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A Maken ( () (けん) ), or Demon Sword, is a type of weapon used by Exorcists.


Maken are melee weapons that are endowed with the power of Demons, giving them special abilities.

These weapons tend to come in two varieties Possession and Divine Protection. Possession type Maken are those possessed by a demon, allowing the weapon to fight demons. If the weapon is destroyed, the demon is exorcised. Divine Protection, on the other hand, is a weapon empowered by a contract with a demon. Destroying the weapon itself is meaningless, but it will lose power if the contracting demon is exorcised.[1]

To use a Maken, a pact must be made, in much the same way a Tamer does with a Familiar. If one becomes the owner of a Maken accidentally, it may end up killing them.[2]

There are some Maken, which are not either a Possession or Divine Protection. An example of this is the Kurikara, a Demon Sword made by Mephisto Pheles, which housed the Fire Demon, Karura and later used to seal Rin Okumura's Demonic Heart and thus his demonic nature. It is later described as a door to anywhere, with the hilt leading toward Gehenna and the scabbard being the door, meaning that together it has the power to seal demons in Gehenna, thus separating Rin from his demonic nature.

Known Maken[]

Name Type Wielder Status
Tizona Unknown Abel Franken Destroyed
Caliburn Possession Arthur A. Angel Active
Fang Divine Protection Shura Kirigakure Depowered
Kurikara Unique Rin Okumura Active


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