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SE Chapter 23
Chapter 23



Aiken Ganbō no Aishū

Translated Title

The Sorrows of the Desire to Own a Pet Dog

Issue Jump SQ. August 2015
Volume 2
Release Date

July 4, 2015

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The Sorrows of the Desire to Own a Pet Dog (愛犬願望の哀愁 Aiken Ganbō no Aishū) is the 23rd serialized chapter of Kazue Katō and Minoru Sasaki's Salaryman Exorcist: The Sorrows of Yukio Okumura.


Shura stumbles upon the Okumura brothers and asks them to look for a "demon". Shura shows them a picture of the said demon and a large dog is shown. The brothers reluctantly agree to the chase and head towards the dog's last sighted spot in the central school gardens.

While Yukio treats this as any other task, Rin fondly expresses his desire to own a dog and demands to walk the dog once they find it. They do end up encountering the dog only to find that it has a demonic behavior and will not follow them out of the gardens without a fight.

As they struggle to capture the dog, they realize the pains of dealing with a dog, as the dog bites Yukio's chest and Rin's right leg amidst the fight.

After the quarrel with the dog, the brothers successfully capture the dog and have it tied up to a wooden pole. As they carry the dog to its owner, they encounter street folk who stare at them weirdly for carrying the dog on a pole. They even pass a commoner walking his dog on a leash. "I'm also good with walking the dog," Rin exclaims in desperation, jealous of the passing dog-walker, for which Yukio is not the slightest convinced.

When they finally deliver the dog to its owner, they then find out that the dog is very obedient to him, suggesting that the Okumura brothers may not have been suitable dog owners, especially Rin.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

  1. Shura Kirigakure
  2. Yukio Okumura
  3. Rin Okumura
  4. Missing Dog
  5. Owner of Missing Dog

Demons in Order of Appearance[]

  • Missing Dog (described as a demon)

Battles & Events[]

  • The fight to capture the missing dog

Meister, Weapons and Abilities used[]

Meister used[]

  • None

Weapons used[]

  • None

Abilities used[]

  • None

Techniques used[]

  • None

Items used[]

  • Rope
  • Wooden pole


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