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Chapter 11



Okumura Kyōdai no Aishū

Translated Title

The Sorrow of the Okumura Brothers

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The Sorrow of the Okumura Brothers is the 11th chapter of Kazue Katō's Salaryman Exorcist: The Sorrows of Yukio Okumura


Passing a sushi restaurant, Rin thinks back on when Shiro Fujimoto took them to eat sushi together. Yukio remembers this also and recalls being told to eat as much as he likes and wonders if Rin thinks the same way. Rin on the other hand recalls being told he cannot eat abalone, sea urchin or salmon roe. The two decide to grab a supermarket sushi pack to eat.

While sitting in the waiting room, Rin is observed by an older Exorcist who comments on the amount of trouble he causes and the danger he represents. Yukio defends his brother, saying he is taking his training as an Exwire seriously, but as the two observe him, Rin starts playing on his phone and singing along to the background music. Fumbling for words to his senior, Yukio assures him that Rin puts in a lot of effort, but Rin then begins playing with exercise equipment left in the room, getting hit repeatedly by a stretch band. Feeling uncomfortable at Rin's childishness, the senior apologises for embarassing Yukio before hurrying off. Angered, Yukio goes to snatch the stretch band from Rin and whack him with it in retaliation.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Demons in Order of Appearance[]

  • None

Battles & Events[]

  • Rin and Yukio reminisce about their younger years.
  • Rin embarasses Yukio in front of his senior.

Meister, Weapons and Abilities used[]

Meister used[]

  • None

Weapons used[]

  • None

Abilities used[]

  • None

Techniques used[]

  • None

Items used[]

  • Handheld Game
  • Exercise equipment


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