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Magic is an ability in the world of Blue Exorcist. While most demons possess magical abilities that can be inferred onto humans through means of a contract, there are various chants and charms that can be utilised by humans without the aide of demonic power.

Types of Magic[]


Exorcists make use of two types of aria in order to combat demons. Summoning Verses and Death Verses. Through use of magic seals and circles, an Exorcist may use a summoning verse to call forth a demon, and on the basis of a contract, use that demon's power. For death verses, by concentrating their imagination on the chant, the exorcist weakens and then destroys the demon.[1]

Examples of Arias include -

Spells & Charms[]

There are spells that do not seem to fall into either of the Aria types, instead performing various protective enchantments or other effects. These include -


Various items in the World of Blue Exorcist possess either innate magical properties or are designed to channel such abilities. These items include -


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