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Yoshida Maria




Female Female

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Strawberry Blonde

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Professional Status
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Illuminati Illuminati

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Base of Operations

Advanced Demon's Research Facility (former)

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Manga Debut

Chapter 52

Anime Debut

Episode 43

Japanese Voice

Aya Endō

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Maria Yoshida (吉田-マリア Yoshida Maria) was a researcher for the Illuminati.


Maria appears as a rather tall for a woman; she has shoulder-length light-colored hair and eyebrow-length bangs that leave her large eyes uncovered. For attire, Maria wears a white dress shirt and a suit jacket complete with a matching skirt. She matches her skirt with black leggings and light-colored high heels.[1]


Unlike her fellow Illuminati scientist Michael Gedōin, Maria comes off as compassionate and benevolent, having preferred to speak to Izumo Kamiki in the place of her compatriot, as she knew that Izumo would be less wary of a woman. She also speaks rather politely and seeks to accomplish the goals of her organization, like her fellows. In addition to all this, she can be empathetic and merciful towards others.[2]


As a young girl, Maria was picked on by her peers for her ability to see Demons.[3]

Maria talks to Izumo about the stone (Anime)

Maria talking to Izumo about the Life-Taking Stone

Years later, Maria arrived at the Inari Shrine with Gedōin and two others, having approached Izumo Kamiki; Maria offered to speak to her in Gedōin's stead, as she realized that she would be less wary of a woman. She then apologized for her and her fellows' sudden appearance and explained to Izumo that they are Demon researchers from the Illuminati; she told Izumo that the "things" that other people aren't able to see, like her Fox Gods, are called "Demons", which surprised Izumo as she wasn't aware that others could see the foxes. Maria told Izumo that she could see them clearly and asked her about the Life-Taking Stone at her household before explaining that they, the Illuminati, wish to make a world where Demons and people can live equally and that with power from the Life-Taking Stone, they could do just that. Izumo, unfortunately, told Maria that only members of the Kamiki family can touch the Life-Taking Stone. Before Izumo could abruptly leave, Maria stopped her and said that it's fine if they can't do anything about the stone now because they, the Illuminati, are doing various kinds of research on Demons and asked Izumo to call them if anything bad happens. Before leaving the Inari Shrine, Maria smiled at the young girl and handed her a business card with her name on it, telling her that she too had grown up able to see Demons and was picked on because of it; she offered the young girl consultation should she need it.[4]

Maria was later contacted by Izumo after her mother was taken over by the spirit of the Life-Taking Stone, during which she expressed her concern for the young girl.[5]

Powers & Abilities[]

Keen Intellect: As a researcher for the Illuminati who conducts experiments on Demons, Maria requires an extremely keen mind to perform her job.[6]

Spiritual Awareness: Maria claims to have been able to see demons from a young age.


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