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Michelle Neuhaus
Michaela Neuhaus



Misheru Neigausu


Masked Man




Female Female

Hair Color


Eye Color

Dark pink

Personal Status



Igor Neuhaus (Husband)

Manga Debut

Chapter 106 (Unnamed)
Chapter 115 (Named)

Anime Debut

Episode 20

Japanese Voice

Hiromi Tsuru

English Voice

Karen Strassman

Michaela Neuhaus Images

Michaela Neuhaus (Michelle in the anime) is the wife of Igor Neuhaus. She was killed on the Blue Night, but was brought back to life by someone. She is also the masked man who hunts Rin and keeps the True Cross Academy students hostage.


Michelle has long, blond hair that goes down her back. A part of it covers her right eye, where she retains a burn scar from when she died on the Blue Night. She wears a khaki-green sweater that is worn out and brown pants.

Masked Man

Michelle as the Masked Man

When she disguised herself as the Masked Man, she wore dark brown robes. She also had some sort of mask that looks like it was made out of wood. The mask had a lot of wrinkles, a very long nose, a smiling mouth, and one open and one closed eye.


Michelle appears to be a kind person at heart. Like Shiemi Moriyama, she loves gardening and wishes to see the Amahara Garden. However, if confronted by something related to Satan in any way, she can become violent and attempt to destroy it, as she was a victim of Satan's awakening 16 years ago, she does not want to repeat it again. This is also the reason she became the masked man, to kill Satan's son, Rin Okumura. As she cannot kill Satan himself, Michelle decided to get revenge by proxy/scapegoat.


Anime-Exclusive arc[]

Michelle attacks Rin to get revenge for all that Satan took away from her.

Blue Night Remembrance arc[]

Michaela first appears alongside her husband being escorted into Section 13. He doesn't wish to leave her because she is pregnant at the time.[1]

Abilities and Powers[]

Demonic Spider Control[]

Although she may not be fully considered a tamer, she has shown the ability to control a number of Demon spiders. Her spiders seem to be able to crawl over her and obey her commands. She uses them to create webbing that cannot be destroyed by anything but blue flames. She uses these to attack Rin's friends, but it appears that they were all burned and destroyed when Rin attacked her.


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