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Renzo Shima PP
Renzo Shima

志摩 廉造


Shima Renzō




Male Male


15—16 (at the beginning)
18 (Ch. 139)


176 cm (5'9")


63 kg (139 lbs.)


July 4th

Hair Color

Black (dyed Pink)

Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Status

True Cross Order
Myōō Dharani
Illuminati (double agent)



Base of Operations

Dominus Liminis
Far East Laboratory (former)

Exorcist Information



Aria (former)



Personal Status



Yaozo Shima (Father)
Ryo Shima (Mother)
Takezo Shima (Elder brother) †
Jun Shima (Sister)
Juzo Shima (Brother)
Gozo Shima (Brother)
Kinzo Shima (Brother)
Yumi Shima (Sister)
Mamushi Hojo (Sister-in-law)
Rokusuke (Brother-in-law)
Ten (Niece)
Kensuke (Nephew)

Manga Debut

Chapter 2

Anime Debut

Episode 3

Game Debut

Blue Exorcist: The Phantom Labyrinth of Time

Japanese Voice

Kōji Yusa

English Voice

Brian Beacock
Lauren Landa (child)

Renzo Shima Images

Renzo Shima (志摩 廉造 Shima Renzō) is a very carefree Exwire and childhood friend to Ryuji Suguro and Konekomaru Miwa. He is a double agent for the Illuminati and the True Cross Order.


Renzo has natural black hair, which he dyed pink. In the anime he has typically been seen with a open white button-up layered over a t-shirt as part of his school uniform, as well as the True Cross Academy blazer. He seems to take his uniform a little more casually. In the manga however, he has been depicted with the True Cross Academy's dark sweater vest, a white long-sleeved collared shirt, and an undershirt. Later on in the Manga he wears the Illuminati uniform with the jacket opened and his staff strapped to his back. Renzo typically carries around a K'rik, which two of his brothers also have. He bears a scar near his left eyebrow.


When Renzo sees bugs

Renzo's fear of bugs

Shima is the most carefree character out of all the other Exwires and it's shown that he doesn't act as serious as the other Exorcists in serious situations, but yet has a fear of many things, mainly bugs; in fact, the Training Camp arc had him freaking out due to the large swarms of chuchi. He is shown to be very ticklish, often laughing at trivial things like when Rin points out that he, Konekomaru and Ryuji are always together.

Shima's very friendly and is one of the first people who befriended Rin after finding out he was Satan's son, saying that he didn't care about it since Rin was a good person. Though he grew up in the same "cursed" temple as Ryuji and Konekomaru did, he doesn't have the same goal as Ryuji or seem to be that interested in its business. He refers to everyone, even his teachers, casually, and even teases them. He is the 5th and youngest son of his family, and tells Konekomaru he's glad of this because it means he has less responsibilities, unlike Konekomaru who's the eldest. This shows that he isn't willing to take on his responsibilities and prefers to be carefree.

He is also a shameless pervert, being perfectly comfortable with buying dirty magazines even when a girl is the cashier. Renzo loves women and has a big obsession over them. He constantly acts perverted towards Izumo and Shiemi, although he seems to have a genuine attraction to Izumo. In the anime, he will only predict fortunes for girls. It has been explained that his current behavior is actually quite restrained from how he acted as a child; according to Suguro, Shima used to run around with panties on his head completely naked. This earned him the nickname "Erotic Demon".

He plans to become a meister in Aria. However, Konekomaru thinks he is best suited to be a Knight and is wasting his talent by just lazing around all the time. He refers to himself as "The Epitome of Cool".


Renzo, along with Ryuji Suguro and Konekomaru Miwa, were born in the same temple. Growing up, the three were childhood friends. When Renzo and Ryuji were younger, Renzo's eldest brother, Takezo Shima, died protecting them during the Blue Night.

At some point, Yaozo Shima passed on his K'rik to Renzo,[2] and the trio decided to attend the True Cross Academy to become Exorcists.

