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食屍鬼 (ネクロファジー)



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Necrophager (食屍鬼 (ネクロファジー)  Nekurofajī) is a low to mid level Demon of unknown kin.


Necrophagers are a type of Demon that possesses humans, often those with an unusual fixation on other people. The jaw of the host develops abnormally, becoming elongated with sharp fangs and the lower body takes on animal like qualities that seem to vary between cases.[1][2]

Behavior-wise, a Necrophager has a tendency to eat human corpses with a priority over the living, having been shown to round up and eat zombies before attempting to attack live humans, even those with which the Necrophage's host had grievances.[3] Though in rare cases have been known to attack living humans as well.[2]

It has also been shown that they are weak against creatures possessing Spirit, or Light, attribute abilities, and take heavy damage from exorcism rites.[4][5]

Powers and Abilities

Necrophage: As their name implies, these Demons subsist off of dead flesh, consuming forms of the undead such as zombies with no apparent drawback.


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