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Spy Game (スパイ・ゲーム Supai Gēmu) is the third OVA for the Ao no Exorcist series. It is part of the Kyoto Saga anime season and is based on the second chapter of the novel Spy Game written by Kazue Katō and Aya Yajima with the same title.

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Chapter 134: Of One Cloth - Awakening

Hey, <insert name here>, spoiler alert! Read at your own risk...please. Also, don't assume that this is a correct translation of the chapter until further notice. Thank you.

Satan's new body proves more durable than expected, regenerating from Arthur's onslaught and destroying the battlefield in his wake.

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KMONEY550 KMONEY550 19 May 2020

I Want to be a youtuber

I Would love That when I get enough money I can get a camera and gaming setup and finally become what I have dreamed of being a YouTuber

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Mal572 Mal572 30 April 2020

Religion in Blue Exorcist


I’m interested in joining you guys!

I’m a big fan of the Anime series and really like the show! I’m currently writing an essay on this Anime and Religion and wanted to hear of your thoughts?

  • In Blue Exorcist and many other animes, there are a lot of references to religious practices and rituals. Why do you think anime blends multiple religious beliefs?
  • Are you religious and does this impact your viewing of the show? Or do you separate the two?
  • Do you think Japanese anime has the freedom to explore different religions compared to other places around the world?

Thanks again for taking the time out to read this!


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Akuma-Megami Kamigami Akuma-Megami Kamigami 22 April 2020

Chapter 120 Got Me To Tears

If you guys have been reading the manga online, you'd know that chapter 120 was released April 3rd. Well, I was still reading chapter 100 when it came out. I finally caught up to 120 a few hours ago and, can I just say... I LITERALLY HAD A FRIGGIN' MELTDOWN! Like... am I the only one who thinks that chapter 120 is the most heartbreaking chapter in the series so far?! Anyway, it took me like, an hour to stop crying and finish the rest of my homeschool. here's a chapter spoiler so don't look at the rest of the blog if you don't want the chapter spoiled by me.

these screenshots are brought to you by

I don't want to get copy righted so I only inserted a scene from the chapter.

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Hawkeye2701 Hawkeye2701 6 January 2020

Kin Theory List

Alrighty, I'm basically just doing this to amuse myself while I work on some other projects. This is going to be a list of what I think are the relevent kin for the unsorted demons in the demon list and a little bit of explanation as to why I think so. This will not effect main articles in any way and is just my dumb little fan interpretation. It also won't be done all at once, but what can ya do...

  • 1 Kin of Amaimon
  • 2 Kin of Astaroth
  • 3 Kin of Azazel
  • 4 Kin of Beelzebub
  • 5 Kin of Egyn
  • 6 Kin of Iblis
  • 7 Kin of Lucifer
  • 8 Kin of Samael
  • 9 Kin of Armumahel
  • 10 Kin of Shemihaza
  • 11 Unaffiliated/Unknown Demons

Bariyon - Confirmed Kin

Dekalp - Confirmed Kin

Ent - Given that Dekalps and Greenmen are already known to be Amaimon's kin, it would stand to reason that other plant based…

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Hawkeye2701 Hawkeye2701 11 May 2018


After a absense caused largely by depression, I have returned. I greatly apologise for not being here for everyone, but I have returned and intend to spend the near future getting caught up on everything I need to do and get cleared of backlog projects. I've already overhauled Egyn's page, if there's anything outstanding anyone wants to alert me to, let me know. For now, PACE!

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