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Kuro no Ie de
Air Date October 26, 2011
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Kuro Runs Away From Home (クロの家出 Kuro no Ie de)​ is the 1st OVA for the Ao no Exorcist series. It is based on the bonus manga chapter by Kazue Katō entitled Kuro Runs Away (クロの家で Kuro no Ie de) that is found in Volume 6, which first released April 4, 2011.

The episode was first released as an OVA included on Volume 5 of the Japanese home video releases for the First Season.

Characters In Order of Appearance[]


Kuro is starving and impatiently waits for Rin Okumura and Ukobach to finish cooking that night's sukiyaki dinner. Once served his bowl of sukiyaki, Kuro digs right in, only, to his horror, to discover that it is too hot for him to eat. He finds out at that moment that this was a "deliberate" move by Rin so that he could eat all the remaining sukiyaki. Feeling slighted by Rin, Kuro angrily runs out of the kitchen, even though it is seen that Rin was only joking.

Kuro runs to Yukio Okumura to taddle-tail on Rin. Unable to understand his frantic purring, Yukio mistakenly believes that Kuro wants to play with him. As he tells Kuro that he is busy, Yukio realizes that Kuro's litterbox has seemingly been untouched lately, and attempts to train him to use it, thinking that Kuro litters all over the place at will. Insulted by this claim, Kuro runs out of the room, thinking that he needs to find a new master that understands him better.

Still hungry from being unable to eat the previous night, Kuro wakes up from a dream of eating a buffet feast and finds himself on the True Cross Academy grounds. He runs into Izumo Kamiki, who secretly has a soft spot for cats. Remembering her from the time they went to the beach, Kuro is slightly surprised by her fondness for cats. The encounter is interrupted when Noriko Paku calls out for Izumo from a distance. Acting cool and pretending to not to care for Kuro, Izumo walks off with Paku. Confused by the sudden change in personality, Kuro is reminded of his hunger as his stomach lets out a loud growl.

Kuro continues to stroll through the campus grounds searching for food, but stumbles upon the trio from Kyoto, Konekomaru Miwa, Renzo Shima, and Ryuji Suguro. Recognizing them to be Rin's friends, Kuro calls out to them in attempt to ask them for food. Konekomaru recognizes him and brings out a cat toy to play with Kuro. Mesmerized by the toy, Kuro gives in and chases it around. Shima explains that Konekomaru is actually a cat lover and loves to play with any cat he meets. Just then, the school bells ring and the trio rush off to class. As they leave for class, Kuro realizes that his moving around made him hungrier...

Kuro walks into the school hoping that it is lunch time only to realize the students are still in class. He then heads over to a fountain to drink some water hoping that it would appease his hunger, but to no avail. Just then, he hears a voice and runs into Shura Kirigakure, who is still in disguise as the silent male student at the Exorcist Cram School. Catching a breather, she removes her black hoodie to have a beer and suddenly sees Kuro staring at her, as he is shocked to discover the student to be female. As it is still too early for anyone to know her secret, she attempts to exorcize Kuro with Fang but is interrupted by Mephisto Pheles's approaching presence. She escapes as Mephisto, in dog form, waddles into the fountain for a bath after his morning walk. Relieved that his life was spared, Kuro then leaves the fountain as well to continue his search for food.

Kuro then encounters Nemu Takara repairing his puppet. As Kuro approaches Nemu, his puppet suddenly turns around and starts reciting tongue twisters. Weirded out by the puppet speaking by itself, Kuro walks off towards a food stall and tries to persuade the cashier to give him the last tuna sandwich for sale only to be shooed off.

By chance, Kuro bumps into Shiemi Moriyama as he walks away from the food stall. As Shiemi bends down to greet Kuro, she hears Kuro's stomach growl and is able to guess that he is hungry. Kuro sheds tears of joy that someone has finally understood that he is hungry. She brings him back to her house, where she and Nee cook him a bowl of wild greens stew and a plate of herb cookies. Notorious for her "healthy" cooking, Kuro stares in disgust at the green bubbling bowl of soup and the plate of Coal Tar-infested cookies in front of him. Shiemi, thinking that it is too hot for Kuro to consume, blows on the soup and tries feeding it to Kuro. Kuro gives in and licks a bit of the soup off of the spoon and instantly regrets it. He leaves right after to avoid having to ingest anymore of the liquid.

Kuro next visits the gate that he used to stand guard at, remembering that the guards used to feed him when they had their guard duty together. However, memories of when he went berserk over first learning of Shiro Fujimoto's death come back and he remembers having injured the guards. Feeling guilty over having hurt them, he turns away.

As he strolls down the city streets, he suddenly sees falling bits of grilled octopus from a lamp post only to run into Amaimon taste-testing "bakudan-yaki" while sitting crossed-legged and upside down on the lamp post. Upon realizing that it is Amaimon on the lamp post, Kuro runs away from the scene in fear that he would be eaten next.

Getting lost from his wandering, Kuro decides to go find Shiro and boards several transportation vehicles, including the back seat of Kaoru Tsubaki's motorcycle and a subway train. He arrives at his destination station by nightfall and is attracted to the smell of ramen from a nearby ramen stall. He bumps into Igor Neuhaus creepily eating his ramen.

Scared off from trying to eat any ramen, he attempts to find Shiro throughout the city. He finds the NicoNico Mart nearby the Southern Cross Boys' Monastery and runs into Seishiro Nagatomo and Maruta buying groceries. After being rushed out of the store by the owner, Ms. Momoi, he bumps into the girl Yui Sakamoto in the parking lot. Yui picks Kuro up and asks her father if they could keep Kuro. At first Kuro is hesitant about following a stranger home, but is fairly convinced when she promises her father that she will feed him rice. Yui goes on about how her friends dress up their pet cats in cute clothing and attempts to dress Kuro up. Kuro is insulted when she calls him a "princess" and runs off.

As Kuro continues to search for Shiro, it starts to rain. After a while of wandering, he finally passes the Southern Cross Boys' Monastery and heads for the cemetery where Shiro's gravestone is. There, he has a spiritual conversation with Shiro, and goes into great lengths over Rin and Yukio's disrespect for him. Shiro takes his side, saying that Rin does not know how lucky he is to have as a great mentor as Kuro. He goes on to thank Kuro for staying by the Okumura brothers' side in his steed.

Kuro wakes up to find that his encounter with Shiro was another dream. As he heads out of the cemetery, he sees Rin across the street. Rin explains that he had been waiting for Kuro to finish speaking with Shiro and that he had saved some sukiyaki for him, confessing that dinner wasn't as great tasting without Kuro's company. At that moment, Kuro realizes that Rin is actually the best owner for him and jumps up for joy to hug Rin. Surprised, Rin reaches out to embrace Kuro only to be pounded to the ground for revenge as Kuro enlarges himself for the "hug".


  • The story is believed to have taken place before the events at the True Cross Amusement Park and the Training Camp, as Shura's identity had not been revealed yet.
  • The episode is treated like an episode from the first 12 episodes of the First Season and contains the opening credits with CORE PRIDE by UVERworld and the ending credits with Take Off by 2PM.

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