Renzo became a spy for the Illuminati just before his admission into the True Cross Academy, claiming that his hatred for the people in his life and their expectations drove him.[3]

Mephisto Pheles approached Yaozo about wanting Renzo to become a spy for the order, within the Illuminati. Renzo was caught and admitted to listening in on their conversation from the start, without even Mephisto being aware that he was there. Mephisto told Yaozo that clearly, being a spy was Renzo's true calling. Renzo said that he thought so too, and Yaozo was quick to chastise him. Renzo then told him that he was being serious and wanted to see how far he would be able to go with his powers. Yaozo asked if he was prepared to deceive the people he was closest to in order to do so, and Renzo responded that it was the main selling point.[4]


Exorcist Cram School Enrollment arc

Renzo first appears when Rin Okumura joined True Cross Academy. His second appearance was when he and his classmates faced punishment due to Izumo Kamiki and Ryuji fighting. When the lights went out in the punishment room, Renzo, being rather "happy-go-lucky", he said that it was a test of courage and checked outside the window to see if other houses had a black-out. But instead, he met with Igor Neuhaus' Demon. Luckily, Renzo ducks out of the way before the Demon launches an attack. To defend himself and the other Exwires, Renzo attacks with his K'rik, though it does little to none damage.

Kamiki and Shima

Renzo and Izumo look for the ghost

When trying to catch a baby ghost in Mepphy Land, Renzo was teamed up with Izumo.

Exorcist Candidate Live Combat arc

Renzo and Rin clash

Renzo and Rin clash

Renzo is revealed to have Entomophobia when he is participating in the Training Camp test. Renzo clashes into Rin after thinking he is an enemy.

After receiving Konekomaru's text saying that the task is impossible to accomplish by himself, Renzo and the others go to find him, deciding to complete the mission together.

While trying to return the Peg Lantern to the campsite, they come to a bridge. Renzo, with his Entomophobia, notices that there is a swamp of bugs below. With this sight, he announces that he is about to wet himself.

Ojou Shimasu

Renzo tries to keep his cool in front of the bugs

In the "Ryuji Suguro Formation," Renzo is told to piggyback Shiemi across the bug swamp so that the Peg Lantern could go across independently, chasing the female. Despite his love for young girls, Renzo still refuses with an ojou shimasu ("I will die," in Buddhist terms), making Rin have to get the lantern cart across while also carrying Shiemi.

Back at the campsite, when Amaimon hypnotizes Shiemi, Renzo and the others follow after Rin to fight Amaimon. While Konekomaru intends on firing a firecracker for help, his hand slips and the firecracker hits Amaimon's horn, which puffs up like broccoli. Renzo ridicules it, for which Amaimon immediately attacks him.

Kyoto Impure King arc

Renzo talks with Konekomaru and Ryuji about being unable to get in touch with any of their family or friends back home in Kyoto. Then, Mephisto Pheles arrives to congratulate them on earning the ability to go on a mission and that their first would be in Kyoto.[5] Later, he boards the train bound for Kyoto along with Konekomaru and Ryuji and the three of them sit behind Rin.[6] Shura then briefs the team on the current situation.[7] After Ryoji has an outburst toward Izumo, the entire team is subjected to Bariyon punishment.[8] Renzo comments that the last time this happened it was also due to an argument between the two. Suddenly, one of the Bariyons transforms and begins to crush Shiemi. Renzo tries to help lift it and break it with his K'rik, but fails at both. After Rin destrys the bariyon with his flames, the seats in the car catch fire and Renzo freaks out, wanting to call the Exorcists in. Izumo, however, puts out the fire after summoning Ukemochi.[9]

After an argument breaks out between Rin and Ryuji which is quelled by Shura,[10] the team arrives in Kyoto. As they near the location where they will be staying at while in Kyoto, Renzo comments that the atmosphere is heavy. Upon arrival, many inside recognize Ryuji, which brings great confusion to Rin, Izumo and Shiemi.[11] Renzo laughs as Torako Suguro grills her son over dying his hair. Renzo and Konekomaru greet her, and Torako formally introduces herself to the other Exwires.[12] The team goes their separate ways; Torako taking Ryuji, Konekomaru, and Renzo to see Yaozo Shima. The three of them are shocked to see him in his current state, but Torako assures them everything will be alright. Yaozo freaks out about Renzo dying his hair. Ryuji asks where his father is, but no one knows his current whereabouts.[13]

