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Manga Debut

Chapter 1

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Episode 1

Japanese Voice

Kentarō Itō

English Voice

Derek Stephen Prince

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The Rot Demon is a lower level demon. In a bid to return Rin Okumura back to Gehenna, he possessed Reiji Shiratori, the leader of a delinquent gang.


Minor form

The demon's minor form

This demon looks like a possessed human with the additional features of goat-like spiral horns, longer and sharper black nails, canine like teeth, red bloodshot eyes, a demon tail, constant smaller demons surrounding him, and a longer tongue. In his minor form, he possesses a fatal verse which can disperse him.

"Evil is in their hearts, 'Oh Lord,
Give them according to their works, and according to the wickedness of their endeavors,
Give them after the work of their hands, render onto them to their reward.
Thou shalt destroy them and shall not build them up.
Blessed be the Lord.
The Lord is my helper, and my protector.
Thou shalt perish!"

It appears to be a variant on Psalm 28[1] starting on 28:3. While it does exorcise the demon in the manga[2], it only serves as a temporary reprieve in the anime, as the demon quickly retakes his hold on Shiratori.[3]

The demon's Major form

Major form

In his full form, his appearance becomes much likely a stereotypical Demon (with goat like characteristics like having rounded horns and standing on two goat-like lower limbs). He becomes bigger, his skin turns a dark red/brown colour, possesses claws, his horns become much bigger, his eyes turn completely red, dark markings around his eyes, forehead, cheeks and neck, and his teeth become battered. This form only appears in the anime. This form has a separate fatal verse from the minor form.

"O Lord, bind a millstone around its neck so that it shall never again rise from the depths of the Leviathan!

Chain it in darkness eternal, where it will not hear nor see!"

This one appears to be taken from Matthew 18:5-7. Even when enacted though, other precautions must be made afterward to ensure that Reiji Shiratori does not become possessed again.[4]


A true demon, he is extremely violent and sadistic, being willing to bully and hit his companions and threatening to badly injure a defenseless Rin.

However, he is much more controlled when discussing Satan, whom he loyally serves and worships, calling him "Lord Satan" (English dub) or "Satan-sama" (Japanese Dub). Discovering Rin's flames makes him effectuate a full-blown change of behavior towards the teen, whom he starts to call "young lord" and treat with reverence, as befits the son of Gehenna's god.



True Cross Academy arc

Possessing the student Reiji Shiratori, the demon appears to Rin and goads the young man into a fight. His companions (who are unaware of Reiji's possession) immobilize and suppress Rin. Despite his companions’ uneasiness, the Demon-possessed boy draws a knife and threatens to mutilate Rin's face.

The demon tries to persuade Rin to come to Gehenna

Fearing for his life, Rin subconsciously releases an aura of blue flames for the first time, proving to the Demon that he was the son of Satan whom he sought. However, before he is able to bring the son of Satan back to Gehenna, Father Fujimoto appears and swiftly defeats the Demon via a chant, thus freeing Reiji from the possession.

In the anime, the Demon introduces himself as Astaroth, the King of Rot. After his quick defeat at the hands of Rin’s foster father, the demon manages to repossess the body of Reiji, leading to a second engagement, this time inside the church. Despite the use of his "major" form, the second battle also fails to go in his favour. After a brief skirmish with the Paladin, Rin and several other Exorcist that resided in the church, he is once again banished from Reiji Shiratori’s body.

Powers & Abilities

He is a powerful Demon capable of possessing humans and has shown control over Coal Tars, Ghouls, and demonic mushrooms. He has shown extreme power and durability by being run over by a truck, surviving, and punching the driver against a wall.


  • The demon that possesses Reiji Shiratori is never given a name or identified in the manga, but is referred to as Astaroth the Demon King of Rot in the anime.



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