Mysterious Connections

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Air Date

February 4, 2017



Opening Song

Itteki no Eikyō

Ending Song

Kono Te de

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Mysterious Connections is the fifth episode of Ao no Exorcist's second season anime.


Yaozo asks Juzo to follow Tatsuma. Tatsuma places an envelope in Shura's pocket. Yukio arrives due to a jamming signal. Yaozo hosts a meeting.

Mamushi escapes to a top of a building, barely able to keep up with the strain of the Eye. Yaozo informs Yukio that the only person that can foretell what will happen with both Eyes in a demon's custody will do is Tatsuma. Yaozo predicts with the eyes united, an even larger amount of miasma will wreak havoc.

Shura tells Yukio about Rin's outburst. Shura says Rin would make a good Exorcist because Exorcists that are honest with their feelings are less dangerous than ones like Yukio, that repress their emotions. Trying her advice, Yukio tells Shura he always hated her.

Shiemi shares her concerns about Rin and Yukio to Kamiki. Their peers enter explaining Ryuji has been hurt. Ryuji tells them all that The Right Eye has been stolen and that Rin has been taken into custody for flaring up in front of everyone.

Shura gives Rin the envelope Tatsuma gave her. Neither them can read Tatsuma's cursive print, but Yukio can. The letter entails Tatsuma recalling the events leading up to now, going as far back before Rin or Ryuji was born. His wife was ill due to the Miasma from the Impure King's Eye. Tatsuma's master at the time/father scolded for not tending to the sacred flame. Rin's father, Shiro, had defeated a demon above the sacred flame, its body destroying it. It is revealed that Shiro took the Koma sword from the Myoda followers.

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