Later, Renzo, Ryuji, and Konekomaru intervene to stop a fight that broke out between Renzo's brothers and the Hojo sisters.[14] Renzo begins to complain about being worked all day just as Torako has another task for them to do, to carry meals to the guard room at the branch office. Rin ends up taking them all by himself.[15] Eventually, everyone is released from their duties for the evening. Renzo ends up eating with Rin, during which Rin reveals to Renzo that he thinks he is very uncool. Renzo tells him he is horrible, before admitting his trying to avoid Rin at all costs has not worked and that he gives up trying to avoid him.[16]

The next day, Renzo asks Rin if he got back to his room ok, before getting attacked by his older brother, Kinzo Shima. Along with Juzo Shima, Kinzo joins Renzo and the others for breakfast. After Shura collects Rin, Konekomaru confronts Renzo about his getting close to Rin. Renzo tells him the Rin is a good guy and hes sure that Konekomaru is aware of that.[17]

Later, Renzo barges in on Shiemi and Izumo, telling them that Ryuji has been injured and asks for their help. Afterward, Ryuji explains the situation to everyone and tells them that Rin has been detained.[18] Later Renzo, Konekomaru and Ryuji listen to Mamushi Hojo's explanation on how the Impure King was revived. They are all then pulled aside by Shura and given the task to save Rin from his imprisonment. They don their disguises and then head to where Rin is being held.[19] After Rin breaks out, everyone makers up with Rin before they embark on their mission to defeat the Impure King.[20]

Upon sighting the Impure King, Renzo seems to be quite disgusted.[21] Eventually the group happens upon Tatsuma Suguro whom is heavily wounded. Renzo stands by with the others, as Tatsuma tells them how to defeat the Impure King. Karura is then transferred to Ryuji as Tatsuma is too weak to wield his power effectively to defeat the Impure King. After Tatsuma loses consciousness from blood loss and Ryuji makes his intent known, Renzo tells him he has kept his mouth shut for a long time and that he is going to get himself killed. Rin says not to worry, that he will protect him. Konekomaru then runs off and Renzo chases after him.[22]

Konekomaru tells Renzo if he wants to go back, then he should go as the pair run through the forest. Eventually, their path is blocked by part of the Impure King and Konekomaru says he knows no other way back to the temple.[23] Renzo and Konekomaru contemplate their next move after being barricaded by the Impure King. Renzo joins Konekomaru who is perched in a tree. He tells him they should just run as it would be suicide for them to continue forward with just the two of them. Konekomaru tells him he could never run as he would never be able to face the rest of the Myōō Dharani if he did. Renzo says that he is sick of all the obligations and if Konekomaru will not go with him, he shall go by himself. Konekomaru calls him a coward and Renzo then has a flash back to his childhood. He returns to back up Konekmaru and notices that Ucchusma has been summoned, and its flame now occupies his K'rik.[24]

An exhausted Renzo and Konekomaru emerge from the forest and inform Yaozo that Ryuji is the one holding up the barrier, containing the miasma. They also tell everyone where Tatsuma is. Shura complements them before leaving to back up Rin and Ryuji.[25] When Ryuji passes out and the barrier drops, Renzo and Konekomaru begin to greatly worry that something bad has happened to him and that the miasma will reach the city. Yaozo tells them that there is still time, due ot the rain helping to slow the miasma's spread. [26]

As the flames begin to purge away the Impure King, Renzo, Konekomaru and everyone else with them begin to hastily make their way towards Rin and Ryuji. Once they arrive to see that they are ok, Renzo tells Rin that the bacteria being burned away by the flames was an odd experience. Konekomaru begins to cry and asks Rin to forgive him. Renzo tells him not to be so hard on himself and tells Ryuji he thought that he would be dead. Ryuji tells him he was sorry for making them worry.[27]

