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Mike (ミケ)




Male Male


131cm (not counting the tail)



Hair Color

White and Black

Professional Status

True Cross Order




Izumo Kamiki

Previous Partner(s)

Tamamo Kamiki

Base of Operations

True Cross Academy

Exorcist Information


Personal Status



Ukemochi (Brother)

Manga Debut

Chapter 5

Anime Debut

Episode 7

Game Debut

Blue Exorcist: The Phantom Labyrinth of Time

Japanese Voice

Gō Inoue

English Voice

Ben Pronsky

Miketsu Images

Miketsu (御饌津 (ミケツ) ), or simply Mike (ミケ), is a Byakko and Eighth in rank amongst his peers.[2] He is Izumo Kamiki's familiar, having previously served her mother, Tamamo Kamiki.


Mike appears as a white fox with a red diamond on top of his head and two tomoe-shaped markings on either side of the stripe. He has mustache-like markings on his muzzle and yellow eyes. He wears a red apron with his name on it.


Of the two, Mike appears more prideful and severe than Uke, being much quicker to interject with his objections.


In the past, Mike and Uke were familiars to Izumo's mother, Tamamo. They would take human form in order to do all of the housework.[3] When Tamamo became possessed by the Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit, Mike joined in to try and quell the demon but was quickly defeated.[4] What became of him after this is unclear until he reappears with Izumo at the beginning of the series.[5]


True Cross Academy arc[]

Mike first appears when summoned alongside Uke during the Magic Circles and Sealing class with Professor Neuhaus. At the appearance of her familiars, Neuhaus is quite impressed.[5]

When Paku is attacked by a Naberius, Izumo calls on Mike and Uke to defend her, but because of her wavering heart, they turn on her. She dispells them before they cause any harm.[6]

During the Exwire exam, Izumo finally manages to summon Mike and Uke successfully once more, using them to delay the Naberius long enough for Ryuji to chant its fatal verse.[7]

Kyoto Impure King arc[]

Shimane Illuminati arc[]

Blue Night Remembrance arc[]

Of One Cloth arc[]

Powers & Abilities[]

Transformation: The primary power of Byakko appears to lie in their ability to transform. Using various shapes and forms, they can attack their target in a number of ways.[8][9]

Spirit & Light Attributes: While not expanded on, the Byakko's attributes as demons make them effective for combating Necrophageous Demons.[10]

  • Purification of Spirits ( (たまゆら) 祓い (はらい)  Tamayura no Harai): Izumo sends Mike and Uke to bite her enemy in a circle like a hurricane.[7]
  • Purification for Repose (鎮魂 (みたましずめ) 祓い (はらい)  Mitama Shizume no Harai): While chanting Izumo summons a fan, a kagura suzu (divine bells), and a flowered headdress and fox ears. Mike and Uke take their human forms and receive a sword and a bow, respectively. Mike dashes forward and stabs the opponent's head and Uke fires an arrow of light, which strikes the opponent like lightning.[11]


  • Mike's hobby is criticizing shrine maidens.
  • His favorite food is Aburaage and onigiri.
  • His favorite word is "offering".
  • His favorite type of girl is a girl with good manners.
  • His favorite pastime is tending to his whiskers.


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