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Phantom Train



Fantomu Torein

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Blue Exorcist: The Chronocyclic Labyrinth

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The Phantom Train (幽霊列車 (ファントムトレイン)  Fantomu Torein) is, as its name implies, a Demon that possesses a train.[1] It is classified as part of the kin of Samael, the King of Time.


Appearing as an old fashioned train with several cars, the Phantom Train does not appear that out of the ordinary with the exception of its destination plate, which reads 'Gehenna'. Luring people inside, it feeds off of their life force until they pass away, its interior then containing the spirits of the departed.[1]

While not outwardly hostile, instead focusing on consuming humans via subterfuge, should the spirits it contains be disturbed, the train physically attacks those responsible.

Its true form is that of a mishapen, purple/pink monster with a large mouth, multiple eyes across its body and many small limbs on which it moves about.

Powers and Abilities[]

Dimensional Travel: The Phantom Train possesses the ability to freely travel between Assiah and Gehenna. To do so it apparently needs to take its true form. As Yukio knew exactly when the train would do this, it may in fact run on a schedule like a normal train.[1]

Subconscious Suggestion: The Phantom Train has been shown to lure unsuspecting victims inside of it through some subtle means of suggestion. This influence is easily broken by those aware of it.

Regeneration: Parts cut from the Phantom Train have shown the ability to act and grow on their own, eventually reconstituting the entire creature. The smaller parts are fairly non-threatening and easily dispatched with fire.

Living fixtures: The Phantom Train displayed the ability for certain fixtures, such as door handles and overhead grips to transform, growing eyes and teeth in an attempt to either ward off or capture intruders.



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