Later, Renzo begins to laugh at Rin over Shiemis confession of friendship. He then tells everyone present that they have the day off tomorrow.[28] Afterwards, Renzo finds out about his brother Juzo marrying Mamushi. He then groups up with the rest of the Exwires and Yukio and the go on a sight seeing trip throughout Kyoto which culminates at Kyoto Tower. They then take a group photo at Rins request.[29]

Terror of the Kraken arc

Renzo travels with the rest of the Exwires to Atami Sunrise Beach, tasked with assisting in exorcising a Kraken that has appeared in the area. Renzo seems to be mostly relaxed as he ogles the girls while they await the Kraken's arrival at the beach.[30] Once the Kraken arrives and is severely wounded by Wadatsumi and begins to produce numerous copies of itself, Renzo takes up a Flamethrower along with the rest of the Exwires and assists in repelling the copies of the Kraken.[31]

Academy Seven Wonders arc

Renzo works with the other Exwires on their given task to unravel the seven mysteries of True Cross Academy.[32] Afterwards and with the knowledge that the student dance requires students to be in a couple, Renzo convinces Rin to work with him in trying to ask Female students to accompany them to the dance. This venture proves to be futile in the end however.[33] Later, when Nemu Takara seemingly confronts Izumo, Renzo rushes to her aid. He calls forth Yamantaka and battles with Nemu, ultimately defeating him.

As Nemu stirs, Izumo goes to find help and Renzo knocks her out with a careful attack and then reveals himself to be the Illuminati spy. Lucifer and his guard then arrive to declare war against the True Cross Order and take possession of Izumo. Renzo leaves with them aboard the helicopter they arrived in and and promptly passes out from the stress of summoning Yamantaka.[34][35]

Shimane Illuminati arc

Renzo is awoken by the Homare Todo. He asks where they are and she reveals they are at the Far East Laboratory. He is then told that outside of Yamantaka, he is virtually useless to them. He then asks about Izumo, to which it is revealed that she is in confinement, somewhere else within the laboratory.[36] Later, he visits Izumo just as she wakes up.[37] As Michael Gedōin and the others leave, Renzo warns Izumo that the room has charms against Demons so she will not be able to summon her familiars. Izumo then asks him if he is doing this willingly, to which he asks Homare Todo if he can stay to chat. She warns him that they are being recorded before leaving.[38]

Izumo asks him how long he had been with the Illuminati, to which he reveals to be shortly before enrolling at True Cross Academy. She asks him why to which he replies that he hated everything about the Myōō Dharani. Izumo slaps him which surprises him. He comments that he thought they were alike, before giving her the doll Tsukumo Kamiki held dear before leaving. Upon exiting the room, Gunnan and Gunnar Lundström taunt him.[39] Later, Renzo is seen with the team escorting Izumo so that she may undergo an examination. She starts laughing and tells Renzo, that no matter what happens with the experiment, that she will die as result.[40]

After she breaks free and summons Ukemochi and Miketsu, Renzo chases after her.[41] Eventually cutting Izumo off, he uses Yamantaka, causing Uke and Mike to back down and blocks Izumo's escape.[42] He tells her that Yamantaka can destroy beings from Gehenna and that she should stop fighting and go back to the exam room. Izumo refuses and engages him in combat. She tackles him, but he overpowers her, but just before knocking her unconscious again, Uke and Mike intervene causing him to back down for a moment. Renzo then uses Yamantaka to seemingly destroy Uke and Mike. He apologizes to Izumo just as she is recaptured and also to Lund and Strom, before falling unconscious.[43] Later, Renzo meets with Lucifer, who asks his opinion on who would stand the best chance against Rin, before his body began to degrade. Then he observes as the others begin to fight the Chimera Zombies.[44]

