drunken state, even going so far as getting into an argument with his senior. When Rin tries to take a look, Yukio rejects him outright. A visitor arrives to break the tension between the brothers, only for Yukio to find it is Angeline-Sensei at the door. Handing Yukio more photos from the previous evening. Finding out that the pictures were from a teachers' gathering, this time Rin and Shiemi manage to look at the new set. It turns out that after having argued with Angeline-Sensei, other teachers began to argue with her also, but Yukio stepped into defend her. Thanking him for his gallant behaviour, Yukio is relieved to find out he is not fired, but Angeline-Sensei's new found affection for him presents other complications. Shura once again apologises for not being able to help Yukio avoid this situation.

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  • Teachers' Gathering

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