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水精 (ナイアス)



Additional Information
Primary Ability

Water Manipulation

Kin Egyn
Manga Debut

Chapter 29

Anime Debut

Episode 34

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Naiads (水精 (ナイアス)  Naiasu) are mid- to upper-class water Demons and kin of Egyn. They are also known as Undine and are related to Nymphs.


They appear as tall women with paddle-like fins instead of hands, long hair that resembles a hood or helmet, markings on their foreheads and no distinct noses.[1] They are made completely of water.

They appear to have a playful and flirty personality as they chuckle a lot. They are also known to love good-looking human men.

In their only appearance within the series, Naiads are summoned by the creation of an individual magical circle for each Demon. The summoner then states the name of a Naiad, which is subsequently summoned. Whether the names belong to the Naiads summoned, or just more famous members of their species is unclear.[1]

It is later revealed that Naiads are among the species of demons that do not possess a Fatal Verse.[2]

Powers and Abilities

Water Manipulation: Naiads can manipulate water, allowing it to rise off the ground and using it to trap and potentially drown enemies.[3]

  • Naiads' Carousel (水霊の水牢 (ナイアデスカルセル)  Naiadesu Karuseru): Being summoned in a circle around their target, the Naiads create a sphere of water to drown their victim.


  • The Naiads are named for Water Nymphs of Greek Mythology.


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