Konekomaru spots Renzo observing the battle after he escapes from the containment cell. Renzo begins to question Michael's methods, who promptly tells him to be quiet. He then decides to go with the flow so he will not make any waves.[45] Konekomaru calls out to Renzo, who continues to observe silently.[46] Renzo then begins to question Michael's methods once more. This angers Michael, who promptly tells Renzo to go help escort Izumo to the panopticon, muttering that he should go die too, as he complies with the order.[47] Renzo later arrives to assist in the escort of Izumo across the bridge. The others see this, and Rin rushes in to attack in an attempt to save her. Renzo blocks his attack and the two engage in battle for a short time until Rin punches him in the face.[48]

After recovering from Rin's attack, Renzo then summons Yamantaka and resumes his attack.[49] Their fight takes them down into a lower level of the facility as the giant Chimera Zombie follows them, drawn by Rin's flames according to Renzo. Rin asks him if he really is Renzo, refusing to believe that he would do something like this. Renzo responds that it is indeed really him. Rin starts to ask then about Konekomaru and Ryuji before the giant Chimera Zombie engulfs him.[50] After Rin enrages and breaks into the lab where the experiment is taking place to save Izumo, Gedōin frantically calls for Renzo to contact Homare to send guards to stop Rin. Renzo is then told by someone else on the radio to ignore him.[51]

After Michael's defeat, Renzo comments about the others being amazing as he collects Michael in his unconscious state. He then says that they are enemies now and should not be praising them as such and that it is time for him to leave. Ryuji yells at him to stop and asks if it is his fault, to which Renzo says that it is not, but that it is his before bidding the team well and taking his leave with Micahel in tow.[52] Later, Renzo is aboard the Dominus Liminis and quietly observes as Lucifer chastises and then eliminates Michael for his actions. As Lucifer's body once again starts to degrade, Homare shouts that all present recite the Illuminati oath, to which Renzo fully complies.[53]

Exorcist Exam arc

Renzo suddenly walks into the Cram School classroom, garnering confused and bewildered looks from everyone. Yukio then takes attendance and begins class, with Renzo being utterly confused why no one is saying anything about his return. Ryuji grabs him by his shirt collar angrily before hugging him, asking him just how worried did he plan on making everyone and if he wants forgiveness from that he needs to make his feelings known right this instant. Izumo chimes in that he made it look like he killed Uke and Mike but yet they were ok and asks for him to tell them his reasons. He says he is going through his second rebellious phase and then suddenly Ryuji headbutts him and then punches him into the air. Izumo summons Uke and Mike and has them attack him. He falls to the ground and Konekomaru hits him with a broom. He asks them to stop or he will really die, which is when Rin offers to help him and tells him to take off all his clothes except for his underwear. With Renzo confused, Rin then burns Renzo's clothes off down to his underwear. Renzo begs Shiemi to help him, but she slams her fists into the top of his head. Renzo collapses onto the ground unconscious, and Mephisto appears asking everyone to stop bullying him.[54]

Mephisto teleports everyone to his office, where Lewin Light awaits them. Lewin reveals that he is there to determine if Renzo is trustworthy, by asking all of his classmates. He first asks Renzo why he came back. Renzo explains he was told to do so.[55] Lewin asks the gathered classmates if Renzo is someone they can trust, to which Rin says they cannot but diverts suspicion to Mephisto, even calling him by his true name, which is quickly dismissed as common knowledge. Izumo then say she thanks him for keeping her sister safe, but why she was never told by Mephisto as such. She then points the finger back at Renzo because he was enrolled in the school by Saburota Todo so he must have known he was a traitor. Mephisto says that he knew he was himself and he admits it caused people to die. Yukio then question Mephisto on why he chose to spare Rin's life in the first place and raise him.[56]

Mephisto then reveals that they are all part of his grand plan and he will not allow a single move to fail. Rin then gets angry and confronts him. Mephisto says it is all being done so they can defeat Lucifer and implies they are no more than worm like beings and issues a challenge to Rin. Lewin then steps in the calm the situation and asks everyone if it is true that they have no trust in Renzo, to which they all reply that they do. He then takes his leave. Afterwards, Mephisto teleports everyone but Yukio and Renzo out of his office.[57]

