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Chapter 69

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Osceola Redarm (オセオラ・レッドアーム Oseora Reddoāmu) is an Arc Knight and an Exorcist of the True Cross Order. He is a member of the Mexican Branch and works in surveillance.


Redarm appears to be a man in his forties with light hair and dark skin. At the top of his head he wears a headdress-like accessory with feathers and furs attached to it and a long braid.


Osceola appears to be a very conventional Exorcist, working by the book, but is often put out by his eccentric colleagues.[1][2]


Current Events[]

This character first appears talking in the meeting of the True Cross Order in the Vatican City. He mentions that the demons around the Gehenna gate are out of control, adding that they're urging the Russian government to seal of the are within 100-kilometers away from the gate. He also says that the contamination around has begun to spread, which is a problem.

Osceola is forced to take Lewin Light into custody after he assaults Drac Dragulescu outside the Romania Branch Office.

Blue Night Remembrance arc[]

Osceola is part of the meeting to review Lightning's findings regarding Drac Dragulescu's misconduct. When the meeting turns sour and Lightning once again attacks Dragulescu, Osceola takes him into custody, securing him with a new set of Magic Cancellers to ensure he cannot take action. However, when confronted by Lucy Yang, Ryuji Suguro and Izumo Kamiki, he reluctantly agrees to accompany them to the Romanian Branch to confront Dragulescu as well.[3]

Of One Cloth arc[]

Meister & Abilities[]

As an Arc Knight, Osceola is an extremely capable Exorcist. Since his youth he has channelled the power of Native American Spirits, in particular he seems to specialise in using his own body as a medium, allowing demons to coat him arms and making use of their abilities directly rather than fighting alongside them as an average Tamer might.

  • Divine Hawk Armour: By cladding his arm with the Divine Hawk, Osceola gains control over water, primarily using this technique to defend himself, particularly from fire based attacks.

Osceola is also a specialist with talismanic cooking, making use of the supernatural properties of various ingredients to create dishes that can either enhance or defend those who imbibe them and even his last ditch attack makes use of these skills.

  • Qaletaqa Taiowa: After eating his specially formulated War Cry, Osceola's body is possessed by Taiowa, giving him powerful regenerative ability and prodigious strength enough to easily defeat a high level fire demon.[4]


  • Osceola (1804 – January 30, 1838), born as Billy Powell, became an influential leader of the Seminole in Florida. Osceola is an anglicized form of the Creek Asi-yahola; the combination of asi, the ceremonial black drink made from the yaupon holly, and yahola, meaning "shout" or "shouter".


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