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Additional Information
Primary Ability

Slime Detonation

Anime Debut

Ao no Exorcist Movie

Japanese Voice

Kenyu Horiuchi

English Voice

Kyle Herbert

M.O.L.B. Images

M.O.L.B.s are a type of Demon. Their name stands for Monster Made of Liquid Balloon.[1]


M.O.L.B.s appear as giant liquid filled balloons of various colors. With twists in their body to create distinctions between their heads, bodies and limbs. They have two small, cartoonish looking eyes.[1]

Powers and Abilities

M.O.L.B.s do not seem to be the most threatening of creatures as they do not appear to be very fast and tend to pop from relatively little force given their large size. If unprepared however, those that face them can become covered in a thick slime that made up the Demon's innards.

The slime appears to share whatever color the M.O.L.B. itself was, but does not appear to be hazardous, as repeated and fairly long term exposure seemed to cause no ill effect to Ryuji, Renzo or Konekomaru.

Despite their slow movements and low endurance, they do seem to be a rather prolific species, many showing up in a matter of days and several at the same time within close proximity to one another.


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