He says to Renzo that they will continue to confront him because him keeping his distance hurts them and asks if he thinks so too. Renzo replies that he does and that is one thing he knows best. Mephisto then releases the two. Upon exiting the mansion, Renzo then asks if Yukio saw Lucifer.[58] Yukio asks him what all this is about, and then Renzo conveys a message from Lucifer to Yukio.[59] Yukio begins to daydream about his encounter with Lucifer before Renzo snaps him out of it. Yukio tells Renzo to tell Lucifer that he does not need saving. Before Renzo takes him leave Yukio asks him if he is on their side. Renzo says of course he is and tells him that he should be talking to someone else about this situation too before leaving saying there is nothing more he can do.[60]

Later, Renzo is shown getting up early and going for what seems to be a run. He encounters Ryuji along the way who finds it strange. Renzo tells him its so he can put on some muscle and asks why Ryuji is out so early and he says he always does this. Ryuji continues on his way but not before Renzo thanks him for believing in him. Ryuji seemingly gets angry and then sprints off. Renzo speeds after him and tells him that he wants to continue being a spy as he has a gift for it. Ryuji asks him if it is fun and Renzo say that it is. Ryuji then says he does not believe him, that he found his calling but wishes him luck. Renzo continues on to an overpass and talks with someone in the shadows about telling Yukio about Lucifers offer. He is told to keep pressuring him before speeding away from his contact.[61]

On the way into the bathhouse, Ryuji asks Renzo if he had talked to Konekomaru properly yet. He explains that he has and then asks to be left alone for awhile.[62] Later inside the baths, Konekomaru calls out to Renzo whom is quick to remind him that he wants to be left alone. Ryuji says he is acting strange and asks him what is wrong. Renzo then goes on a tirade, saying they are the ones that are strange and hes the only honest one there. Ryuji says he clearly has something he needs to get off of his chest and tells him to do so. He then says next to them in the other bath, Izumo, Shiemi, and Shura are naked. Ryuji is confused by his ranting, but before long Renzo tries to scale the wall separating the baths. Rin does a flying kick and knocks Renzo back to the ground. He questions Rin as to why he stopped him and Rin reveals that it would be awkward and Shura would probably try to kill him. He then says truthfully he wants to see Shiemi naked. Renzo seems surprised, asking if they share the same feelings, which angers Rin, him saying to to lump him in with him. Renzo then begins to try to dig a hole through the wall and Rin attacks him. Before long, Ryuji exorcises the Three Wise Monkeys and everyone returns to normal, but not before part of the wall breaks open, with an angry Shura on the other side. As the group apologizes for the damage, Renzo lays unconscious on a bench.[63]

Renzo gathers with the other Exwires to watch the proceedings of the faculty meeting.[64] Mephisto announces that the Exorcist exam has been greatly moved up due to the vast increase in demon activity, suspected to be caused by the Illuminati. Everyone turns and looks at Renzo after this announcement and he is fast to dismiss that he is involved.[65] Later, when Lewin makes his entrance, Renzo seems less than thrilled.[66] Later, Renzo seemingly cannot believe that Ryuji literally begged Lewin to let him become his disciple, but soon realizes that Ryuji is being completely serious.[67] Then, when Lewin comes to the Exwires to ask for volunteers to help organize his room, Ryuji jumps at the chance and Renzo once again looks quite surprised.[68]

Renzo, Rin and Konekomaru call Ryuji and ask if he wants to go with them to have Monjayaki. Ryuji turns them down saying he is busy helping Lewin. Renzo comments that it is like he is Lewin's manager now.[69] Later, Renzo and the others study scriptures over Monjayaki. Renzo comments that it would be nice to have Ryuji around to help. Konekomaru tells him to stop being so hung up on it and that they cannot rely on Ryuji all the time. He then explains a phone app that he wants to develop to help in fighting demons. Renzo comments that it seems everyone is moving down their own paths now, and that he will have to learn to accept that. Suddenly, Ryuji joins them and they do not waste time in seeking his help.[70]

