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Pistols are standard small arms for Dragoon Exorcists. They can be loaded with various types of bullet for different effects. Unlike larger weapons, they can be effectively dual wielded in combat.[1]


Demon Tranquilizer Bullet: A non-lethal type of bullet. They inject the target with the intention of surpressing them without killing them. When used against the enraged Kuro, they slowed him down, but were starting to wear off despite the sheer volume of tranquilizers used.[2]

Holy Silver Bullet: A common type of ammunition used by Exorcists, the are effective at combatting low level demons, particularly Ghouls.[3][4] However, they can be easily melted by higher level fire demons, requiring more specialised ammunition to combat them.[5]

Holy Water Bullet: A relatively new type of bullet that contains holy water. Noted for its effectiveness against demons whilst not harming the host, it is useful in combating possessed people without risking human life.[6]

Mahakala Ammunition

Mahakala Ammunition: Specialised ammunition marked with the name of Mahakala and Shiva and 91%, though the exact meaning of that is unclear, it is used for the technique Release Crematory.[7]

Naiad Bullet: A bullet blessed with the power of the Naiads. These bullets are effective at harming fire based demons.[8] However, they are more effective at battling lower level demons, so against demons like Karura, they are only a mild annoyance.[9] They are more powerful when used in the rain, being two or three times stronger than they are normally.[10] These bullets can also be used to draw magic circles for summoning Naiads themselves.[11]

Nutrient Bullet: A non-lethal type of bullet. They are small syringe-like objects that inject the target with a mixture of nutrients. While the exact effect of the nutrients on the body is unclear, the bullets can be used to trick enemies.[12][13]


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