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The King of Light (光の王 Hikari no Ō)[1]




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December 7th (anniversary)[4]

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Illuminati Illuminati


Illuminati Commander-in-Chief
Demon King

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Illuminati Headquarters

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Satan (Father)
Amaimon (Brother)
Astaroth (Brother)
Azazel (Brother)
Beelzebub (Brother)
Egyn (Brother)
Iblis (Sister)
Mephisto Pheles (Brother)
Rin Okumura (Half-Brother)
Yukio Okumura (Half-Brother)

Manga Debut

Chapter 41

Anime Debut

Episode 39

Japanese Voice

Koki Uchiyama

English Voice

Griffin Puatu

Lucifer Images

Lucifer (ルシフェル Rushiferu), King of Light (光の王 Hikari no Ō), is the strongest of the Eight Demon Kings as well as Commander-in-Chief of the Illuminati.


Lucifer awakens

Lucifer without his mask

Lucifer appears, in his host body, as a rather tall Demon with spiky, slicked-back blond hair; his face, which is blackened by illness, is concealed by an intricately designed orange, curved mask, which features a long, thick, beak-like section that bisects the mask, leaving only part of his exposed mouth visible. The mask features eye holes, which reveal Lucifer's thick, light eyelashes and large eyes; around the eye holes are a series of patterns. Additionally, like all Demons, Lucifer has a long blond tail, pointed ears and elongated canines, though his diseased skin is fairly noticeable,[1] being seen to have spread to the underside of his hands.[2][5] Later, after being temporarily healed via machinery, Lucifer's rotting flesh has all but disappeared and he has abandoned his mask, revealing his face to be that of a young man.[6]

For attire, Lucifer dons a teal, double-breasted military-style suit, complete with a large number of medals pinned to his left breast. The suit comes complete with a tie, upon which a stylized version of the cross can be seen. In addition, he wears cream-colored pants and black knee-high boots.[1][2]

Its later revealed that Lucifer does not suffer from an illness, but rather that he is struggling to maintain his host body. As demons like him and Satan are too powerful, they tend to overload anything they possess.


Though little of Lucifer's personality has been seen, he comes off as a rather polite Demon, having cordially introduced himself to his enemies all across the world and apologized for the way in which it occurred. He also appears to be very level-headed, maintaining a constant tone throughout his entire declaration of war against the True Cross Order, and even with his brother Mephisto, with whom he has an estranged relationship. However, Lucifer also appears to have a very idealistic, one-track mind, as he deems that anyone who so much as disagrees with his ideals is his enemy.[7] When the past is shown in the Blue Night Investigation arc, its revealed Lucifer is actually a very kind and considerate individual. He only wants the world "filled with gentle light" where demons and humans can live in peace. However, it seems the years of pain maintaining his vessel took a toll on him.


16 years prior, in a weakened state, it was revealed that Lucifer attacked his father, Satan, who was in a delusional and erratic state looking for Yuri, appearing in front of him believing Lucifer was her. This caused his father's eventual scorn and hatred for his former lover and acted as the trigger for the Blue Night.[8]


True Cross Academy Festival arc[]

In his private quarters located in an unknown area, Lucifer is greeted by Saburota Todo, who arrives in haste and asks the Demon how he is doing; Lucifer replies that he is feeling comparatively well compared to days past. Upon being congratulated by his underling for his successful opening of the Gehenna Gate, Lucifer thanks the man.[9]

Lucifer stating the Illuminati's goal (Anime)

Lucifer states the goals of the Illuminati

During Renzo Shima's successful capture of Izumo Kamiki, Lucifer, by means of light, appears before his followers, Mephisto, Yukio and the Exwires, greeting both them and everyone visited by his Seraphim; he apologizes for the rudeness involved in the forceful delivering of his message and introduces himself as the leader of the Illuminati and the King of Light. Greeting Mephisto by his true name, Lucifer states, between coughs, that he appears to be as lively as ever. Upon being asked by his brother as to what kind of business he is up to in such a remote area, Lucifer declares that he and the Illuminati have come to declare war on the True Cross Order, and that in one year they shall revive Satan, thereby combining both Assiah and Gehenna and returning the world to the state in which is was before: one from which both light and darkness were born. Lucifer then goes on to state that by doing so all will be equal and the world will be free of conflict, as well as the fact that it will truly be peaceful. Keeping his tone constant, Lucifer states that they, the Illuminati, do not forgive those that transgress against them, though they will always keep their door open to those with an open mind; he then asks Mephisto, one final time, if he will join him in their efforts, something which the King of Time vehemently refuses, stating that he believes that chaos is true peace. Saddened, Lucifer asks Mephisto why people must shoulder responsibilities and pain while maintaining their existences, pointing out that not all are as strong as he is. However, in spite of this, the two do agree that after all the years between them, their values still differ quite significantly.[10]

