Nephilim (混血 (ネフィリム)  Nefirimu) are the result of demons breeding with humans.


Humans have notably bred with demons in the past, with many Exorcists descending from them.[1][2] However, over time, the demon blood becomes diluted to the point where descendants of Nephilim will be indistinguishable from ordinary humans.[3]

First generation nephilim inherit the most power from their demonic parent, with long lived nephilim living about two hundred years. This is not always the case, as some have bodies that break down quickly, like those under demonic possession. Rin Okumura, as the first nephilim of Satan is an unknown factor, his lifespan being a mystery, even to those with copious knowledge of demons such as Lewin Light and Mephisto Pheles.[4]

Known Nephilim

Name Demon Relative
Ambrosius FaustSamael (Donor)
GoroAzazel (Donor)
Rin OkumuraSatan (Father)
Shiro FujimotoAzazel (Donor)
Yukio OkumuraSatan (Father)


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