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SQ.19 One Shot Cover

SQ.19 読切版


SQ.19 Yomikiriban

Translated Title

SQ.19 One Shot Edition

Issue Jump SQ.19 vol.7
Volume 1
Release Date

April 19, 2013

Chapter 1
Volumes and Chapters
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SQ.19 One Shot Edition (SQ.19 読切版 SQ.19 Yomikiriban) is the first chapter of Kazue Katō and Minoru Sasaki's Salaryman Exorcist: The Sorrows of Yukio Okumura ever published. As a one shot, it was originally released in Jump SQ.19, Volume 7. It was later re-published in the first volume of the series as a bonus chapter.


Yukio Okumura introduces himself as both a highschool student and intermediate Exorcist at True Cross Academy. While he completes all his work on time, he has one headache, his older brother, Rin Okumura. When girls from his class wish to have lunch, Rin embarasses Yukio in front of them by talking about going to the toilet, forcing Yukio, who needed to go to hold it. Suddenly, a student is at risk of falling from the school building. While Rin jumps into action, the desperate Yukio moves even faster, diving out the window after the endangered student. Meanwhile, on a lower floor, Mephisto accidentally mixes several chemicals in the science lab, causing an explosion. Startled by the blast, Yukio runs off after saving the girl to use the toilet. Coming back, Yukio scowls due to his brother once again causing issues.

In the short solo adventures, Ryuji's memory skills backfire as after ending up in a shadier part of town, Renzo points out a shop called "Grabbing is okay". Later, when relaying this to Rin, he misremembers the name, only for Suguro to correct him, much to Konekomaru's dismay. When the wind blows up Izumo's skirt, Renzo comments on the cute polka dot pattern only for Suguro to once again correct him, stating they were candy patterned, once again leading Konekomaru to despair.

When Shura is invited out with the female teachers, she finds herself out of her depth as the others order things like soy milk latte and avocado salad. Yunokawa passes by and invites her for a drink where she immediately goes for Omasum Sashimi.

Finally, whilst sitting in class, Izumo sees Nee staring at her from within Shiemi's hair. Whilst watching him play around, Izumo denies finding Nee cute, only for the tiny Greenman to disappear into Shiemi's hair, hidden from sight. Izumo laments that Nee did this seemingly just to invite her interest before hiding.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Demons in Order of Appearance[]

  1. Greenman

Battles & Events[]

  • Student falling from the School
  • Mephisto causes a Science Lab explosion
  • Suguro's memory skills backfire
  • Shura goes out with colleagues
  • Nee teases Izumo.

Meister, Weapons and Abilities used[]

Meister used[]

  • None

Weapons used[]

  • None

Abilities used[]

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Techniques used[]

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Items used[]


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