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Peg Lantern

化燈寵 (ペグランタン)


Pegu Rantan

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Kin Iblis
Manga Debut

Chapter 12

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Episode 14

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Peg Lanterns (化燈寵 (ペグランタン)  Pegu Rantan) are a type of Demon that possesses man-made lighting equipment.[1] They are classified as kin to Iblis.


Peg Lanterns are nocturnal Demons that lie in wait for someone to light them. When that person does, the Peg Lantern begins to move and consumes any living being it can find for fuel; it prefers women. Once it runs out of fuel, or when day breaks, the Peg Lantern becomes still once more.[2] Once lit, a Peg Lantern's movements can be sealed with talismans.[3]

Powers and Abilities

Enhanced Speed: Despite its size, a Peg Lantern is capable of chasing after its prey at an above-average speed.[4]

Human Speech: Peg Lanterns are capable of producing words.[4]


  • The Peg Lantern seems to take inspiration from the Japanese myth of Chōchin-obake.


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