Lucifer then averts his gaze from Mephisto and looks at Rin, telling his younger brother that he, too, should give the matter much thought; he then tells those present that they should do their best not to go easy on one another, before stating that he intends on taking Izumo for the completion of his plans. Turning around and excusing himself, Lucifer keels over in pain, coughing up blood, which earns him the attention of his subordinates.[11] Lucifer and the rest of the Illuminati then leave True Cross Academy, but not, however, before detonating his Seraphim that were scattered across various parts of the world, wounding many and destroying both the main and secondary barriers that protect True Cross Academy from lower-class (and higher) Demons.[12]

Illuminati arc[]

Lucifer addresses his subordinates

Lucifer apologizes to his subordinates

Later, at Illuminati Headquarters, Lucifer awakens, attached to a series of machines, and gazes with vacant eyes into the room before him.[6] When Gedōin arrives at his room, the Demon King comments on how he had slept for an entire day, apologizing to his subordinates for making them worry. He then addresses Gedōin, thanking him for his Elixir 1117, which has temporarily allowed him to show his true face. He goes on to ask how the scientist's experiments on Izumo Kamiki are turning out, with the man replying that her compatibility with the Nine-Tails is perfect, thereby making transferring the demon from Tamamo Kamiki an easy process. Stating this is best, Lucifer comments on how Tamamo has helped produce "saviors" like Todo, and expresses his expectation for further progress in Gedōin's work.[13]

He is then told by the scientist of the Okumura brothers' capture, although he states that he has already sensed this. When asked what should be done with them, Lucifer states that they should be left as they are, and later returned to Samael, as Rin Okumura is his father's property, and he wouldn't be forgiven for acting so selfishly. However, he relates his desire to study Yukio Okumura further, as Todo had found interest in him. Homare then warns him that Rin Okumura is not likely to remain calm, to which he agrees, affirming his belief that he is the only one present who can kill the boy. When this same subordinate remind him that he is no state to do this, as even talking is taking its toll on his body, Lucifer consents to this, before taking note of Renzo Shima. Reminded of the traitor's status in his organization, the Demon King states that the former Exwire is the one who wields the black flames, to which the boy affirms.[14]

He then asks Renzo about his opinion regarding his guards' chances against Rin, as he has spent the last year getting to know him. When Renzo states that their chances are probably fifty-fifty, Lucifer questions him as to why this is. When told that the reason is Rin's love of humans, of which Lucifer's guard is mostly comprised, the Demon King expresses his wish to see this love achieved, before abruptly beginning to bleed from his eyes. He then begins to cough heavily, bringing up more blood, much to the alarm of his subordinates. He then beseeches Gedōin to continue his experiments on the Elixir, as his wish to provide his father with a flawless body depends on it. Losing consciousness, Lucifer is attended to by his subordinates.[15]

Aomori arc[]

After Renzo Shima delivers Hachirotaro Okami in his reduced from to Saburota Todo, Lucifer contacts him remotely. He orders Hachirotaro to be taken to the Dominus Liminis to server as durable materials. He then warns Todo that the True Cross Order is closely watching the immortal demons and to be cautious in gathering more materials. He then alludes that it may be necessary for them to prepare Satan's body with the materials that they have already gathered.

He then tells Todo that is when he shall need the chosen ones such as Todo himself and asks him if he understands what that means. Todo replies that he does indeed know and that is the reason why Lucifer keeps them all alive.[16]

Blue Night Investigation arc[]

Lucifer is seen congratulating Yukio for joining the Illuminati of his own free will. 

Blue Night Remembrance arc[]

Of One Cloth arc[]

Powers & Abilities[]

Whilst Lucifer's full capabilities are unknown, his brother Mephisto, noted that even in his weakened state, he, the second strongest member of the Eight Demon Kings, would be no match for Lucifer: the most influential Demon in Gehenna.[17] He has also stated himself to be the only one capable, out of his entire organization, of killing Rin Okumura, although due to his weakened state, he admitted he was unsure of victory.[18] He can levitate and emit blinding flashes of light. When angered, his power is so vast that by merely staring onto a location he can cause a tremendous amount of pressure that crushes his surroundings.[19] Lucifer can conjure dangerous bursts of light, at one occasion, he vaporized a human in a flash of light, leaving nothing but smoke, although he was very tired after this one use of his power. But even when greatly weakened and ill he can vaporize targets with a mere touch, causing devastating star-shaped explosions.[8]

On multiple occasions Lucifer has been stated to have enough power to destroy the entire Earth (though killing himself in the process), causing his brethren great distress on multiple occasions.[20][21] He was prepared to do so in the past even when his former vessel had rotted to its breaking point. He covered his broken body in light and conjured an immensely powerful orb that, upon him speaking "Let There Be Light" ( (ひかり) あれ Hikari Are), would have apparently cleansed all living beings, before being stopped by the combined efforts of Mephisto and the former Shemihaza.[21]

As the King of Light, he has affiliation with Demons such as Phantasma and Seraphim. He can summon a flying flock of unnamed cherubim-like Kins of Light that can rain down piercing lasers.[22]


  • In mythology, Lucifer is often translated as meaning Morning Star, though in Christianity the name refers to the fallen angel.


  • (To the members of the True Cross Order) "We, the Illuminati, do not pardon those who seek to inhibit the success of our goal."[23]


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