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Blue Exorcist: The Phantom Labyrinth of Time

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Naberius (屍番犬 (ナベリウス)  Naberiasu) are a variety of artifical Demon and a type of Ghoul.[1]


A Demon made by stitching together multiple Ghouls for use in fighting Demons, the making of the Naberius is an ancient, forbidden technique that has long since been sealed away due to the fear of the Demon running amok, which in turn stems from the many cases in which the Naberius could no longer be kept tame.[2] A Naberius thrives in darkness, where it is able to release its full power.[3] The fatal verse for the Naberius, as with other Ghoul-type Demons, lies within the Gospel of John.[4] Specifically, for the Naberius that attacked during the Exwire exam, John 21:25, the last verse of the Gospel.[5]


A Naberius can have the form of a humanoid or a canine. When the Naberius is a canine it takes the form of a large canine like creature with the rough approximate size and shape of a wolf. The Naberius looks like a patchwork Frankenstein like demon, covered in a grey fabric which is sewn together around it's body, with some openings in the stitching exposing ribs and other parts. Of note, is the fact that the tongue of the Naberius is very long, longer than normal dogs or wolves and that it has a large rounded bolge on it's right shoulder.

When it is a humanoid, the Naberius has the same overall look of a Frankenstein monster to the canine version, with the same grey material seen together around it's hour. But this one has a large body at least three times the height of a normal human. It has two heads, one with eye holes and a large slit wherein teeth can be seen as well as skinless flesh. This appears to be the main head. The other is completely sewn up, exposing nothing. The Naberius has four arms, the lower two seeming to be much larger in size to the upper two and a large tail which seems to have half a heart shape at it's tip. The Naberius also has several rips and openings on the fabric encompassing itself.

Powers and Abilities

Necrotic Seepage: The fluid secreted by a Naberius is extremely toxic and, if left untreated, causes the body to enter necrosis.[6] If in a dark area, the Naberius is able to secrete much more toxic fluid, being shown capable of spraying a mass amount in every which direction.[7] The treatment for the burns caused by this fluid is aloe.[8]

Enhanced Strength: With one hand, a Naberius is able to pick up someone the size of Rin Okumura and throw them with enough force to completely shatter doors.[9]

Enhanced Speed: Naberiuses are, despite their large size, deceptively fast.[10]

Enhanced Durability: A Naberius is extremely durable, as one was shown to be able to take many gunshot wounds from Yukio Okumura and still be able to flee.[11]

Human Speech: Although it is typically impossible for Ghouls to speak due to their status as possessed corpses,[12] if one is a high enough class, a Naberius may retain the ability to make use of its vocal cords, thereby allowing it to speak, albeit brokenly,[13] as well as laugh.[14]


  • Naberius likely take their name from a Marquis of the same name who appears in the Lesser Key of Solomon.


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