Aomori Hachirotaro arc

Renzo is assigned to the reinforcement unit tasked with helping to retrieve Shura from Aomori as part of his Knight training. He suddenly appears as Rin and Yukio begin to fight Hachirotaro Okami after he takes on his true form and captures Shura. He explains that the rest of the reinforcements are delayed because of the blizzard. Rin asks for his help in rescuing Shura. He agrees as he knows the reinforcements would take to long to get there to be of any help. Rin warns him of Hachiro's hypnotic power before leaping off to attack him and subsequently falling yet again for Hachiro's hypnotic attack.[71]

Rins flames prove not to be strong enough to overcome Hachiro's regenerative abilities so by Yukios orders, Renzo summons Yamantaka to sever the tongues holding Shura. Everything seemingly is going well until Renzo is caught off guard and is knocked away by an unseen tendril.[72]

Later, Renzo talks on the phone with an unknown person. He tells them he got knocked away and knocked out and that he thinks Rin is responsible for the blizzard being gone.[73] Just as he hangs up from talking to the unknown party on the phone, he finally finds Rin and Yukio. Rin happily asks him if he is all right to which he replies that he thinks he is. He then asks about what happened to Hachiro and is surprised to learn that Rin and the others let him get away. Rin tells him that the order will find him and keep any eye and him, and that he is small now. Renzo is seemingly happy to hear that he will be hard to find and then quickly changes subjects and asks where Shura is. Turning around, Renzo is surprised to see Shura with short hair and he wastes no time in asking Rin and Yukio about what happened. Yukio tells him to give her some time as a lot has happened and that she is probably in a state of shock. [74]

Renzo seems surprised at how lively Shura is after everything she had just endured when she exclaims what a relief everything has been. She then teases Yukio and Rin before giving both a heartfelt hug and thanks for everything they did. [75] Renzo exclaims that its not fair and that he wants a hug as well, but Shura seems to be more content with pinching him. The reinforcements then finally arrive and a Doctor asses Yukio's injuries, advising that he needs to go to an emergency room for surgery. Renzo is seemingly eavesdropping, commenting that it's too bad Rin stabbed Hachiro when he did, otherwise Yukio would have gotten Hachiro's immortality and power. Yukio ask him how long had he been watching and Renzo is quick to remind him that he is after all, a spy and that he had been watching for quite awhile. Renzo then begins to tease Yukio about him declaring that he would get Shura pregnant, saying that he nearly cracked up and gave away that he was observing the exchange. Seemingly annoyed, Yukio again explains that he was faking and Renzo implies that lies are often based on truth. [76]

Yukio is angered by his statement, asking just what it is that he is suggesting. Renzo comments that he is scary, but that in his current condition, that he would be unable to continue with his suicidal training. Yukio then suddenly realizes that Renzo was the informant that Mephisto was talking about when he confronted him about his training. Renzo then reminds Yukio that he warned him and that he should seek some advice for his own good or that he could just join the Illuminati. Renzo is then given orders to join the search party looking for Hachirotaro. As he departs, he tells Yukio to take care of himself and Yukio collapses soon afterwards. [77]

After seemingly getting ahead of the main search party, Renzo uses Yamantaka to aid him in locating Hachiro. Yamantaka leads him straight to Hachiro and an excited Renzo pulls out a container and asks Hachiro to get inside. He comments that if he had not have stabbed him, that he would not have left a scent. [78] Hiking through the snow afterwards, Renzo comments that he has better control, but summoning Yamantaka is still quite tiring. He then arrives at a Chinook Helicopter bearing the insignia of the Illuminati. Approaching three individuals, he thanks them for waiting and advises them to leave quickly, as there is a search party of over one hundred people along with Black Dogs. Saburota Todo then speaks up, saying he feels pretty good, and with Karura in tune with him, that he feels he could take them all on. Renzo asks Todo not to do that and hands Hachiro over to him. Todo is then ordered to bring Hachiro to the Dominus Liminis as he will serve as durable materials. Lucifer is then revealed to be observing remotely and he warns Todo about the True Cross Order keeping a very close eye on immortal demons and to be cautious as gathering more materials is becoming more difficult. Lucifer continues, saying they may be forced to prepare Satans body with what they do have and that is when he will need the chosen ones, like Todo himself. He asks if Todo understands the meaning behind that and Todo acknowledges him, saying that's why he keeps them alive. [79]

