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Michael Gedōin

外道院 ミハエル


Gedōin Mihaeru




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Illuminati Illuminati

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Illuminati Headquarters

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Chapter 51

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Episode 42

Japanese Voice

Nobuyuki Hiyama

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Alejandro Saab

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Michael Gedōin (外道院 ミハエル Gedōin Mihaeru) was a doctor and a member of the Illuminati.


Michael is a rather short, rotund man with wide eyes and thick eyelashes, a short, snubby nose, large lips and teeth, and curly, light-colored hair; upon his nose he wears very small, round spectacles, supposedly for reading purposes. Michael's face is also rather stubbly, as specks of hair dot the lower portion of his face. For attire, Michael wears a dark, double-breasted, Illuminati-issued jacket (complete with a matching tie) and white pants tucked inside a pair of dark boots. Over the top of said jacket he wears a lab coat, in which he keeps the pass portion of his ID card (which is hung around his neck) tucked inside the left breast pocket.[1]

Years ago, Michael physically looked the same, but instead wore a polka-dotted suit with a black vest, a white dress shirt, and a matching bow tie.[2]


Michael is a rather disrespectful and repulsive man who keeps his expression etched as one of disturbed happiness and laughs at the misfortune of others; he makes rather crude and opprobrious remarks to those he considers his subjects and cares not for their well-being. Michael himself is also rather arrogant and overconfident, so he holds his own intellect in high regard, affectionately referring to himself as "a genius". He is also rather devious and manipulative, and is not above extorting others to achieve the ends to his own means.[3]


Several years ago, when Izumo Kamiki was a young girl, Michael approached her at her household at the Inari Shrine, laughing true to his persona, but he was asked to step aside by one of his female associates. Having concluded that Izumo would be less wary of a woman, Michael did as asked and allowed her to talk to the young girl. Michael then proceeded to watch Yoshida explain who they were and what their goals were, and after she gave Izumo a card with their contact information on it, Michael and his associates left.[4] Some time later, when Izumo's mother, Tamamo, was possessed by the fox Demon of the Life-Taking Stone and then attempted to kill Izumo and her little sister, Tsukumo, Izumo called the Illuminati for help. They captured Tamamo and held Izumo and Tsukumo at their facility. They began experimenting on Tamamo, and once her body began to deteriorate, Gedouin planned to begin experimenting on the girls, starting with Tsukumo. Yoshida overheard these plans and sent Tsukumo to an adoption home to keep her safe. When Gedouin learned of this, he forced Yoshida to recite the Illuminati oath for forgiveness before saying that he would never forgive her, and then injected into her a new Elixir, the result of experiments on Tamamo. The drug had two potential results: one, if she were lucky, Yoshida would have become immortal. However, if she were unlucky, her nervous system would be affected and her body would slowly become necrotic, killing her; the latter result is the one that occurred.[5]


Illuminati arc[]

Gedōin tells Izumo about his experiment results

Michael tells Izumo about his experiment results

Laughing rather crudely, Michael walks into Izumo's patient room right behind the young girl's mother, screeching to Izumo that Tamamo's body has deteriorated much earlier than he thought it would, and that since her usefulness has gone, he needed to capture her. Scanning over her patient chart, he begins to state that he looked at the results of her physical examination but stops to give Izumo a repulsive look, telling her that she grew up quite nicely. In response to Izumo's statement that their deal was to wait until she could perform the Divine Summoning, Michael explains that they have found a way to force a Demon into a person's body, even though the method is not quite the same as the ritual's. Continuing on, Michael tells Izumo that the best results were obtained from the tests on her mother and that she served out her purpose, but only because of his own genius intellect; he states that they no longer need to wait for Izumo to become an Exorcist because of it. Looking to seal the deal, he tells Izumo that any member of the Kamiki household is required for the completion of his plan and wonders aloud if he should use Tsukumo, which causes Izumo to shout out in protest. Laughing at her emotional turmoil, Michael says that Tsukumo is too small for his endeavors and that someone of Izumo's level is perfect for his plan. Turning around and licking his lips, Michael tells Izumo that tomorrow he will conduct a thorough examination of her and that if she passes, he will put her to use right away. Laughing once more, Michael exits the room.[6]

Powers and Abilities[]

Keen Intellect: Michael is a very smart man, having, through human experimentation, found a way to force a Demon to inhabit a human's body without having a human perform any rituals that would normally be required beforehand.[7]

Savior Mask (選ばれし者 (セイバー) の仮面 Seibā no Kamen): An invention of his, it forces a demon to possess and remain in a body, even if the host is incompatible.[8]

In his desperation Gedōin uses a Savior Mask and is forcefully possessed by a Necrophage (食屍鬼 (ネクロファージヤー)  Nekurofājiyā).[9]


  • (To the intruders) "Welcome, unsightly cockroaches. I am the head of this Illuminati eastern research facility...Michael Gedōin. How dare you invade my sanctuary. This is the sanctuary of the experiments on the Elixir of Immortality! Those who invade the sanctuary deserve only death! I will make you fully understand the extent of your sin. I will exterminate every last one of you!"[10]
  • (To Rin Okumura regarding whether he thinks his actions are wrong) "I don't. I haaaate humans! Surely you know that you use various animals in your scientific experiments. You slaughter other beings in order to live. That's the kind of living creatures humans are! Shouldn't you use your own selves in the first place? Humans using humans in experiments, this is only fair!"[11]


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