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Mike Fox God (Anime)
Mike Fox God



Mike Kitsunegami



Professional Status

True Cross Order




Nemu Takara

Base of Operations

True Cross Academy

Manga Debut

Chapter 51

Anime Debut

Episode 42

Japanese Voice

Gō Inoue

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Mike Fox God (ミケ狐神 Mike Kitsunegami) is a Galatea and familiar of Nemu Takara. It is a highly ornate puppet, made in the likeness of a Byakko.


Mike Fox God appears as a highly ornate puppet made in the likeness of a Byakko in humanoid form, wearing a Kimono and hat.


Being that Mike Fox God is actually Miketsu invoked through the puppet, it's personality is that of Mike. He comes off annoyed at the mere mention of Izumo Kamiki at first, before settling down.


Illuminati Arc[]

After splitting off from the others for a time, Nemu Takara rejoins with the group after purchasing a Byakko doll. He then quickly summons Miketsu into the doll [1], whom shows great annoyance at first at the mere mention of Izumo Kamiki. After he demands an explanation as to the groups connection to her, Shiemi Moriyama explains that Izumo is their friend. Nemu then questions how Izumo is connected to the Illuminati presence at Inari Shrine and implies that if Mike is not wanting to help them on the matter, that he will dismiss him and summon another. Miketsu then proceeds to tell the group all that he knows about Izumo's past [2], as well as warning about the mass amount of people becoming seemingly brainwashed after consuming the food served at Fox Alley and then being transported to the Inari Dream Palace, never to been seen again. [3] He remains with the group until they are just outside of the entrance to the Inari Dream Palace, when suddenly Izumo summons both himself and Ukemochi. He then hastily vacates the doll, but not before telling the group that Izumo was in trouble and to hurry. [4]

Powers & Abilities[]

As of this time, there are no known abilities or techniques that Mike Fox God possesses.


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