As the helicopter prepares to takeoff, Todo then asks Renzo about how the recruitment of Yukio is coming along. Renzo says it's alright and that Lucifer told him not to force anything. Todo responds, saying winning him over could improve his standing and that he likes Yukio and looks forward to seeing him again and for Renzo to keep at it. The Helicopter then lifts off as Renzo takes cover to hide from the incoming search party. He says to himself that things are becoming interesting and that he cannot afford to make any mistakes. [80]

Blue Night Investigation arc

Blue Night Remembrance arc

Of One Cloth arc

Powers & Abilities


Renzo possesses powerful Tamer abilities, and has been able to summon a high-level fire familiar, Yamantaka, since childhood.[81] The Demon is able to pressure the summons of a high-level Exorcist, and is able to manipulate rare black flames that burn spiritual entities and souls, yet leave physical vessels untouched. Using Yamantaka costs Renzo a great deal of energy, to the point where he blacks out after a short battle. Curiously, Renzo does not appear to use a summoning circle or blood offering to summon him. During the Impure King Arc, Renzo is able to make use of Ucchusma's flames.[82]


Renzo is training to become a Knight with his K'rik, which he can recall to his hand.[83]

Flame Manipulation

In conjunction with Yamantaka, Renzo is able to manipulate the Demon's rare black flames with his K'rik. Described as flames similar to those found in Gehenna, the Exorcist can improve the flames through chanting Buddhist scriptures.[84] Whereas normal fire removes Demons by destroying their physical bodies, black fire completely destroys Demons without harming the possessed object.[85] When used on a human, these flames are able to burn the soul, effectively killing someone. Alternatively, Renzo can change the potency of the flames to merely knock a person unconscious.

  • Flame-Tipped Vajra Spear (火頭金剛槍 (カトウコンゴウソウ)  Katō Kongō Sō): Renzo recites, "Daiitoku Fun'nu Youketsu" (大威徳忿怒要訣 (ダイイトクフンヌヨウケツ) ), and creates a black-flame spearhead at the top of his K'rik. It is first used against Nemu Takara.[86]
  • Killing Fire Wheel (火車輪斬 (カシャリンザン)  Kasharinzan): Renzo swings his K'rik, releasing a spinning fire disk. It is first used against Ukemochi.[87]
  • Ground Crawling Flames (地這火 Jibai Hi): Renzo recites, "Daiitoku Fun'nu Youketsu" (大威徳忿怒要訣 (ダイイトクフンヌヨウケツ) ), and touches the top of his K'rik to the ground. Black flames run along the ground and consume the target. It is first used against Miketsu.[88]


  • His name contains the kanji for "will" ( kokorozashi; read as shi), "friction" ( ma) and "cheap/humble/pure/honest" (廉造 Renzō).
  • Renzo's name is paired with his brother Kinzo's name (廉造), meaning "gold".
  • Renzo enjoys all types of western cuisine.
  • His favorite manga genres are comedy, love and daily life stories that have a lot of girls.
  • His favorite types of music include rock, pop, R&B, hip hop, western music, traditional Japanese music and anything that is popular at the moment.
  • When asked what type of girl he prefers, he answered that there were too many qualities to count.
  • In his free time he enjoys going on dates with girls.
  • The thing Renzo wishes for the most right now is a cute girlfriend.
  • What he buys most often in convenience stores are porn magazines.
  • When he is unable to sleep at night, he usually watches late night programs. He also looks for idols that catch his interest.



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