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The Nine Tailed Fox Spirit (九尾の狐 Kyūbi no Kitsune) is an upper class demonic spirit previously contained within the Life-Taking Stone.[1]


The Nine Tailed Fox appears much like its host except possessing black claws, sclera, vertically slit pupils and fangs. Their hair turns white while two pointed fox ears protrude from the top of their head and multiple tails sprout from the base of their spine.[2]


The Nine Tailed Fox does not seem to possess a distinctive personality of its own. Instead it preys upon the insecurities and resentment of its host, turning them into anger and hatred.[3][4]


Centuries in the past, the Life-Taking Stone, which had been in the custody of the Inari Shrine had been destroyed. It took the form of a white faced golden haired fox. At this time, the Kamiki family was split from the main house, creating a line of mediums whose purpose was to quell the spirit.[5]

Several years ago, the Sixty-Fourth Head of the Kamiki family, Tamamo Kamiki, became possessed by the Fox. Captured by the Illuminati, Tamamo was brutally experimented on so they could attempt to replicate its powers.[6]


When Tamamo became incapable of continuing with the experiments, the Illuminati ordered Renzo Shima to capture Izumo Kamiki in order to replace her mother.[7]

Izumo eventually took the Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit into herself with the aide of Michael Gedōin's Savior Mask. However, Izumo couldn't contain the creature and it possessed her.[8] This was short lived as Tamamo, seeing her daughter within the creature, performed the Divine Summoning to reintegrate the Fox with her own body and let it die with her.[9]


  • The nine tailed fox and the life-taking stone are both elements in the story of Tamamo-no-Mae, who also shares her name with the Fox's primary host.


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