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Mahakala () is a Demon manifested by Shiro Fujimoto through the use of special ammunition.


Mahakala appears as a giant creature whose body is composed of Black Flames. It seems to have multiple arms on one side of its body, perhaps meaning it has more than two assuming its body is symmetrical. Similarly so, it possesses a rounded head with a broad snout and a third eye on its forehead.[1]

Powers and Abilities[]

Mahakala's primary power appears to be akin to Yamantaka, having a body composed of Armumahel's black flames and using it to burn its enemies.

  • Release Crematory: Making use of specialised ammunition, the user fires at the target and chants in order to manifest Mahakala at the point of impact.[2]


  • Mahakala appears in both Buddhist and Hindu mythology, both as a fierce and wrathful manifestation of a chief deity. The appearance of Shiva inscribed on the ammunition that summons him would seem to imply that this particular demon is based on the Hindu interpretation.


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