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Mashou (魔障 Mashō) is an ancient Buddhist term, literally meaning demonic hindrances. Any person desiring to become an Exorcist must go through a Mashou as a first step. Ordinarily, humans cannot see demons on a physical plane. However, once a person comes in contact with a demon (normally through physical contact), they have the ability to see demons for the rest of their life. A Mashou rite for an initiate Exorcist who had not experienced one previously is normally done under very controlled circumstances, so as to prevent anyone from being injured or harmed. In the English translation of the Manga, it is called 'Temptaint'.

While not specified as to which type, Hypericum Erectum can be used in the treatment of mashou.[1]


Mashou come in many forms and have various effects on the human body, some of which include -:

Dekalp: These demons can create root-like growths along a person's limbs.[2] These growths limit the victim's mobility[3] and drain their spirit,[4] but do not appear to physically affect the bones, muscles or nerves in a way detectable by ordinary medicine.[5]

Ghoul/Naberius: Necrotic fluid excreted by these undead type demons can cause burn-like injuries that necrotize in minutes.[6] First aid for these types of wound can be administered using Aloe.[7]

Hachirotaro Okami: While the wounds inflicted by Hachirotaro Okami appear to be ordinary cuts, Yukio Okumura states they require treatment for mashou, perhaps meaning they inflict harm in some other fashion in addition to mundane injury.[8]

Blue Flames: The injuries inflicted by Blue Flames are seemingly identical to ordinary burns.[9] However, quite uniquely, Yukio Okumura, whose Mashou was inflicted by his brother at birth,[10] showed no sign of physical injury to his left eye where the wound was inflicted, but the injury did allow Satan to observe the world of Assiah through Yukio's eye.[11]


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